The president sits in his mansion, watching it on his television. Many are already dead, although it is early on in the games. The game makers are giving the girl and boy more than their share of air time. They are a favorite for sure.

The boy is not lethal, unless the girl is threatened. The girl is always lethal. He loves her, and has for a long time. Anyone in the world could see that in the way he looked at her. The way he lit up every time he saw her. How he volunteered for the mentor at the reaping, so he could go with her. The girl is oblivious to just how much he loves her. She is unsure about her feelings for him, but everyone knows that she loves him as well. That is why she hung the dummy in her private session with the gamemakers. She was putting herself in the line of fire to save him. It would have worked if he hadn't painted the little girl.

The president does not have anything against the boy. In fact, he is rather fond of him. The way that he is able to spin a web of words that fool even the most clever person. A skill that would be useful to Snow. The audience loves him, as do the citizens of the capitol. Without him, the girl would be nothing. Again though, without the girl, he would be nothing as well.

Months before, when the president had visited the girl in her home, he had told her to convince the world that she was desperately in love with the boy. Better yet, he had told her to convince him, the president. He was sure she had told her team by now. Or at least some members of her team. The drunk mentor and the boy at the very least. Why else would the boy propose to her in front of the entire world?

Now, here they were in his arena. The girl trying desperately to both prove her love for the boy, and save him at the same time. The boy, trying just as hard to save her.

President Snow refocuses on his television to see the boy falling to the ground after hitting the force field.

The girl presses her head to his chest, and comes up panicked. It is obvious his heart is not beating.

"Peeta!" The girl screams. She shakes him and slaps his face. "Peeta!"

The older boy pushes her out of the way and puts the old women down by a tree. Then he pinches closed his nostrils closed.
"No!" The girl yells. The older boy hits her hard in the chest. She puts an arrow in her bow, ready to shoot. Then the older boy puts his lips to the boy's breathing air into him, and begins to pump the place over his heart with his hands. The boy coughs and the girl moves toward him.

"Peeta?" She says.

"Careful," the boy says, "There's a forcefield up ahead."

The girl laughs slightly but tears are running down her face. Eventually, she is sobbing.

President Snow sits up in his chair and gets closer to the television. Could this be? He thinks, Could this be what I have been waiting for?

Finally, the girl, Katniss, has proven her love. Proven in a way so real, even the rebels must know she isn't faking it.

He knows this won't be enough to stop the rebels, but he does know that the her love for the boy will be a very large, and useful weapon.

He sits back in his chair, content.

For he, President Cornelius Snow had finally found a way to crush the mockingjay.