Hints Of The Past

By: Rebanut

As always, I don't own any part of STFBE except the idea, don't mean to offend anyone, just doing this for my own (and my readers) enjoyment. Let me know what you think!

Chapter One

Jack was asleep on his couch, having fallen asleep during a rather dull Washington Capitols hockey game. His eyes fluttered as he dreamt of Sue. They were walking along the edge of the water in Virginia Beach. The waves playfully lapped over their toes as the two walked hand in hand, Sue leaning her head on Jack's shoulder. The sun was just settling below the horizon, setting the clouds to a beautiful array of pinks. Jack could feel his heart rate increase as he stopped their walk along the water's edge, and put his arms around Sue's waist. Her hands shook as she put them on his chest. At first glance, he couldn't tell if she was chilled or nervous. He decided on the latter. The winds were light and comfortable, yet tussled Sue's hair around. He slowly brushed a few stray strands from her face, tucking them behind her ear. He had finally, after 6 years, worked up the nerve to kiss her. He was sure he was ready, and convinced she was too- ready to change what they had. He pulled her gently to him, and began to lean forward toward her waiting lips. Sue closed her eyes with anticipation, licking her lips slowly, nervously as Jack descended on her. Just as their lips touched, he was awakened by the rude ringing of his cell phone. He shook the grogginess from his head, as he waved his hand over his coffee table in search for the phone.

"Hmm... hello? Hudson..." He said, still half asleep. "Mom?" He asked nervously, sitting upright, hoping that would help him wake up more. "Hold on." He rubbed his eyes as he switched ears with the phone. "Mom? What's wrong?" Jack asked a bit louder, and more frightened than he had intended.

"Oh, man. When?" He asked, waiting for an answer. "Um... how, what happened." He asked, sipping on a cold cup of coffee, figuring the caffeine would help. "I'll get a flight out in the morning." Jack replied. "No, Mom, I want to be there." Jack said. "I love you too Mom. I'll see you tomorrow, well later today."

Jack hurried to the shower to get cleaned up, and called the airlines. They had an open seat on a flight to Wisconsin at 5:15. Jack said he would take it. He threw together a bag quickly, and grabbed his black suit and shoved it into his suit bag. Jack tossed together a bag with his shaving kit and toiletries in it. He grabbed a few other essentials and ran to meet a cab that was picking him up at 3:30. Once on the plane, he fell fast asleep. He woke to the attendant lightly shaking his shoulder.

"I'm sorry to disturb you Mr. Hudson, but, we've landed." She said kindly.

"Thank you. I guess I fell asleep." He said, flashing his trademark smile.

"Pretty quickly, too, I might add." She said jokingly.

"Thank you... for waking me." He said as he gathered his things and exited the plane.

It was an hour drive to his parents house, where he planned to meet with his mom. His thoughts drifted to his childhood, and growing up where he did. It was a simple life, yet he was blessed to have such a great place to call home. He felt anchored here. The more he thought back to his childhood, he though of the endless weekends and summers he spent with his grandparents. His grandmother on his mom's side was his favorite person in this world. She had stayed his favorite person throughout his life... well, until he'd met Sue Thomas that is. Grandma was a very close second, but he just couldn't get enough of his Sue.

Grammie Millie was the best. Simply the best. She was the best checker player, best joke teller, the best at making cookies and apple pies from scratch, and best of all... she was the best hugger. Jack smiled at his memories. He could feel tears begin to well up in his eyes as his thoughts began to flood his mind. He could hardly believe she was gone. No more checker games, no more really silly jokes, no more cookies or pies, and worst of all, he would never again feel her arms wrapped around him. He felt a tear leave a trail down his cheek. He wiped his cheek and shook away the memories. He looked at the clock on the radio and decided it wasn't too early to call the office and let them know what was going on. He dialed his cell phone while he tried to regain his composure.

"Sue?" He asked.

"Jack, where are you? Are you alright?" She asked.

"Yea, I'm fine. I didn't want to call before I left, it was too early." He started.

"Left?" Sue asked. That got the bullpen's attention. Lucy walked slowly toward Sue's desk. The rest of the team stopped what they were doing and waited anxiously to find out what was going on with Jack.

"Yeah, umm... my Gramm... Grandmother passed away last night."

"Oh, Jack. I'm so sorry. I know you two were close." Sue offered.

I got a flight out at 5:30. I will be out for a few days until we get everything settled. Can you do me a favor?" He asked.

"Of course, anything." Sue said.

"Could you just let D in on what's going on? Tell him that I'll call him and let him know when I'll be back." Jack said.

"Sure, I'll tell him. Please, if there's anything you need, let me know. Let me know when the services are." Sue said, now sounding upset.

"Thanks. Well, I just pulled into my mom's drive. I'll talk to you soon." Jack said as he hung up the phone.

Sue disconnected her call from Jack and looked up at her piers teary-eyed. "Jack's grandmother passed away. He's in Wisconsin and will let us know how things are going." She said. She got up and walked to D's office.

Jack tucked his phone into his pocket, and walked to the door. He was instantly greeted by his dad. He shook his hand and gave him a quick hug. His mom saw him standing in the screen door and launched herself toward him. He gave her a tight hug asking how she was. They all settled at the kitchen table having a cup of coffee and some breakfast.

A few hours later, Jack's uncle Pete and Aunt May arrived. Pete was his mom's only brother, only sibling. They were very close growing up. After everyone settled in, and cleaned up, the 5 of them went to the local funeral home. The arrangements were already made, they just needed to touch base with the funeral director.

Jack's grandmother was a simple woman, always had been. She had a simple, yet beautiful wedding. She was well traveled, but still stayed grounded. She wanted her final departure to be exactly how her life had been. She wanted simple, soft and elegant. Jack felt himself choking up as they talked about her final arrangements, and her final resting place. He excused himself and walked outside. His first instinct was to call Sue.

"Hi Jack." She said as she answered.

"Hi." He answered.

"How are things? Are you OK?" She asked, since he hadn't said much.

"I'm OK." He said. "They're in 'finalizing' everything. I needed a break." He said. "I needed a friendly voice..." he said allowing himself to smile a bit.

"I'm glad you called. I've been worried about you."

"Thanks. I'm ok though... really." He said, not sure if he was trying to convince her or himself.

"Do you know the details yet? When and where are the services?" Sue asked softly.

"Umm, yeah, the wake is Thursday, and the funeral will be on Friday morning." He said, choking back tears. "Can you just let D know in lieu of flowers, my gram set up a fund for the local cat shelter? She loved her cats." He said with a chuckle.

"I'll tell him." Sue reassured.

"Great. Umm, I should get back inside before they wonder where I am. I'll give you a call." He said as he hung up the phone.

"OK. Talk to you soon." Sue said as she hung up her phone and walked into D's office.

"D?" She said knocking. "I just heard from Jack. His grandmother's services are Thursday and Friday..." She began.

"And let me guess, you want to go?" He asked with a smile on his lips.

"As a matter of fact..." She said smiling back at him.

"Sure, take a long weekend. Give Jack out best." D said as Sue started to turn for the door. "Oh, Sue? Did you get an address for the services so we can send flowers?" He asked.

"He said there's a fund set up at the local bank rather than flowers. I'll have him email you the address." Sue offered as she walked out of D's office toward her own desk. She shut off her computer and picked up a few files and put them away.

"You going home?" Lucy asked.

"Yeah. I have an appointment at 1 then I'm going to fly to Wisconsin for Jack's grandmothers services." Sue explained.

"Ok. Give him our best." Lucy said.

"Thanks." Sue said as she walked out the door. Sue's plane landed in Wisconsin at 6:45. An hour later, her taxi pulled up to the Hudson home.