The first day at a new job, is in a lot of ways, almost exactly like going through the first day of high school as the new kid all over again. Even if you've been given a tour of the building, you somehow manage to forget where everything is. Your mind convinces you that everyone is staring at you, watching every move you make. Nobody knows you, and likewise, you don't know any of them. Making friends seems almost impossible because everyone else has already set themselves in their clicks with their own friends.

These are all of the thoughts that are running through Kenzie Gunn's mind as she ties the strings of her boot in a tight knot. With a sigh, she sits back on the hard bench and rests her head against the stone wall. Kenzie closes her eyes and tries to calm her frantically beating heart. She was about to go in full panic mode.

In less than fifteen minutes, she would be stepping out in front of an audience of over thousands of people while being filmed live on camera for millions of viewers to watch. Kenzie was the newest Diva on the WWE roster and tonight was her debuting night. Her very first match was going to be against the Diva's Champion, Beth Phoenix.

Kenzie began to wring her hands together, her bright orange nail polish reflecting off the bright lights. She took in deep breath and tried to calm her nerves by studying her surroundings. The wall across from her was made up of lockers. Most of the metal doors were open, the belongings of the other girls spilling out of the cramped space. Through the doorway next to the lockers were the showers and toilets. She could hear some voices quietly coming from around the corner but she couldn't make out any words.

The floor looked as if it were made of concerte. The dull gray color stood out against the completely white room. A clock sat above the door that lead to the hallway. Kenzie's eyes kept flickering up to it, watching the hands as the seconds seemed to tick by far too quickly.

"Kenzie?" The nervous girl shakes her head and looks up to find Eve Torres standing above her. Eve's long, dark brown hair spills over her shoulders in wavy curls. Kenzie takes notice of her too long eyelashes as she bats them a few times. She quickly stands up, catching a whiff of the other girl's sweet perfume.

"Did you hear what I asked?"

"Um, no. I didn't, I'm sorry. I'm a little distracted." Eve smiles a little as she brushes her bangs off her forehead.

"I asked if you're ready for your match."

"Oh! Yeah, I am! Absolutely!" She tries to say in a chipper tone, but winces. Kenzie could hear how fake she sounded and the fact that her voice bounced off the walls didn't help the matter. Eve shoots her a look with her perfectly groomed eyebrow raised.

"How about you try answering that again?"

"Okay, I'm really nervous. I'm completely doubting myself right now and I'm wondering why I ever wanted this as a career." Eve laughs, the bell-like sound was a bit startling to the new Diva.

"That's better. Listen, every girl who has ever came into this company has been in the same position as you. I promise you that you're no different than the rest of us when we first started out."

"So you were nervous your first night too?" Kenzie asked.

"Oh, of course! Everyone is! I seriously thought I was going to pee myself the first time I ever stepped around that curtain." Kenzie didn't know whether she was trying to make her feel better with humor or if she was being serious, so she smiled weakly and glanced back up at the clock. Ten minutes until show time...

"Hey, lighten up would you?" Eve lightly pushed Kenzie's shoulder. "I meant that as a joke."

"Right, I know. I'm sorry. I'm just... I'm so nervous."

"You'll be fine, Kenzie. Really. Stop over-thinking this. Just smile, wave, and charm the pants off of everyone!"

"Well that's easier said than done, isn't it?" Kenzie asked.

"Not in this business, girl." Eve winks and then walks off. With another sigh, Kenzie slinks back down to the bench. After checking her boots and knee pads, she adjusts her wrist bands. Once she's sure that her ring gear is in order, she rests her head in her hands After a quick, silent pep talk, Kenzie springs herself to her feet and rushes out of the door.

In the halls, she follows the sound of the fans in order to find her way to the backstage area. Once she reaches her destination, Kenzie heads to the big, black curtain where the sound-man sits, looking bored. She approaches him and waits patiently for the middle-aged man to acknowledge her.

"Do you need something?" He finally asks, rubbing his temple.

"I'm just waiting to go out." She simply says.

"We'll you've still got five." Kenzie stared at him, waiting for the man to say more, but he had turned his attention away from her.

"Like minutes?" She asks.

"Yes. Minutes." He responds in such a way that Kenzie blushes and lowers her eyes in embarrassment.

"Right. Sorry. I probably should have known that." Kenzie quickly apologizes. "So can I just hang around here until it's time for me to go out?"

"The others usually warm-up somewhere close to here until it's time." Kenzie turns and heads for a back wall. Once she reaches the spot, she begins to stretch out her arms. She drops down into the splits and rolls her shoulders, trying to ease the tense muscles in them. Kenzie pulled her feet out from under her and rests against the wall, reaching for her toes.

"So, you must be the new girl." A voice says. Kenzie glances up to see a tall, lean man standing above her. He's wearing a bright pink shirt and his obviously bleached blonde hair is slicked back into a small ponytail. Drips of water slide down his temples. Kenzie feels her heart skip a small beat as she realizes who it is.

"Uh, yeah." She quickly gets to her feet and holds her hand out. "I'm Kenzie Gunn."

"Dolph Ziggler." He stares at the petite girl in front of him, taking in her long, caramel colored hair and dark brown eyes. She wore gold shorts with a bright blue thread. Her sports bra top was a perfect match. "Gunn, huh?" Kenzie nods her head. "Any relation to Billy Gunn?"

"Yes." Dolph waited for her to expand, but as she glanced at the floor, he could tell that he wasn't going to get more than that one worded response. "So this is your first match, huh? How nervous are you?"

"I'm extremely nervous. This is my first match since ROH."

"ROH? You mean you didn't go to FCW?" He raises his eyebrows.

"No. I didn't have to." Kenzie smiles. Dolph stares at her for a minute before slowly returning the smile, showing off his brilliantly white teeth.

"Really? You didn't?"

"Really, I didn't." Kenzie responds with a laugh. "When I signed on, they just brought me here to Raw."

"Are you bragging that you're just good enough to get in the WWE?"

"Oh, no." Kenzie says as she shakes her head. "I know a few people who were able to help the process along... And that I am bragging about." Dolph smirks and brushes a strand of blonde hair out of his eyes. Kenzie finds that her gaze unintentionally goes straight to his arm as his muscle flexes, the definition of it seeming to be sculpted right out of stone. The muscle relaxes as he drops it down to his side. Kenzie blinks her eyes a few times and brings her gaze back up to Dolph's face.

"You've got about a minute, Kenzie!" The sound-man calls out. Kenzie suddenly feels the overwhelming urge to pee and vomit at the same time.

"Well, good luck out there." Dolph says and turns. Kenzie watches him walk away, her eyes running slowly down from his muscled back to his behind. Kenzie closes her eyes and shakes her head.

"Thanks." She says a beat to late.

"45 seconds!" The man warns her again. Kenzie runs to stand next to the curtain just as Beth's voice echoes throughout the arena. Kenzie begins to wonder how she managed to miss her entire entrance. She couldn't even remember seeing her walk by or hearing her music hit. Then again, she had been distracted by the blonde beauty who was standing before her...

"Okay girls, here it is, the golden opportunity! I'm putting my championship on the line for the first Diva who comes out from the back." Beth pauses, letting the anticipation grow. "Come on, girls. There has to be someone in the locker room who wants this shot!" She pauses again as the fans begin to cheer, "Layla." "Isn't anyone back there woman enough to face me?"

And that's when her music is cued. Kenzie jumps slightly even though she's expecting the sound. She stays behind the curtain for a few seconds, listening to the up-beat song as it echoes throughout the arena. Kenzie sucks in a few deep breaths as she silently begs her knees not to give out on her. And then she steps around the barrier between herself and the stage that will become her life.

The arena is brightened with pink, yellow, and green lights as they flash across the somewhat silent fans. Kenzie throws one hand up in the air and waves, smiling so wide that she's pretty sure her cheeks are pushing her eyeballs out of their sockets. After standing at the top of the ramp for a few seconds, Kenzie starts skipping toward the ring, staring straight up at Beth Phoenix, not trying to focus on the thousands of people surrounding her. She bounds up the stairs and then slides through the middle rope.

Beth stares with her deep blue eyes at the small girl. She turns to the audience and points at Kenzie, as if she expects them to know who she is. Beth then turns to the referee, who shrugs his shoulders. Kenzie waves excitedly to the crowd and then turns to face her opponent, bouncing in place.

"Who are you?" Beth sneers in to her microphone. Kenzie steps forward on one foot and points at the microphone in Beth's hand. She rolls her eye and then offers it to the girl.

"I'm Kenzie!" She brightly says. Beth scoffs in disgust and rips the microphone out of her hand.

"And you're here for the shot at the Diva's Championship?" Kenzie nods her head. "You do understand that in order to become the number one contender, you have to win this match?" Kenzie nods her head again. Beth throws back her golden blonde hair and laughs. Once she's done, she rights the belt on her shoulder and throws the small girl a glare through her thin eyelashes.

"You've got to be joking."

"You challenged everyone." Kenzie reminds her.

"No. I challenged a WWE Diva. Not some... Wanna-be school girl." Beth reaches out and grabs Kenzie's arm, wiggling it around as if it were a noodle. Kenzie quickly grabs Beth's forearm and twists it around. The Glamazon gasps as she stumbles forward. The microphone crashes to the mat and the referee quickly runs over to kick it out of the way.

Beth easily pulls her arm out of Kenzie's grip and bites the inside of her cheeks. She looks around at the fans as she regains her cool composure. She tosses the belt onto the top rope and raises her arms.

"Let's do this then, pip squeak." Kenzie purses her lips and smirks. The bell rings three times and the match begins.