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If I had to summarize my new life in one word, I would choose the word monotone. Now that I'm demon, I have had no responsibilities as the Queens guard dog, no company to run, no public appearances to keep up, and no revenge to extract. My life consists of being stuck in my new manor (a little cottage in the French countryside) with Sebastian- and that is the worst part. I have not seen him smirk or joke once since my transformation. At first I found it funny, he was pouting like a little kid who didn't get dessert, but he has been like that for four years now. Day by day he only grows colder towards me, and he has tried to kill me at least 4 or 5 times. Though I can't blame him, he was tricked into being servant for all eternity.

I try to make life easier for him, though I am no more capable of taking care of myself now than when I was human. As it turns out, I can't use my any of my demon powers until I go through 'demon puberty'. And that's if I go though it at all, due to the fact that I was made a demon before I reached human puberty, it is possible that I will not ever reach demon puberty. I will just be stuck in the body of a 13 year old forever.

With all this considered, I have decided to revise the terms of the contract.

Sincerely, Ciel Phantomhive

Ciel wrote all this down in his journal, as he sat at his desk trying to decide what to do. Guilt, an emotion he never faced in his time as a human, was now eating him alive. He couldn't stand the thought that the only person he had left wanted him dead. He would rather not have Sebastian at all, than have that the empty hateful shell of a butler.

"Sebastian," Ciel said just above a whisper, knowing the demon would hear. Ciel then closed his eyes, and laid his head on the desk. "One, two, three, four…" he counted under his breath as he awaited Sebastian's arrival. Finally, Sebastian appeared in Ciel study with a look of irritation written all over his face. Ciel sat up, and winced at the look on the other's face, "Wow, 1 minute and 23 seconds that's a new record Sebastian. What in hell took you so long?" Ciel said, more out of curiosity than anger.

"Well I'm sorry my Lord," Sebastian sarcastically spat back, "but I was in the middle of something when you called."

Ciel sighed, couldn't Sebastian pretend to like him for one day?

"Sebastian, how long have I been a demon?" he asked quietly, being quite aware of the answer. "Four years, 27 days, and 11 minutes" Sebastian answered mundanely.

Ciel sighed and stood up for his desk, "come closer Sebastian" he said as his eyes glowed a demonic pink. Sebastian narrowed his eyes in confusion –just what was Ciel planning? He walked up to the front of the desk, only to be harshly pulled down to eye level with Ciel.

"Look me in eyes" Ciel barked at Sebastian, as he leaned in so there faces were mere inches apart. "Sebastian, answer truthfully, what is it you desire most?" he said in a desperate whisper. Sebastian's eyes started to show the same pinkish glow that Ciel's had. "Freedom" the raven deadpanned, leaning in a little closer to the others face.

Ciel stared deeply into Sebastian's eyes, hoping that he would find some sort of warmth, comfort, or anything that would tell him that he wasn't completely hated, but all found was lifelessness. They stayed in that position for quite awhile before Ciel broke the silence once again, "and what if I was to give you that freedom?"

Sebastian reeled back in surprise, his eyes wide with disbelief, "Now master, you should know better than to tease a devil" he responded still not believing the offer, after all, why would Ciel grant him freedom?

"You should know that I do not jest" he stated, settling back in his chair, "I fully intend on giving you your freedom, on one condition…" "And what condition would that be?" Sebastian quickly responded, willing to do anything to regain his freedom.

"You are to teach me to be a demon. Once I know how to take care of myself and function properly as a demon, then you can have your freedom. Do you accept this agreement?" Ciel painfully answered, refusing to look at Sebastian.

"Yes, although I personally can't teach you to be a demon, I know someone who can." Sebastian said as a long forgotten smirk played across his face.