AN: Well, there is one last group of people that Miley and Michael need to announce their engagement to. That would be Miley's family. Of course, with Thanksgiving coming up, that is the time they are going to announce their engagement to their friends and family. Of course, two friends show up first...

Chapter One: With Friends Like These...

"Awww, look at them, asleep."

"Yeah, they look pretty damn good, wrapped up in each others arms."

"Yup, too bad we have to wake them up like this. Then again, it is you we are dealing with."

"Wow. You really are going there, huh?"

"Yeah, just do it, okay?"

"Okay, fine."

Miley felt a claw softly rake across her leg. She was asleep with her boyfriend and fiancee's arm drapped across her under their sheets. She slightly opened her eyes, and let out a frusterated moan.

"Stop, Michael." She said sleepily. Then it happened again.

"Mike, I am warning you." Miley said, frusterated. Then when it happened for a third time, Miley kicked off the sheets and sat straight up.

"Michael, I-" Miley was about to rip into him, but she was face to face with a big, hairy, wolf like creature with big green eyes.

"Hello, Miley." It said.

Miley let out an ear piercing scream, and that knocked her sleeping fiancee out of his slumber right next to her. Michael quickly reached over and turned on the lights, and saw Rayzor, towering over the couple.

"Hi." He said cheerfully as if he just did not scare the crap out of them.

Michael let out a sigh of relief, and sat up. "You son of a bitch, how did you get in here?"

Michael and Miley looked over at Alex Russo, having a slight chuckle in the corner.

"Oh, her." Michael said.

"Whoa, harsh. Here we were, trying to give you a friendly visit." Alex said.

"By friendly you mean scaring us half to death?" Miley said.

"Yes." Rayzor said. He slowly changed back into David, and he sat at the edge of the bed.

"It is ten in the morning, it is time for you two to get up anyway." David said.

"Fine, can you two leave so we can get dressed?" Michael asked.

"Sure. Come on babe, let's leave these two lovebirds alone." David said, as he and Alex left the room.

"I hate it when he does that." Miley said.

Michael and Miley walked into the kitchen area of Michael's apartment. Michael saw Alex and David sitting at the table. Michael and Miley quietly sat across from them as well.

"Okay, what brings you out here to our neck of the woods at this time of the year?" Michael asked them.

"We had some time to kill before Thanksgiving. So we figured that we would stay out here with you for a few days." David answered.

"Yeah, my school is out for Thanksgiving, so I wanted to visit you guys, and see what is up." Alex answered.

"Well, since Lilly is coming by, so why don't David and I go and see Oliver while the girls sit here, and chat?" Michael said.

"Okay, that sounds like a plan." Miley answered. Alex nodded her head in agreement while David and Michael headed for the door.

"Hey, remember that email I sent you a few months earlier?" David asked Michael as they drove to Oliver's house.

"Yeah, I remember that. Why did you send it to me anyway?" Michael answered.

"I wanted to know what was up with you, and why you were going into that jewelry store?" David said.

"I'll tell you, once we get Oliver." Michael said. They came to a stop in front of Oliver's house, and stepped out of Michael's truck. They walked the short way to Oliver's front door, and knocked. Oliver opened the door, and invited them in.

"Hey, guys, what is up?" Oliver said.

"Nothing much, Wolfie here decided to break into my house and wake me up." Michael said, pointing at David.

"Hey, Miley did not have to break my eardrums screaming so loudly." David answered.

"Shut up." Michael said. "Look, the reason that we are here is that I have something important to tell you two, in private."

"Fine, let's go to my room and talk." Oliver said.

Once they were situated in Oliver's room, Michael took a deep breath, and spoke.

"Okay, the thing is important that I want to tell you." Michael said.

"Okay, just say it." Oliver said.

"Yeah, come on." David said as well.

"Miley and I are engaged." Michael said.

"Whoa, congradulations!" Oliver said, giving him a hug. "When did you ask her to marry you?"

"When we were in Florida." Michael said. "I was nervous. She confronted me about keeping something from her, and I just popped the question."

"I knew it." David said. "When I saw that picture, I knew that you were going to ask her to marry you."

"So, how did Robby Ray and Jackson take it when you broke the news to them?" Oliver asked.

The minute he said that, Michael's face went white.

"Oh, shit..."

Lilly noticed the ring on Miley's finger a while ago, but never questioned why she wore it so proudly. See, once she got back from a trip with Michael, she and Oliver both noticted the ring on her finger. Miley also was basically glowing once she got back from that same trip. It was obvious that Michael got that ring for her, and it really was nice. As she sat with her best friend and Alex, her curiousity got the better of her.

"Miley, what type of ring is that?" Lilly asked her. Miley looked at the ring, and back at Alex and Lilly.

"I wanted to know too." Alex chimed in as well.

"Well, I guess that I might as well tell you two." Miley said, a slight grin came across her face as she shouted, "Michael and I are engaged!"

"Oh my god! Congradulations!" Lilly said, hugging Miley tightly.

"Miley, congradulations on your engagement!" Alex said, hugging her as well.

"How did Mr. Stewart and Jackson take it when you told them?" Lilly asked. Alex and Lilly both watched as Miley's face changed from one of excitement to one of fear.

"Oh, my god..."

AN: As the title clearly stated, I plan on having this story completed before or on Thankgiving of this year. Anyways, this chapter set up the prologue of the story, and the next chapter, we are going to get the real storyline of the story. Some familiar names are going to show up. Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more!