This story is a fill for a prompt I found on the Glee Kink Meme (located below, please read so you understand what will be happening in the story) and warnings for each chapter will be posted so you know if something that squicks you will be in there. Warnings for the first, non-consensual touching (no sex), Blaingst and it's basically just an intro to the story. I hope you guys enjoy :)

AU where boys who are capable of becoming pregnant are worth a lot of money.

Blaine's parents have kept his status as a carrier secret from him, but when they fall in to debt, they place him for sale.

A frighted and devastated Blaine is taken to a slave dealer who puts him through 6 weeks of "training" (details up to the author)

Blaine is then place for auction and bought by someone hoping to curry favor with the newly elected congressman Burt Hummel, not understanding that Both Burt and his son Kurt (who the gift is intended for) are opposed to this sort of slave trading.

They decide to keep Blaine so that he can't be sold again, but immediately make sure that he has his own room, as well as private tutors to help get his schooling back on track. They soon discover that the training has done terrible damage to Blaine's self esteem and mental health, and organize counseling.

Blaine and Kurt become friends as he recovers, and slowly fall in love. They run into problems when someone tries to invalidate the Hummel's Claim, as Blaine is not yet pregnant.

Kurt and Blaine discuss the matter, and start the process of trying to get Blaine pregnant. Luckily this doesn't take long as they can't seem to keep their hands off each other!


Blangst as Blaine is sold, and "Trained" to be a sex slave
supportive Hudmels and friends.

Sebastian as the "trainer"

Sweet sex when Kurt and Blaine start making love, getting kinkier as they grow more confident.

Glowing pregnant Blaine.

Do not want,
vore. gore, bugcock, or hard Kinks.

Blaine peered out the window as the strange houses flashed past. He had no idea where they were or where they were going and he was feeling worse every passing second because his parents had yet to say anything to him. They were both staring at the front windscreen and hadn't responded to any of Blaine's questions when they'd started this trip so he'd eventually fallen silent.

This whole thing was unusual. He came home from school and his parents were waiting and told him to go wait in the car, they'd be there in a few minutes, they were taking a trip. Blaine had obeyed and at first was interested in the idea of a trip and had kept asking where they were going but now he was just confused and, he admitted, a little frightened.

"Guys... seriously, this place is so... dingy looking," Blaine whispered. "What are we doing here? This isn't the kind of neighbourhood I want to be in."

They exchanged a small look and Blaine frowned. His mother turned around and fixed him with a grave expression.

"You're aware things have been a little... tight, recently?" she wondered and Blaine nodded. He'd noticed the tension in his parents and the way they discussed the budget in hushed tones. Blaine was thankful he attended Dalton on a full scholarship because he hated the idea of going back to a public school after his last experience.

"Well, we finally figured out how to pay off our debts and get back on our feet," she continued and Blaine smiled and then frowned, looking back out at the neighbourhood.

"I hope it's not illegal," he half joked. His mother bit her lip. "Is it illegal?" Blaine stared at her in shock.

"Actually it's perfectly legal," his father cut in. "Since the most recent amendment upon the discovery of carriers."

Blaine frowned and raised his eyebrows in confusion. He knew about the carriers of course. A doctor in Europe had discovered them before Blaine was even born. Carriers were men who were able to conceive children. Now all boys were tested after birth. Since then a trade had opened up when rich men wanted a toy of sorts to play with and breed children and were willing to pay a hefty amount to get what they wanted. Laws had been altered to make the trade legal in more recent years and Blaine had seen some of the slaves around. They were never treated very well. They were used as sex slaves and breeding tools.

Blaine shuddered as he remembered one slave wearing a collar and nothing else as his master led him around with a chain.

"I don't understand," Blaine commented.

"Blaine, you are a carrier," his mother said softly. Blaine froze up and looked between his parents waiting for them to start laughing and tell him it was all a joke to lighten the atmosphere but they both looked deadly serious.

"I... you... I can't be," Blaine said. "I'm not. I'm not."

"You are. We kept it hidden because we didn't want the traders to come knocking and offering us money for you especially after you came out," his father replied. "But now..."

"Now?" Blaine demanded, shrinking back into his seat. "Now? Now that you're in debt you're just going to sell me? So some creepy old man can rape me and force me to carry his disgusting offspring?"

He felt tears burning behind his eyes and when his mother tried to reach back a comforting hand he flinched away.

"We have to Blaine, there's no other option!" his father snapped. "Sebastian Smythe runs a trade here and he offered us a large chunk of money due to your... circumstances."

"Circumstances?" Blaine asked weakly.

"You're a virgin."

"Oh..." Blaine shut his eyes and breathed deeply as he pinched himself. Nope, that hurt. This was real. He could feel his breathing starting to sharpen. His parents were selling him as a sex slave basically. What if he got bought by some cruel, old man who beat him and was rough without thought of the fact that he'd never had sex before. He'd never even kissed a boy before. This was not how his life was supposed to go.

He sniffed and tried in vain to hold back the tears threatening to spill over.

The car started to slow and the spike of panic increased until he was open hyperventilating in the back seat, crying and begging his parents not to do this, no conscious control over his babbling as he curled in on himself. His parents ignored him.

They pulled up outside a large building that looked normal but Blaine knew what was going on in there. Training. Auctions.

He was about to become one of them, a human being treated worse than an animal.

"Come on Blaine," his father ordered and Blaine shook his head, shrinking further into the back seat. His father growled harshly and go out, slamming the door before walking around to Blaine's side. He tried to scramble away from the opening door but his father grabbed his arm and dragged him out. Blaine pulled at his arm and struggled, contemplating kicking or punching his father but his mind seemed to have forgotten all of his boxing and self defence classes so he was basically helpless as his father dragged him towards the building's entrance.

"Please, please, Dad, surely there's something else," Blaine begged tearfully. "Please. Don't do this. I'm your son. Please. I love you."

They continued to ignore him as they were buzzed in through a security gate.

Blaine started struggling again as they were approached by a tall man with a thin face and malicious green eyes accompanied by two others. The tall man eyed Blaine with cruel amusement as the boy cried and begged for them to take him home. Blaine realised this must be Sebastian Smythe, the trader.

"My... he looks much prettier in person," Sebastian stated as he continued to watch Blaine who eventually tried to hide behind his father. "Take him to the examination room, I'll be in shortly."

Blaine tried to escape but the two men approached and grabbed him between them before practically dragging him down the hallway. His mother choked back a sob and turned away as his screams for them to help him died down.

"You'll both just need to wait here for about twenty minutes," Sebastian informed the Andersons. "We need to do a quick physical examination to confirm he is in fact a virgin or else the price will have to drop. He looks to be in good condition though. We'll check his fertility and if it's as good as I think it probably is then you'll actually get a rise in the price I offered you."

They both nodded, unable to feel the relief they thought they would at this.

"I'll be back once we're done," Sebastian informed them, striding off to conduct the physical examination of his newest carrier.

Blaine was still being manhandled by the two men when Sebastian entered the room.

"Strip him down and put him on the table," Sebastian ordered going over to a counter and pulling on a pair of latex gloves, ignoring the boy's constant pleading. Blaine stopped struggling immediately when Sebastian turned back to him with a needle raised threateningly. "Okay, boy, training starts right now. You stop crying, stop fighting and stop babbling like a baby and get out of your clothes on that table or I will be forced to sedate you and you do not want that."

Blaine stared at him and noticed he was serious and tried to pull himself together. He tried to calm his racing heart as he started to take his clothes off, face flushing bright red at the thought of being so exposed in front of three adult men he'd never seen before in his life. Who knew what they were going to do to him in here.

He stopped at his briefs and heard Sebastian sigh with exasperation.

"You need to get used to be naked, kid, you're probably not going to get to wear clothes very much in the future," Sebastian informed him. Blaine, humiliated and ashamed, took of the last of his clothing and climbed onto the exam table. He was immediately fastened down by leather straps on his wrists, ankles, stomach and thighs. The legs straps held his legs far apart and he shut his eyes as further humiliation seeped through him.

Sebastian moved down in front of him, eyes sweeping over him.

"Your parents told me you're a virgin," Sebastian said as he leant down to examine between Blaine's legs. The boy felt more tears slide out from under his eyelids.

"I am," he whimpered and then let out a soft cry when he felt Sebastian's latex covered fingers probing against his entrance. "Please, don't, I am a virgin. I've never even kissed a boy. Please."

"It's protocol, so shut up," Sebastian said. "But I happen to believe you."

Blaine let out a sob of relief when his hand withdrew. He was devastated that the first time someone touched him intimately was against his will and in a situation like this. But he might as well get over it, his first time wasn't going to be what he imagined either. And he'd most likely end up pregnant from the experience. His life officially sucked worse than it did at his old high school.

Blaine cringed when he felt Sebastian's hand on his dick, examining it closely before examining other parts of his body with less-than-gentle touches. Blaine gasped and writhed when Sebastian twisted one of his nipples.

"You're so responsive, that's good," Sebastian mused, smirking coldly. Blaine flinched away when his eyes landed on him. "I'll soon teach you how to beg like a whore for your master."

Blaine whined, shutting his eyes as Sebastian continued to roll his nipple. He didn't want any of this.

"Good boy," Sebastian murmured. "You're not talking without permission anymore." He ran his hand down Blaine's body once more, tracing his well defined abs and hummed appreciatively. "Someone is going to pay good money for you to carry their children and to fuck you day and night."

Sebastian disappeared and returned with a syringe. Blaine's eyes widened and he struggled.

"I was being good!" he protested.

"Oh no, calm down," Sebastian said in what was supposed to be a soothing voice but merely came out amused. "I need to run a blood sample to check your fertility. It's the only way to do it accurately. This won't hurt at all. I can't risk damaging you before you go up for auction."

Blaine shut his eyes. He hated needles. He turned his head away as Sebastian quickly withdrew blood and put it through a machine. He went back over to Blaine and held something up.

"Raise your head," he ordered and Blaine did as he was asked. "Good boy. You're a fast learner."

Blaine cringed. He supposed the praise was supposed to make him feel better but it just made him want to throw up.

Sebastian fastened the leather collar around his neck and then undid the bonds holding him down. He guided Blaine to a set of scales and recorded his weight followed by numerous measurements of his body. He measured his height, the length of his limbs, the length of his penis, the size of his waist and hips and neck.

"You're so good," Sebastian praised. The machine running his blood sample beeped and Sebastian went over, recording all of the information retrieved from his blood into the file with the other information. "Perfect. High fertility. Your blood is healthy too. Your DNA shows good potential. Your parents will be happy, I'll be able to raise your price by twenty grand with these results." Sebastian snapped his fingers. "Take him to his room and give him a uniform. I need to pay the parents."

Blaine shut his eyes against another flood of tears and allowed himself to be led away.

He was kind of glad they didn't let him see his parents one last time before they went. He really didn't think he could stand the sight of them right then. They had sold him. Sold him. What kind of parents sold their child just to get out of debt?

Though he knew his older brother Cooper had always been the favourite. Maybe they figured it didn't matter because they still had him.


Did Coop even know he'd been sold? Did he even know his little brother was a carrier? Would he be angry when he came home and found out Blaine was gone forever? Would be look for him?

Blaine was pushed gently into a tiny white room and he sank down on the single bed in the corner as a grey shirt and grey pants were tossed at him before the men left, locking the door behind them. Blaine dressed, wanting to feel less exposed, before he curled into a tiny ball on his bed and cried, keening softly as all his pain ran through him. The anger and betrayal, the humiliation and fear. All of it converging on him at once making it hard to breathe and think so he just felt and let it wash out of him with sobs and shuddering breaths.

And it was only going to get so much worse.