AN: Seeing as how Thanksgiving is nearly here, I have decided to wrap this story up. Now we see Michael and Miley sit in the middle of their grandmother's feud. Seeing as how Michael's family already know that Michael and Miley are engaged, all they have to tell is Miley's family. Which is not going to be easy, let me tell you.

Quick Note: David and Alex have left to head back to New York, so they will not be in the rest of the story.

Chapter Five: The Big Thanksgiving Part One

The second that Michael and Miley entered Charles's house, Lori Ann, Michael's niece, jumped into his arms. Michael smiled, and gave his niece a kiss.

"Hey, little bit, where's your mom?" Michael asked her.

"She and grandma are in the kitchen talking to Charles and Melody." She said. Michael let her niece down, and went to talk to the parents.

"Ready for this?" Michael said to Miley.

"Ready as I will ever be." Miley answered.

They entered the kitchen, and Marie and Rachel (Michael's sister and grandmother) turned to them and smiled.

"Well, here is the couple now." Marie said. Marie gave Miley a hug, which caught Miley off guard. She and Miley just settled their beef a while ago, back in July. After Miley blurted it out that she and Michael were engaged, then they settled what issues the women had, By force, but it was settled, nonetheless.

"I take it that you two will be joining us for Thanksgiving dinner, I hope." Rachel said.

"Yeah, we will." Miley said.

"So, have you two set a date for when you are getting hitched?" Marie asked.

"And where you are getting hitched?" Rachel added.

"Not yet..." Michael said, sort of embarrased.

"Well, time is ticking, so you better get to it." Rachel said. "You never know what is going to happen."

"Yes ma'am." Miley said to Michael's grandmother.

"Okay, see here is the thing. Miley's family does not know that we are engaged, and to be honest. I wanted to break the news to them at the Thanksgiving dinner." Michael said. "So, knowing that the lot of you can't keep a secret to save your lives, I want you all to be quiet until we are ready to say what I have to say."

"Who are you calling a chatter box?" Marie asked him.

"You, my niece, my grandmother, my brother, Melody, Christian, Tawni. Do I need to say more?" Michael asked.

"Get bent, my little brother." Marie said.

It was late at night, and Michael was laying in bed sound asleep. Miley wasn't asleep, however. She had a lot of things on her mind. Thanksgiving was tomorrow, and that meant that their families were going to get together for Thanksgiving dinner. She should be happy that their families were getting together, of course. Then again, this was their families that she was thinking about. Miley wondered what was going to happen. She knew that there was going to be a not so happy ending to this story. In a few short hours, they were going to announce to her family that she was going to get married. They were not going to take it well. Not at all.

Miley turned over, and looked at her sleeping fiancee. He was sleeping peacefully, and had a small smile on his face. Miley just gave him a small little peck on the lips. She rested her head on his shoulder, and just stared off into darkness, then drifted off into a restless slumber.

It was now Thanksgiving morning, and Michael was getting dressed. After having a shower and putting his long hair into a ponytail, Michael got dressed into his black slacks, a nice black shirt, and some all black shoes.

Huh, David was right, black does look better on me. Michael thought to himself. He was dressed, except putting on his shoes, and enter his bedroom, where he saw Miley pacing.

"Babe, what's wrong?" Michael asked her.

"I am terrified." Miley said. "I know that announcing that we are getting married is not going to go well with our families."

Michael pulled Miley over to their bed, and sat down next to her.

"After everything that we have been through, I know that this is not going to be easy, but as long as we have each other, I know that we can achieve anything." Michael said. "As long as I have you in my life, I will be able to do anything."

"Thanks, Michael." Miley said, hugging her fiancee.

"No problem." Michael answered. "Let's get out of here, because I know that Rachel is going to be cussing like a sailor right now.

Miley laughed, and followed him out of the door.

The Family Thanksgiving dinner took place at a nearby dining hall. Charles and Robby Ray managed to rent out the place, so it was only their families there. Miley was hanging onto Michael's arm just as their families were mingling together. It was peaceful, and that was good, giving the news that Michael and Marie had in mind.

Then Rachel and Mamaw saw each other.

"Why hello, Rachel, I see that you managed to grow a few inches since I last saw you." Mamaw said, making a crack about her height.

"I might be small, but an ass whooping from me is the same, no matter how tall I am." Rachel said, giving Mamaw a genuine smile. Mamaw flinched, and went to talk to Jackson.

"Grandma, that was a little mean, don't you think?" Michael said, pulling her aside.

"Maybe, but ask me if I care." Rachel said, lightly hitting her grandson in the stomach, and walking to the other side of the hall.

"What's with her?" Christian asked Michael.

"I have no idea. Then again, that is how she always was, right?" Michael answered.

"Yeah, let's go eat." Christian said, motioning to the meal being brought out in front of them.

As the dinner went on, Michael and Miley were chatting with their friends and family, having a good time, but then came the time that Michael stood up, and said that he had something big to say. Miley looked at her fiancee, and Jackson noticed that his sister's face went white as if she knew that something was going on.

Jackson wanted to say something, but figured that it was something not worth worrying about.

"Everyone, I have an announcement to make." Michael said, getting everyone's attention. Miley stood, and went to his side, looking like a nervous wreck all while Michael was making his announcement.

"Me and Miley have been together for a long time, and I have something to say." Michael said. "Miley and I are getting married."

Okay, now, I want to state what would be the reaction of Miley's family at the announcement. There reaction was something that the two, the two being Miley and Michael in this situation. Michael looked around at the people in the hall, and took in the entire reaction at once. Were they angry? Shocked? Or what?

Or what...

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