Pain, that was the first conscious thought that hit him as Dean struggled into an upright position. Gasping lightly he gripped his side where the worst of the pain could be found, his ribs felt like they were broken. With the pain came the memory of how he received his injuries and how he got into this particular situation.

It was started off as a simple hunt that gave them a break from finding ways of locking the doors to Hell for good. However, the hunt turned complicated with Crowley's presence. It ended with them in a house that looked fancy and up to Crowley's standards for living quarters. Dean had to admit that the demon was a glutton for expensive stuff and living the high life.

They should have seen the trap coming from a mile away, but they didn't. Dean didn't and for that he curses himself. You don't survive Purgatory without learning how to spot traps coming. Dean knows he should have known better then to make it. But when the chance to fix a few wrongs presented itself, Dean took it because of the guilt and the wrongs he carries on his shoulders. Selfish and single minded. Not a good combination.

But the knowledge that they helped open a gate to Hell through foolishness and being played, the only good thing was that it led to Azazel's death. The knowledge that it was Dean himself who broke the first seal. Sam the last. They started and ended the apocalypse. Yes stopping it may have fixed one mistake, but the death toll already made sure that they aren't redeemed just yet.

If they ever will be.

So they decided, or at least Dean decided that locking the door on the demons, then they are redeemed somewhat. Then, after that...

After that, they can continue hunting, to protect people from the other monsters out there. Vampires, zombies, ghosts and so many other things. Go back to how things were, if there was a way to do that. Hunting things, saving people. That was how it was supposed to be and for a long time that changed. Dean hoped that it could change back to that one day.

But first things first.

They were currently holed up in a posh room and injured. Kevin was panicked and tending to Sam who was out like a light, this wasn't a life that Kevin wanted, but he was forced into it by a bitch called Fate. Dean so badly wanted to gank her if it was possible, but he can't so he does what he can to help the kid out here and there while tending to his number one job. Looking after Sam.

Dean let out another pained gasp as he struggled to his knees using his hands as braces to ensure that he didn't fall down and make a fool out of himself. Though no one would blame him if he did, he knows this. Still habits were habits and Dean had a lot of those.

Kevin was already informing him kindly that Sam was out like a light and that they shouldn't have come here. He was more concerned with his mother being angry with him then with the demons banging at the door. Thank goodness for the salt they carried in small packages in their jackets. Just in case.

"Dean! Are you listening?" Kevin persisted angrily, for such a scrawny kid he could raise his voice well enough. Dean glowered at him as a warning to shut up before he dug himself a hole. Dean shoved his way to his feet and discovered that he was in a windowless room. Muttering something about his luck being shitty he eyed the room further.

All the while cursing his stupidity and wondering just how much Benny would laugh at Dean for making such a novice mistake. Instead of dwelling on that thought Dean started to look for exits in a faint hope that they could get out of this situation yet. Kevin took the hint and helped by tending to Sam who was only now starting to stir.

Dean closed his eyes in frustration. He remembered that he and Kevin dragged Sam to this room, salted the door and then Dean promptly fell unconscious for a certain amount of time. Which was embarrassing to say the least.

"How long was I out?" Dean asked, his voice betraying the frustration he felt.

"Fifteen minutes... Twenty... I guess." Kevin answered while Dean pace around the room. Dean was aware that he might come across like a wild and caged animal. To be honest with himself, it was how he felt.

A firm confident knock on the door caught their attention. Dean glared angrily at it.

"Ya..." Kevin answered, an answer that prompted Dean to glare at him angrily only to have the kid shrug it off. In truth, the glare may have been unnecessary. There was no harm in answering verbally so long as the demons didn't get through that door.

"Boys, how are you doing in there. Fine I hope." A British smug voice drifted through the door. Practically oozing confidence setting Dean's teeth on edge. How he despised Crowley at this point. Probably almost as much as he did when the whole Leviathan mess started up thanks to that demon and Castiel.

"We're doing great, room service sucks though." Dean answered back, anger clearly heard. Not that he really cared, Crowley wouldn't care that Dean is angry. No one would, but that was okay.

"Well one can't help that when you come uninvited, perhaps you should have set a reservation first." Crowley shot back positively even more smug if that was possible. The bastard was getting amusement from the entire situation to say the least.

Dean hissed in anger. Anger directed at himself mostly. This would be a situation that would give him full rights to self-loathing bouts for some time. If they make it. Dean hated the 'if' as much as he hated Crowley at the moment.

What should he do?

Their weapons were either lost on the way to this room or empty. They were helpless in every sense of the word.

What should he do?

He had to protect Sam. He had to protect Kevin. He had to...

What should he do now?

Dean gripped his own head in his desperation. Kevin watched on with concern from what Dean could see while his own thoughts ran out of control, Kevin's honest concern was almost childlike if that was possible. Which only prompted Dean's instinct to want to protect the kid. He paced in a circle in the middle of the room.

Outside the room they were in was silent. That was more concerning than the banging. Silence was never a good sign.

What could he do? What was there to do? How could he protect Sam and Kevin?!

He had to find a way to...

"Where's that light coming from!?" Kevin asked suddenly. And, true to his word the room was filling up with warm light that was all too recognizable. The light that precedes an angel in his true form. The kind of light that could blind and kill a human if they were focused on too much and if the angel willed it.

No angel should be able to get through, there was no angel strong enough to reach passed the defences Crowley no doubt has up against anything from Heaven. So needlessly said there was probably sigils on this place to ensure no angel couldn't come in. It shouldn't be possible?

"Close your eyes!" Dean ordered and Kevin who was proving that he was a smart kid did what Dean told him to do, and made sure Sam's eyes won't open as well should he regain conscious fully. Dean silently thanked him with a nod though Kevin wouldn't see it.

Dean closed his eyes only to feel himself being surrounded by a familiar grace. One he didn't welcome in the slightest. He felt rage and anger surged in him as he fought the warmth and grace of an angel who shouldn't be here. An angel who should be locked away!

The grace, the angel who wasn't a mere angel at all. He was an archangel and a dick.


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