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Chapter 18

Dean blinked slowly, staring up at a familiar ceiling. What was he doing in the Temple Healing Ward? He felt groggy and ached in a way that meant he'd been lying still for too long.


He turned his head to see Sam at his side. "Sa..." he coughed and Sam gave him some water to sip. "You okay?"

Sam let out a short laugh. "You're the one who's been out of the tank for only two days, not me."

Dean could see and feel the stress Sam was under and reached for him through their bond and physically. Sam instantly reached back, grasping his hand. "You're hurting."

"I'm fine Dean. Do you remember what happened?" Sam asked gently.

Dean closed his eyes, running through his memories. "Grievous." He leant up on an elbow and yanked the blanket back to confirm his scattered memories. He swallowed hard at seeing the missing part of his limb. "Oh."

"I contacted Master Yoda and brought you right here, you've been in a bacta tank to help heal. Now that you're awake they'll start talking surgery. Anakin has been working on your prosthetic."

Dean flopped back down on the bed and Sam elevated the head for him so he was sitting up. Sam looked tired, drawn, but other than that healthy thankfully. So, he doubted any of the Jedi were giving him trouble. "How long have we been here?"

"Ten days. I'll go get the Healer." Sam stood as Dean nodded, looking down at where the blanket lay flat where his leg should be. Soon a familiar Healer appeared, Obi-Wan's friend.

"Good to see you awake Dean. Are you in any pain?" she asked as she checked his vitals.

"No Bant."

"Well you're looking a lot better now. I'll go get you a small meal, eat it slowly and then we'll talk."

"Alright." Dean agreed as Sam reclaimed his seat. Dean grimaced at the gruel supplied but diligently ate it, knowing his stomach wouldn't handle anything else yet. Once he was done Bant sat down to discuss the upcoming surgery and his recovery.


Sam followed Obi-Wan into the training salle and tensed as they were immediately the centre of attention. Dean was in surgery, having his new leg attached and Obi-Wan had thought a good spar would be just the thing to keep his mind of it. He took a deep breath, calming his mind, even as Obi-Wan discarded his outer robe. Sam slipped out of his jacket and put it on the same bench, he'd been offered standard robes but had turned them down, he'd never worn them and Dean hadn't since they'd met up, both preferred the clothes they wore now, so similar to what they'd worn as children if darker in colour. They ran through some stretches to warm up before facing each other, blades ready. Sam let the Force flow through him, pushing aside all distractions. This was a Jedi Master he was facing, even if he'd only recently been elevated from Knight, and a well-respected swordsman. Not to mention he had killed a Sith apprentice when only a Padawan himself. Sam himself had been trained mostly against remotes and the occasional weak Force user. His first real fight had been against Dean and then after that they had trained together and had fought against various agents of Sidious as well as Dooku. That was why he had agreed to this, he needed more experience against a variety of opponents but the only Jedi he would trust in this were Obi-Wan and Anakin, maybe Master Yoda.

The entire place was silent as the two clashed again and again. Everyone knew who Master Kenobi's opponent was, and what he was or had been? They had always been told there was no way back once you turned and yet this one seemed to be proof otherwise, or was he an exception to the rule?

Yoda and Mace watched the two in silence. Sam's technique was an interesting mix, with moves from Makashi, Soresu and Ataru as well as moves neither recognised but had also seen in Dean's fighting, while Obi-Wan was relying on a mix of Soresu, Djem So and Ataru to counter him. Obi-Wan was the better…. for now. Both were pleased with how controlled the younger man was, his fighting lacking the wild, angry moves of a Sith. The fight ended in Obi-Wan's favour but that had been expected. The watchers were tense, waiting to see how Sam would take it but he bowed slightly to Obi-Wan before moving to get a drink of water. Obi-Wan walked beside him, talking softly and Sam was obviously listening, occasionally saying something in return. "Good this is, see Sam not dangerous they will begin to."


Sam watched as Dean slowly stood for the first time on his new leg. Bant watched him carefully as he took his first unsteady steps. Adapting to a prosthetic leg always took longer than an arm as you had to relearn how to walk. But Dean was doing well for his first try. He worked through the exercises he'd been given to rebuild muscle since he'd been in a bacta tank or bed for quite a while. Dean hated being stuck in bed and had been driving the medical staff crazy so it was good that he could now finally work on becoming mobile again.


Sam stepped into the Council Room, fighting the urge to stare around in wonder, keeping iron control over his emotions to keep from freaking out over being summoned. He saw Yoda and relaxed a bit, knowing the Grand Master would be on his side. He took in the sight of the full council and surprised many by bowing respectfully to them before standing attentively in the correct spot. This gave several council members their first close up look of the youngest Winchester since they had only seen him from afar, usually when sparing with Anakin or Obi-Wan.

"Thank you for coming." Mace spoke and Sam nodded.

"Is this about Dean Sir?" to keep from fidgeting his put his hands in the pockets of his jacket, for once wishing he wore robes like them so he could hide his hands in the sleeves.

"Recovering well Dean is, good that is. Speak to you the Council wishes."

"Yes sir."

"You have our thanks for the intelligence you have passed on and your work with Knight Winchester to help in the war." Shaak Ti spoke up from where she was represented as a hologram from her place on Kamino.

"We have questions we wish for you to answer though." Eeth Koth stared at Sam who nodded.

"I will answer as best I can Masters." Sam agreed and so the questioning began and it was easy to realise what they were looking for, clues as to the Sith Lord's identity. After several hours, they fell silent and Sam closed his eyes, worn out from the intensive session, even as the Council communicated through the Force.

"Samuel Winchester, kneel." Mace ordered gently and then stood. When Sam eyed him warily he smiled slightly and so the young man knelt, not sure what was going on. "Due to your actions in defence of the Republic and the Jedi Order, the Council confers on you the rank of Knight. You are not a Sith, though you may not be a Jedi by the current code, your skills and actions show you worthy of the rank." He announced and Sam froze in shock. Knight? "Rise Knight Winchester." Mace offered him a hand and Sam took it, letting him pull him to his feet. He was dismissed and made his way to the quarters they had been given since Dean's old Knight room was a bit small for the two of them.

Several days later Sam stood before the Council again, more relaxed this time since he doubted they'd agree he was a Knight and then decide to execute or imprison him.

"Your help we need, missing are Master Kenobi and Knight Skywalker. Spread too thin our forces are."

"I'll help." Sam didn't even have to think, they were his friends now, not just Dean's.