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Chapter 4: Concern

Sebastian spent the entire night pacing the study, Rouge's words echoed violently inside his head.

'Value? What value could that fledgling hold?' Sebastian pondered, '…besides having me, Ciel's powerless. Sure he is perfection, but what's perfection without a soul?'

Sebastian just couldn't wrap his head around it, and it annoyed him to no end. He knew that Rouge was smart, even with how much Sebastian hated the demon he still couldn't deny Rouge's intellect. But why would a demon as smart as Rouge make deals, and fight over a fledgling? It didn't add up.

'He said that my hate was stopping from seeing Ciel's value… could Ciel be hiding something? I haven't really worried or paid attention to Ciel for quite awhile, maybe if I did I would see this value…'

Meanwhile, Ciel's eyes fluttered open, and he groggily peered around. The first thing he noticed was that he was in a bed, which was certainly not his. No, this bed was extremely large with purple satin bedding. He looked around. The room had black walls and small purple table next to the bed. A small piece of paper caught Ciel's eye. He carelessly picked it up, and read it:

"Good Night Prince, see you in the morning –Rouge"

Ciel dropped the note, his mismatched eyes wide in shock, as his memories of what happened the previous night flew into his head.

'I kissed my tutor?!' he shirked in his head, '…but it wasn't a kiss? It was a feeding-a soul. It felt… good?' Ciel felt his face grow hot, 'It should not have… but it did. The soul tasted sublime, like all the pleasures of life all rolled into one. It was addicting, and blissfully- I already want more. No matter how degrading the method of feeding was. …And if feeding like that's only natural for demons, then I have no reason to be ashamed. It was just a soul… right?'

Ciel's more human side told him it was abominable, and disgraceful act for two men, but that one soul had amplified his demon nature to a point where he didn't really care anymore. Ciel's stomach already was twisting, and begging for more soul, excited about this new found pleasure. Though his mind was having trouble figuring out what happened after the feeding.

"Sebastian" the boy said aloud, and within seconds his butler was by his side.

"Yes my lord?"

"Sebastian explain to me what happened last night, and why do I believe Rouge to took care of instead of you?"

Sebastian scolded himself internally. In the midst of worrying about his master he forgot to take care of him- oh the irony.

"I apologize my lord, I had other things too see to that left me unable to serve you. Because you are in this room, I assume Rouge was the one to care for you."

Ciel looked at his feet, not evening attemting to hide his disappointment. 'Typical Sebastian,' he thought 'that demon will do anything to avoid me. I don't know I expected differently. No matter what I do he hates me, I don't know why I expected differently…'

Sebastian gazed down at Ciel, silently studying the younger. Ciel looked...sad? Yes, he looked sad, and hurt. So Sebastian stood their perplexed and unsure of what to do. The boy always refused to show these emotions as a human, so why was he showing them now as a demon? But, the longer he stared down at the boy, the more he felt a knot form in his stomach, which only added to his confusion.

'What this feeling… concern?' he dismissed the thought as soon as it came 'No, it can't be concern. Why should I worry about that little brat? …And yet the longer I look at him like this the more the feeling grows…'

"What happened?" Ciel asked peering up at Sebastian through his long lashes, "What happened after the feeding?"

"It seems that the soul he feed you was too rich for your young pallet, so it made you temporarily intoxicated," he explained.

"So I was drunk?"


Ciel sat there on the bed, thinking this new information over carefully, "Will that happen next time?"

Sebastian's stomach churned at the thought of 'next time.' "Most likely, though I expect I will feed you next time instead of Rouge."

Ciel scoffed, a faint blush covering his face, "Don't be ridiculous Sebastian, you will not."

Sebastian clenched his hands into fists "Why not?" he asked bitterly.

Ciel stood up off the, bed and looked Sebastian deep in the eyes. "I may be a demon, but I still have standards," he stated just above a whisper.

The elder's heart plummeted, 'He has standards? What makes Rouge better than me? Why-'

"I will not steal from a starving man," Ciel finished, never breaking eye contact.

"-What?" was all Sebastian could say.

"If I made you give me a soul, it would be disgraceful. How long has it been since you have eaten? You are probably starving. I would never force you to give me a soul you have earned. It wouldn't be right. As a human I never scooped to such levels, and I refuse to now that I am a demon."

Sebastian smiled, 'So he is concerned for me? How mortal… demons are supposed to be ruthless… but when has Ciel ever done what he was supposed to do? Even now he has his own way of doing things, and disregards all others.'

"Besides Rouge seems more than willing to feed me," he foolishly added.

Sebastian's smile fell into a grimace, "No."

"No?" Ciel raised an eyebrow, "Excuse me I am being extremely leant with you, so you will not tell me no. Besides why should you care if he feeds me?"

Sebastian leaned down to Ciel's height, and whispered softly in his ear "Master, you shouldn't let Rouge feed you, that is my job." Ciel blushed feeling the man's warm breath tickle his ear. "Master, it's not Rouge who provides for you, it is me. We have a contract, remember? I am to fulfill your ever need until I have your, now unattainable, soul. So, I have to follow you until the end." Sebastian finished but didn't pull away; he simply continued to let his breath caress the boy's ear.

"Sebastian," he mumbled breathlessly.

"Yes my lord?" Sebastian answered, moving so his and Ciel's forehead pressed together.

"I- can… umm" he stuttered unable to form words while he stared into Sebastian's crimson red eyes, "…umm…go get me tea!"

Sebastian smirked, and backed away from the fledgling, "Of course, Bocchan."

With that he turned on his heel and left the room, leaving Ciel to wonder 'what just happened? And…'


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