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Chapter 1

I looked at her. She was so beautiful. "Roxie, are you sure of this?" I asked.

"I've been down here before, Marlon! Relax, okay?"

"'K…," I mumbled.

Roxie was showing me around the Virbank's sewers. Ew. It smelled so gross. She apparently, was showing me a shortcut to a private beach that only she knew about. Why we had to go through the sewers, who knows. Maybe to make sure no one was following us.

"C'mon Roxie, it smells like crap down here!"

"Tsk tsk… when you live with poison-types, you get used to the smell!" She grinned.

"Except, I don't!" I shot back. She just sighed.

"I'm not going to bother arguing with you, cutie." She winked. I blushed slightly. I wasn't used to these strange new feelings. I had never felt love before. It was warm and fuzzy, like nestling next to a Floatzel while napping (not in a pervy sorta way). "Besides… you'll love this place! It's extraordinary!"

Suddenly and out of nowhere, we could both hear a rumbling sound. "What was that?" Roxie just shrugged. "I have a bad feeling…" Boy, was I right! A torrent of water started washing us away.

"Hang on, Roxie!" I warned. I let out my Mantine. I jumped onto it and grabbed her. The water started carrying us away…

The next thing I felt were the lips of someone on mine. I coughed and opened my eyes. I blushed slightly. "Um… hey Roxie," I said groggily. "Where are we?" I asked.

"I-I don't know, but something seems different about it."

I stood up and looked around. I shaded my eyes with my hand. "Hmm…" The sun was bright, the ocean was deep blue and the trees looked odd, almost prehistoric. "This place is different! I like it!"

"I like it too!" she agreed. Her stomach rumbled. "Oh."

"It's all right. I can whip up something for us to eat." I looked around. "Stay here."

"Okay." She grinned. I walked off into a grove of trees.

"I don't recognise any of these trees…" I mumbled. I noticed something odd… "What's this?" It was a strange pinkish root with blue leaves. I grabbed it.

"RAWK!" it squawked. Flinching, I immediately fell over backwards. "Why did you grab my tail?" It glared with its big, white eyes. The top of its head was green while the bottom was dark red. Yellow feathers adorned its body while it had blue wing feathers.

"W-what are you?" I asked, intrigued by the strange Pokémon.

"I'm an Archeops and I have a name! It's Onyxwing. I'm male too."

"Archeops! T-that's what you are? I thought they became extinct."

"Nope," he replied. "They are others too, of course."

"Marlon!" Roxie called out. "Where are you?"

"It's okay Onyxwing, it's just Roxie. She's really nice. She wouldn't hurt a Pokémon on purpose." He looked at me cautiously. "Roxie, I'm over here! It's okay!" I called back.

"There you are!" she said happily. She looked at Onyxwing. "What's that Pokémon?"

"I'm an Archeops," he replied.

"Archeops, huh? Lenora has mentioned you guys before. I thought you were extinct. This is rockin' awesome!"

"We aren't." He narrowed his eyes. "I've seen humans before."

"Wait… what?" I blinked. "You have?"

"Do tell," Roxie sounded mystified.

"Their names are René and Émile. They fell through a hole and slid their way here. They stayed for about three days and then they left. They mated on the beach… it was gross and weird," he shuddered. "They eventually left. He flew off on a bird and she surfed on this weird blue thing with swords on its legs."

"I don't think they would want you talking about them 'mating' on the beach," I said nervously. Roxie just shrugged. "That's usually something we humans keep to ourselves." I blushed slightly. "It's taboo to us, if you know what that means."

"No… what does 'taboo' mean?" The ancient bird looked at me curiously, cocking his head.

"Basically, something that's not acceptable or something not permitted. I hope that makes sense." I shrugged.

"I see…" He looked at Roxie and then me. "Do you promise not to do that?"

I looked at Roxie, flustered and half-blushing. "Umm… yeah, we promise," I said hesitantly.

"Umm… of course," she hesitated and blushed.

He looked at us curiously, wondering why our faces were red and why we sounded embarrassed. "Okay. I have to go now. I can show you to some water, if you want."

"That would be great, thanks." I nodded. He started flapping and hovered in the air. "This way." We both started to follow him…

It took us about half an hour to get to this watering hole. The watering hole was surrounded by a large cliff with trees overhanging it. Water crashed down from a tall waterfall. Trees with several coloured flowers – red, purple, orange, yellow and pink – surrounded the whole area. Plump berries drooped richly from the trees as well. The pool of water was clear in the middle while aquatic plants grew along the edge. Sand could be seen at the bottom. I didn't detect any sharp rocks at the bottom. I also some prehistoric, yummy fish swimming at the bottom of it, little did they know I was going to eat them soon! I drooled at the sight of them.

"Look Roxie, fish!" I pointed. "They look so yummy!"

"I guess so…," she sounded grossed out.

"You don't like fish?"

"Not really… they gross me out."

"Trust me – they won't look like fish when I'm done cooking them."

"I trust your judgement," she said quietly. Her stomach growled.

"Go, Pelagius!" I threw my Samurott's pokeball onto the ground. The giant blue otter materialised. "Catch us some fish, please." He nodded and slinked into the water, killing them instantly with his seamitars. He returned with four fish, placing them on a rock. "Thank you." I rubbed his head. "You can go and get some too, if you want to."

Roxie stared at me. She looked at the fish and immediately turned away, her face becoming green. I walked up to her. "It's okay." I patted her on the back. "I'm sorry you had to see that. You might want to go away for awhile while I prepared them."

"Okay," she replied quietly.

I grabbed my pocketknife and began gutting them. I tossed the rest to Pelagius; catching and swallowing them.

I found some firewood along with two pieces of flint. I struck them together several times and eventually had a fire. I put a bigger rock on top, to act as a kind of hotplate.

"Roxie, dinner!" I called.

"Coming, Marlon!" she called back. She walked back, still looking green in the face.

"It's okay if you don't like it. I can look for something else, if you want me to."

"O-okay," she hesitated. I handed her a sharpened stick with a piece on it. "H-here goes…" She gulped. She took a bite and her face changed. "T-this is good!"

"I knew you would like it! See? It's not that bad."

"Mm-hmm!" she agreed with her mouth full.

We were soon done and found ourselves sleeping next to each other.

"Roxie… how come you kissed me earlier?"

"You weren't breathing. I'm not sure why…"

"Even experienced swimmers can drown. I had a friend that was free-diving and he drowned." I didn't feel like talking about it… "C-could we go to bed?" I changed the subject before I got too emotional.

"Okay." She yawned and closed her eyes. I smiled and wrapped her arms around her. I soon fell asleep…

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