Chapter 14: The Runaway Bride.

"You can't do that, I wasn't.." The Doctor frantically looked around the TARDIS, trying in vain to make sense of what was happening. "We're in flight! That is – that is physically impossible! How did?" He looked the woman over quickly and then at the monitor on the TARDIS. Nothing was making sense.

"Tell me where I am. I demand you tell me right now – where am I?" The woman commanded, her tone flat indicating she was not fooling around and would not tolerate any tom foolery.

"Inside the TARDIS." The Doctor said simply, thinking it were obvious.

"The what?" The woman frown dangerously.

"The TARDIS." He said slowly, trying to get her to understand.

"The what?"

"The TARDIS!" He breathed out, exasperated. This was the last thing he wanted was some fool woman materializing in the TARDIS. Allyson walked over to him and put her hand on his arm, comforting and calming him. He looks down at her and half smiles. He turns over to the controls and beings to fiddle with them some.

"The what?" She demanded again.

"It's called the TARDIS." He explained again, far more calm sounding than what he was. The woman however refused to acknowledge this.

"That's not even a proper word." She said angrily, still glaring at them. "You're just saying things."

"How did you get in here?" He looked over at her, hoping maybe she'd know, but a nagging feeling in the back of his mind said otherwise.

"Well, obviously, when you kidnapped me. Who was it? Who's paying you? Is it Nerys?" She pointed rudely at Allyson. "You're friends with Nerys aren't you?!" The Doctor pulled Allyson behind him, not liking anyone pointing at her like that. "Oh, my God, she's finally got me back. This has got Nerys written all over it." The Doctor looks her up and down in utter confusion. Allyson peeks around his shoulder, curious.

"Who the hell is Nerys?" He frowned, really starting to not like this woman.

"Your best friend." She glared, fury rolling off her in waves.

"Hold on, wait a minute." The Doctor paused, quickly looking at her attire. "What're you dressed like that for?" Allyson rolled her eyes and smacked him on the arm. He jumped and looked at her, feeling betrayed. "What was that for?!" She gave him 'really? You don't know why?' look.

"I'm going ten pin bowling." The woman yells, oblivious to their little interaction. "Why do you think, Dumbo? I was halfway up the aisle!" The Doctor's face falls blank as he realized just how obvious it was and how stupid of a question he had asked. He quickly began to run around the console, flipping switches and pressing knobs. The woman followed him, yelling the whole time. "I've been waiting all my life for this. I was just seconds away! And then you—I dunno, you drugged me or something!"

"I haven't done anything!" He yelled back, defending himself. Allyson stood idly by, watching the two with an amused expression. This was rather entertaining, she thought to herself.

"We're having the police on you! Me and my husband – as soon as he is my husband – we're gonna sue the living backside off ya!" She continued to follow him around but eventually came to rest by Allyson. The Doctor rushed around the controls, engrossed. The woman looked down at Allyson, still fuming. "Why aren't you helpin' him? Hm?" She half sneered. Allyson looked up at her, shocked, she hadn't spoken to her yet. The woman was about to start yelling again when she caught sight of the TARDIS's doors. She glances at Allyson and the Doctor before making a mad dash for it.

"No, wait a minute!" The Doctor yelled as he and Allyson rush after her. "Wait a minute! Don't—" But they were too late and the woman had swung open the doors. Her eyes landed on the super nova and her mouth fell open in awe. The Doctor and Allyson come to stand beside her and stare out into the open space as well. "You're in space. Outer Space." He began to explain. "This is my….space-ship. It's called the 'TARDIS'."

"How am I breathing?" She whispered.

"The TARDIS is protecting us." He looked down at her, waiting for her to faint, but she didn't.

"Who are you?" She asked after a pause.

"I'm the Doctor and this is Allyson. You?" His head bobbed over in Allyson's direction as he spoke.

"Donna." She continued to stare out into the stars, amazed.

"Human?" The Doctor asked, looking her over from head to toe.

"Yeah." She furrowed her brows and looked back at him. "Is that optional?"

"Well, it is for me." He shrugged his shoulders and looked out at the super nova, the last moments he had with Rose still fresh in his mind.

"You're an alien." Donna looked even more shocked if it were possible.

"Yeah." He said under his breath, trying to stop thinking of Rose.

"What about you?" Donna looked over at Allyson who was gazing adoringly at the stars as well. "You alien as well?" Allyson's gaze snaps over to Donna and she shakes her head.

"No, she's….human." The Doctor said, looking Allyson over as well as his mind shifted gears and thought about the test results he had printed out a long time ago. Donna looks back out the doors, seeming to have calmed some.

"It's freezing with these doors open." She turned away from the doors and walked back into the TARDIS, she had resigned to the fact that she was in a space ship with an alien. The Doctor and Allyson both close the doors after her and walk back to the console. He resumed putting in controls, attempting to take Donna home.

"But I don't understand it and I understand everything!" He began to rave. Allyson perked up an eyebrow, he really did have an issue with his ego. "This—this can't happen! There is no way a Human Being can lock itself onto the TARDIS and transport itself inside. It must be…" He quickly stops turning switches and grabs an ophthalmoscope and begins to look into Donna's eyes, he was nearly bouncing with energy. He continued to mutter and endless flow of techno-babble that only Allyson seemed to half understand. Donna stared at him, confused. "Impossible. Some sort of subatomic connection? Something in the temporal field? Maybe something pulling you into alignment with the Chronon shell. Maybe something macro mining your DNA within the interior matrix. Maybe a genetic-" Donna slapped him cross his face, this train of thought was completely broken by the sudden blow. Allyson's jaw drops, astonished that Donna had actually slapped him, but not fully surprised that it happened. "What was that for?" His voice rose an octave as he cradled his stinging cheek.

"Get me to the church!" Donna yelled at him. She had had enough of his mindless rattling that made no sense to her. She was getting married today and nothing was going to stop her. This was her dream come true and this alien destroy it.

"Right!" The Doctor dropped his ophthalmoscope and runs back over to the controls and resumes flipping switches. "Fine!" His voice held a sharp edge to it. "I don't want you here anyway! Where is this wedding?"

"Saint Mary's, Hayden Road, Chiswick, London, England, Earth, the Solar System." Allyson walks over to Donna and gently rubs her arm, trying to comfort the lady. Donna looks over at her and half smiles, glad that at least one of them understands her pain. Donna's eye catches something slung over the railing in the TARDIS, immediately her smile is gone and she storms over, scooping up the blouse. Allyson freezes, recognizing it as Rose's purple blouse, the one that she first met her in. "I knew it." Donna glared at the Doctor mostly. "Acting all innocent." She strides over and shoves Rose's blouse in his face. "I'm not the first, am I? How many women have you abducted?" The Doctor looks up from the controls and freezes, pain and loss showing in his old brown eyes.

"That's my friend's." His voice was low, it was still much to soon. The wound was way to fresh, but Donna didn't seem to catch on. Allyson crossed her arms, a bit uncomfortable with the topic still.

"Where is she, then? Popped out for a space walk?" Donna asked sarcastically. She could tell that it was much to large to fit Allyson, the girl was tiny.

"She's gone." The Doctor said after he swallowed a lump that had formed in his throat.

"Gone where?" Donna glared at him. He looks back down at the controls, his eyes glistening with unshed tears.

"I lost her." He nearly whispered, he was barely holding his voice steady.

"Well, you can hurry up and lose me." Donna flumped the blouse down in the seat, her glare still on the Doctor. Allyson bit her lip, knowing how the Doctor was feeling, she could feel his hurt and sadness flowing over to her. She walked over to Donna and gently put her hand on the woman's shoulder. She looked over at Allyson, her glare fading. Allyson nodded her head towards the Doctor and gave her a look that all women understand. This was a sensitive topic. Donna's eye's soften as she realizes this and nods in understanding. "How do you mean, 'lost'?" She asked gently. The Doctor's gaze snaps up to Donna, it was dark and foreboding. Even Allyson felt a twinge of fear. He stalked up to her, his eyes never leaving hers, and he snatched up Rose's blouse.

"Right!" He ignored her question. He wanted her gone. He wanted to be alone. He didn't want to talk about Rose. "Chiswick." He swung open the doors and London greeted them. Donna looked at Allyson before quickly running outside. She instantly stills as she looks around at her surroundings. Her anger flared back up as realization hits.

"I said 'Saint Mary's'." She glared back at the Doctor. "What sort of Martian are you? Where's this?" The Doctor and Allyson step outside as well. The Doctor turns toward the TARDIS and begins to caress the side of it with a concerned expression.

"Something's wrong with her…" He muttered, clearly upset. Donna rolled her eyes and looks back at the street, hoping she could figure out where exactly she is. Allyson frowned at the Doctor and put her hand on the box as well. "Do you feel it?" He glanced over at her, curious. Allyson closed her eyes and focused on the blue box. Her palm started to tingle and her stomach got a little queasy but that was about it. The Doctor nodded, having understood what she felt through her emotions. "It's like she's recalibrating!" As the thought struck him, he dashed back inside and up to the console. "She's digesting." He stared up in concern at his TARDIS. Donna had turned around to look back inside the TARDIS when she finally notices the small size of the box she had stepped out of. Her jaw drops yet again as she tries to comprehend that the TARDIS was in fact larger on the inside. Allyson continued to stand by the magic box, not wanting Donna to be outside alone. "What have you eaten? What's wrong?" He cooed, gently stroking the blue tinted rotor. "Donna?" He called out, but it fell on deaf ears. Donna was currently pacing around the outside of the TARDIS, running her hands along the blue wood in utter bewilderment.

"You've really gotta think. Is there anything that might've caused this? Anything you might've done? Any sort of alien contacts?" He asked her from inside, clearly upset about his blue box being sick. "I can't let you go wandering off in case you're dangerous. I mean, have you… have you seen lights in the sky? Or did you touch something? Something – something different? Something strange? Something made out of a sort of metal or.. who're you getting married to?" But yet again all his ramblings were in vain as Donna had completed her outward inspection of the box and had poked her head back inside, double checking that she hadn't imagined the whole thing. She stumbled back, hands covering her gaping mouth as her thoughts were confirmed. It was bigger on the inside. "Are you sure he's human? He's not a bit overweight with a zip around his forehead, is he?" The Doctor continued. Allyson watched Donna cautiously, knowing how overwhelming the TARDIS can be to first timers. Donna fearfully looks over the TARDIS one last time before running off, the oddity to much for her to absorb. Allyson runs after her, she'd feared that this was going to happen. "Donna! Allyson!" The Doctor yelled, rushing outside as well.

"Leave me alone." She yelled as they fell in step with her. "I just want to get married." She halts in the middle of the sidewalk, near tears. Allyson gently rubs her arm again, sad that she couldn't give Donna the comforting words that the Doctor was obviously to naïve to give.

"Come back to the TARDIS." His shoulders slumped as he neared begged. He didn't want anyone getting hurt and he still didn't know what Donna was.

"No way." Donna shook her head violently. "That box is too…weird."

"It's.. bigger on the inside, that's all." He explained, throwing his arms out in exasperation. Oh yeah, perfect thing to say right now, Allyson thought. 'It's just bigger on the inside and flown by an alien with two hearts'. Yep, normal.

"Oh! That's all?" Donna sighs exaggeratedly, thinking along the same lines as Allyson. Donna turns toward the street, her back facing the Doctor. She didn't want to look at him. She glances down at her watch and begins to tear up. "Ten past three. I'm gonna miss it."

"You can phone them. Tell them where you are." She slowly turned, giving him an astonished look.

"How do I do that?" She asked irritatedly.

"Haven't you got a mobile?" He thought it obvious. Donna and Allyson both stare at him disbelievingly. His gaze shifted back and forth between the two. "What?" He asked innocently. Allyson rolls her eyes and points jaggedly at Donna's dress.

"I'm in my wedding dress." Donna clarified, fuming. "It doesn't have pockets. Who has pockets? Have you ever seen a bride with pockets? When I went to my fitting, do you think I said 'Alison, the one thing I forgot to say is give me pockets'?!" The Doctor froze and shifted uncomfortably.

"This man you're marrying." He started off, sounding like he was pitying the man. "What's his name?"

"Lance." Donna answered wistfully, love shining in her eyes.

"Gotta like Lance." He looked away but Allyson could see it. He was in deed feeling sorry for the man. Donna suddenly squares her shoulders, she was not going to let this man change the topic on her. She did have a wedding to go to after all, her own wedding.

"Oi! No stupid Martain is gonna stop me from getting married. To hell with you!" Donna ran off again, Allyson following close behind.

"I'm – I'm not." The Doctor struggled with words and awkwardly pulled at his ear. "I'm not from Mars." He quickly followed after to two women, not wanting either out of his sight. He comes to a halt by Allyson and watches Donna try to flag down a taxi, but none of them seem to notice her. Cars zoom by and taxi's continue void of passengers.

"Taxi!" Donna waved her arm in the air, trying to capture the driver's attention but fails. "Why's his light on?" She glared at the black vehicle as it drove by.

"There's another one!" The Doctor pointed at another similar vehicle. Donna stumbles out into the street calling for the taxi, but it ignores her as well. She threw her arms up in exasperation and walks back to the side walk. "Do you have this effect on everyone? Why aren't they stopping?"

"They think I'm in fancy dress." Donna explained, not knowing what else it really could be.

"Stay off the scotch darlin'!" One of the men yelled out his window as he drove by.

"They think I'm drunk." Donna threw out her arm again as she shook her head.

"You're fooling no one, mate!" Two men yelled out from another taxi.

"They think I'm in drag!" Donna frowns, even more upset now. The Doctor surveyed the street, confused.

"Wait a moment." He spun around on his heel, his brows furrowed. "Where's Allyson?" Donna stopped, suddenly realizing Allyson was gone as well. They both look around but couldn't find her. The Doctor called out her name, a pinch forming in his stomach that something had happened to her when a whistle cut into his train of thoughts. A taxi skidded to a halt about 20 feet away from them. They both looked over at the source of the loud and sudden noise only to find Allyson grinning at them with the door already open for Donna. They both smile back and sprint over to the waiting vehicle and hop in.

"Saint Mary's in Chiswick, just off Hayden Road. It's an emergency, I'm getting married! Just…hurry up!" Donna nearly shouted at the driver as he took off.

"You know it'll cost you, sweetheart?" He looked into the rear view mirror, looking over her get up. "Double rates today." Donna froze, her hopes having been dashed again.

"Oh, my God!" She gasped and turned to the Doctor. "Have you got any money?" He looked up, not staring at anything particular as he patted down his pockets. He swallowed harshly and casted her a cautious and regretful look.

"Um….no. And you?" Allyson leaned forward from the opposite side of Donna and quirked a brow at him and glanced at Donna's dress again. Man he was thick some times.

"Pockets!" Donna screamed at him, violently gesturing to her wedding dress as the taxi screeches to a halt and the driver tells them to get out. The Doctor quickly climbs out but Donna refuses. "Mister! It's my weddin' day! You can't make me miss my own wedding!" Allyson quickly climbs out from the other side, starting to fear Donna's ruthless side. The bride and the driver got into a head argument before Donna finally climbed out. "And that goes double for your mother!" She angrily slammed the door shut and the taxi rocked from the power of it and drives off. "I'll have him. I've got his number. I'll have him." She had raised her finger emphasizing herself. "Talk about the Christmas Spirit." The Doctor looked taken back by what she had said.

"Is it Christmas?" He looked around, surprised. Allyson had assumed it was a major holiday since the cabs were charging double rates, plus the colder temperatures helped her narrow it down some.

"Well, duh." Donna glared at him again. "Maybe not on Mars, but here it's Christmas Eve." She smacked him in the arm causing him to step to the side as she looks past him. "Phone box!" She smiled as she runs over to it, quickly opening it up and grabbing the phone. "We can reverse the charges."

"How come you're getting married on Christmas Eve?" He looked at her as he and Allyson came to a stop right by the door.

"Can't bear it. I hate Christmas. Honeymoon in Morocco. Sunshine." She smiled at the thought. "Lovely." Allyson smiled as well at the woman, thinking it sounding beautiful and like a dream come true. Donna looks the phone box over before turning to the Doctor at a loss. "What's the operator? I've not done this in years. What do you dial? 100?" Allyson quickly pulled out her sonic and flashed the phone.

"There, just call the direct." Donna's gaze switched over to Allyson.

"What'd she just do?" She demanded looking between the two. "She a Martian too? I thought you said she was human." The Doctor looked around slightly distracted.

"Yes, she's Martian to, just a different kind of Martian. Now, phone. I'll get money!" And he sprints off to an ATM while Allyson stands idly by keeping guard over Donna. She quickly dials a number and begins to jump impatiently.

"Ohh, answer the phone!" She prayed still hopping in the phone booth. Allyson's sea blue eyes searched the area, keeping an eye on the Doctor who was currently also hopping about impatiently at the ATM. Vaguely, Allyson was aware that Donna was leaving a message on her mother's phone her attention was primarily on the Doctor who was still waiting for the man in front of him to finish up his business. The Doctor continued to prance in place, growing more agitated by every second. Just when the Doctor was about to give up the man leaves and he rushes forward, casting a completely non suspicious look in every direction he points his sonic at the machine, more than enough cash emits from the machine.

Donna harshly hangs up the phone and bristles out of the phone box and approaches a random woman. "Excuse me. I'm begging you. I'm getting married, I really am and I'm late and I just need to borrow a tenner and I'll pay you back I promise and it's Christmas." Donna begged a brunette woman who graciously handed Donna a tenner. Again, Allyson was vaguely aware of the bride as her attention was captured by something else, something that casted a shiver down her spine. A row of Santa's playing trumpets a small distance away from the Doctor. She felt recognition flash through the Doctor as he caught sight of them too. Quickly filing the masked Santa's away. "Thanks for nothing, spaceman! I'll see you in Court!" Donna yelled at the Doctor as she climbed into the taxi. Allyson rushed over to the taxi that Donna had hailed, but the woman had already closed the door and was barking orders at the driver.

"Donna!" The Doctor shouts, hoping to catch her attention. The driver of her car wasn't exactly human. Allyson ambled over to the Doctor, watching Donna's cab disappear on to the highway. The Doctor reaches for Allyson's hand as he wearily looks back at the Santa's. She heard him gulp as the Santa's lowered their instruments, aiming the bells at the two of them. Quickly thinking, both the Doctor and Allyson sonic the ATM and notes fly out of the machine causing a cloud of money. People rush over and begin to grab the pounds, stuffing them into their pockets greedily. "Run!" The Doctor yelled pulling Allyson with him back to the TARDIS. They both book it, leaving the Santa's behind them.

The Doctor quickly pulls out the TARDIS key from his pocket and unlocks the door. They both rush in, the Doctor throwing his jacket over the Y-beam and Allyson closing the doors. "I'm gonna have to fly the TARDIS." He walks up to the console and gently fondles the rotor, looking at his magic box with concern. "I don't know why or what she's digesting, but she should be well enough to fly." He looked back at Allyson as she slowly walks up by the controls and to his side. "I need you to go to the wardrobe and grab me shoe laces from all the left shoes." Allyson quirked a brow at him, questioning why only the left shoe it'd be so much easier if she just took them all. Her question seemed to bubble over to him despite the fact she couldn't telepathically tell him. "Well I can't just run around with no shoes now can I?" Allyson just rolled her eyes before heading off to the equipment room to grab him some rope.

A few moments later she comes waltzing back in with the rope and he quickly takes it from her, mumbling his thanks. He hastily ties it to the levers. Afterwards, he began to fiddle with the controls to prepare the TARDIS for flight. "It's been a while so this maybe a bit rough, but.." He dramatically pulled a lever and grinned over at Allyson. "I know she can do it. Allons-y, Allyson!"

The TARDIS began to violently shake as she took off, but not into the Vortex like she's so use to. The Doctor positioned himself by a series of levers and maneuvered the TARDIS through the city. He watched the monitor, looking for the taxi Donna was in and Allyson clung to the railing. As he was piloting it the console started to spark and sputter to which he simple wacked it was the mallet. "Behave!" He scolded the TARDIS.

When the Doctor had lined the TARDIS up with the taxi Allyson shakily walked over to the doors and opened them. Donna was pounding on the window, screaming for help. The Doctor suddenly appeared next to her, the rope between his teeth. "Open the door!" He yelled over.

"Do what?" She lipped, leaning an ear toward them to try and hear better.

"Open the door!" He tried again, annunciating his words more.

"I can't, it's locked!" She tried to open the door but it wasn't giving. Allyson pulls out her sonic and points it at the car, the purple light pulsed lightly as it let out its tell tail warble. Donna managed to pull down the window some. "Santa's a robot." She told them, thinking they didn't already know.

"Donna, open the door." The Doctor yelled again.

"What for?" She gasped, not liking where he was going with this.

"You've got to jump!" Allyson caught sight of the robot in the driver's seat, it'd turned it head obviously listening to them.

"I'm not bleedin' flip jumping, I'm supposed to be getting married!" Her voice raised a few octaves as she glared at the Doctor again. Slowly the cab begins to pull away from the TARDIS, leaving them behind. The Santa trying to escape the Doctor. The Doctor pulls the string causing explosions and more sparks to fly from the console. The TARDIS bounced off a random car as it tried to pull itself up by Donna yet again. The Doctor and Allyson both struggling to keep their balance and grip in the doorway without falling out. The Doctor grabs Allyson's sonic and points it at the robot, small sparks flew from its neck as it locked in place.

"Listen to me – you've got to jump." The Doctor tried again, knowing he needed to get her out of there.

"I'm not jumping on a motorway." She shook her head, refusing yet again to let the man rescue her.

"Whatever that thing is, it needs you. And whatever it needs you for, it's not good. Now, come on!" He waved his arm, signaling for her to jump, but her fear still kept a grip on her.

"I'm in my wedding dress!" She tried to reason.

"Yes! You look lovely! Come on!" He yelled exasperated at the woman. Donna locked her gaze with Allyson, the girl who she'd just recently noticed hasn't spoken a word and has only offered her presence as comfort. Allyson gave her a nod, telling her that little action that they wouldn't let her fall on to the motorway, they'd catch her. Donna nodded back and took a deep breath, gaining control over herself as she opened the door. She stared down at the speed pavement, her fear bubbling back up to the back of her throat. She quickly retreats back into the car.

"I can't do it." She nearly cried in fear.

"Trust me." The Doctor looked her in the eye, emotion pouring from him. She needed to trust him, but she couldn't trust herself to a stranger.

"Is that what you said to her? Your friend? The one you lost? Did she trust you?" Donna watched the two of them and saw them go rigged at the mention of their friend. The Doctor was first to recover.

"Yes, she did." He informed her, his arm outstretched to catch her. "And she's not dead. She is so alive. Now, jump!" Donna closed her eyes, mentally chanting to herself that she can do it as she took a leap of faith and jumped.

With a scream she landed roughly on top of Allyson, the two girls were a heap of dress and hair on the floor. The Doctor quickly closed the doors and helped Donna up off of Allyson. With a laugh the Doctor patted Donna on the back. "Ah! Well, that wasn't so bad now was it?" Donna glared at him again and stalked off up to the TARDIS. The Doctor walked up to Allyson and gently took her head into his hands, checking her over. "You alright?" Allyson nodded caught up by his close proximity. He opened his mouth, about to ask another question when Donna interrupted him.

"Oi, spaceman." He turned to look at her. "This suppose to be smoking?" She jammed her thumb over her shoulder, gesturing to the TARDIS.

"Right. No it's not!" He quickly rushed up to it, covering his nose with his sleeve as he pulled levers and landed the TARDIS. Quickly they all filed out of the blue box, as the smoke began to overtake the TARDIS. The Doctor had managed to snag a fire extinguisher and blasted it into the TARDIS, trying in vain to quench the smoke. "The funny thing is, for a spaceship, she doesn't really do that much flying. We'd better give her a couple of hours. You all right?" He looked her over as he threw the extinguisher to the side.

"Doesn't matter." She shrugged as she and Allyson both gaze over the city. The Doctor had landed them on top of a high rise, which one they don't know, but it had a nice view.

"Did we miss it?" He looked genuinely sad that she'd missed her big day.

"Yeah." She sighed, clearly put out. Allyson frowned and rubbed her back, giving her all the comfort she could.

"Well, you can book another date." The Doctor tried.

"Course we can." She agreed, but her heart wasn't in it.

"Still got the honeymoon.." He tried again, at least hoping to cheer her up some.

"It's just a holiday now." She brushed him off. He hung his head, defeated, and apologized. "It's not your fault." She told him and his head snapped up, surprised.

"Oh! That's a change." He smiled at her. A genuine smile. To anyone else it may have looked like he was just happy she wasn't blaming him for her horrible day, but Allyson could feel that a little weight was lifted from his shoulders. Someone wasn't actually blaming him for the misfortunes that follow him.

"Wish we had a time machine." Donna sat wishfully, her eyes misty. "Then we could go back and get it right." The Doctor froze, glancing at Allyson who hadn't seemed phased by her.

"Yeah.." He began, scratching the back of his neck. "But even if I did, I couldn't go back on someone's personal timeline. Apparently." Allyson quickly gives the Doctor a light glare. He really needed to work on his subtleness. Donna gives them both a suspicious look before heading over to sit on the edge of the roof. The Doctor and Allyson both sit next to her, the Doctor casually drapes his jacket over Donna's shoulders.

"God, you're skinny." Donna tried to pull the coat close but couldn't. "This wouldn't fit a rat."

"Oh and you'd better put this on." He reaches into his pockets and frowned. He continued to search for a while till he finally turned to Allyson, who sat on the other side of Donna. "Have you got it?" She rolled her eyes and reached into the breast pocket in his jacket and produced a gold ring.

"Oh, do you have to rub it in?" Donna looked between the two, simply exhausted and disappointed.

"Those creatures can trace you." He began to explain as Allyson took Donna's hand and slipped it on her ring finger. "This is a bio-damper. Should keep you hidden."

"So, come on then. Robot Santas – what are they for?" Donna continued to watch the Doctor as he stared off into the skyline. He leaned back on his arms, settling himself down comfortably before answering.

"Ah, your basic robo-scavenger. The Father Christmas stuff is just a disguise. They're trying to blend in. I met them last Christmas." He explained, a pained look coming to his eyes.

"Why, what happened then?" She probed, not noticing.

"Great big spaceship?" He looked at her strangely, how'd she miss that? "Hovering over London? You didn't notice?"

"I had a bit of a hangover." She waved her hand dismissively. Allyson quirked her brows. That must have been one hell of a hangover, she thought. The Doctor watches Donna for a moment before continuing on.

"I spent Christmas Day just over there, the Powell Estate." He nodded off to the right, pain barely disguised in his voice. "With this family. My friend, she had this family. Well, they were.." He paused, thinking back to the happy memories he had of Rose. After a moment he gently shakes himself out of it. "Still, gone now." He finished quietly. Allyson had gently placed her hand over his, giving him all the comfort she can.

"Your friend. Who was she?" Her voice was gentle as she realized how sensitive of a topic this was.

"Question is, what do camouflaged robot mercenaries want with you?" He looked at her, swiftly changing the subject. "And how did you get inside the TARDIS? I don't know." He contemplates her, looking her up and down and pulls out his sonic as she rolls her eyes at him. "What's your job?"

"I'm a secretary." She eyed the blue light as he scanned her up and down.

"It's weird, I mean – you're not special, you're not powerful, you're not connected, you're not clever, you're not important." He prattled off, not thinking of how hurtful he was being towards her.

"This friend of yours," Donna now glared fiercely at the Doctor. "Just before she left, did she punch you in the face?" The Doctor just ignored her and Allyson just laughed lightly as Donna whacked his hand out of her face. "Stop bleeping me!"

"What kind of secretary?" He asked, looking down at his hand almost like her touch was poisonous.

"I'm at HC Clements. It's where I met Lance. I was temping." She told him cautiously, wary of him sticking his sonic screwdriver back in her face. "I mean, it was all a bit posh really. I'd spent the last two years at a double glazing firm. Well, I thought, 'I'm never going to fit in here'. And then he made me coffee. I mean, that just doesn't happen. Nobody gets the secretaries a coffee." She stared off as she thought of her love. "And Lance – he's the head of HR! He don't need to bother with me! But he was nice, he was funny." She thought back to some of the time they spent together. "And it turns out he thought everyone was really snotty too. So that's how it started, me and him. One cup of coffee. That was it." She smiled, very pleased.

"When was this?" The Doctor asked, his interest captured.

"Six months ago."

"Bit quick, to get married.." He said slowly, thinking hard.

"Well, he insisted." She smiled childishly. "He nagged and nagged me. And he just wore me down and then finally, I just gave in."

"What does HC Clements do?" Allyson continued to stare out at the skyline, listening closely. She felt a bit left out now that even her telepathy was gone, again.

"Oh, security systems, you know.. entry codes, ID cards – that sort of thing. If you ask me, it's just a posh name for 'locksmiths'."

"Keys." The Doctor mused, thinking out loud.

"Anyway, enough of my CV. Come on, it's time to face the consequences." She faced him dead on. "Oh, this is gonna be so shaming. You can do the explaining, Martian-boy..and girl.." She quickly casted a glance over to Allyson so sat swinging her legs over the edge, she sent the two a smile as they all stood up.

"Yeah. We're not from Mars." The Doctor said flatly. Donna nods, not really paying attention when a thought strikes her.

"Oh, I was wonderin'." Her gaze shifted over to Allyson. "Can't she talk?" The Doctor seemed slightly surprised that Donna had noticed. Allyson froze, she hadn't expected Donna to notice either. She thought the bride would just assume she was very quiet.

"Right, well. No, she can't." He thought for a moment trying to find a way to explain it. His jaw flexed as words tried to form on the tip of his tongue.

"Martian?" Donna asked, trying to simplify it for him.

"Very." The Doctor nodded, stuffing his hands in his pockets. Donna nodded, understanding. She gave Allyson a considering look.

"Can't you change it?" Donna looked over her shoulder at the Doctor, her eyes shimmering.

"Well," He smiles down at Allyson who returns with a toothy grin. "Haven't had much time. Rescuing you from robotic Santa's and all." He slowly saunters up to Allyson and gently touches her temples, a wild grin spreading across his face as he closed his eyes and rested his forehead against hers, letting their minds connect. Donna watched to two, a small sad smile on her lips. Slowly the Doctor pulled away, opening his eyes and his grin widened. "Allyson, say hello to Donna." She turned to face Donna, the Doctor's fingers falling away, and she gave Donna a cheek splitting grin.

"Hello, Donna." Donna jumped, startled.

"Wha-? How's she doin' that?" Donna gasped. She thought the Doctor would fix her so that she could talk. She subconsciously took a step away from Allyson.

"No, no, Donna! That's how she communicates. Telepathically." The Doctor explained quickly, holding his hands out signaling that it was okay. "I know it's a bit weird, but give it time." Donna casted Allyson a weary look then nodded lightly. They all stand in awkward silence for a few minutes before Donna breaks the silence.

"Oh, I had this great big reception all planned. Everyone's gonna be heartbroken." Her shoulders slumped as they all turn and walk off towards her reception.


The three all walk into Donna's reception, expecting a frenzy of people to swarm them and throw thousands of questions at the bride but that didn't happen. They walk through the door, Donna in the lead, only to find the party going full blast. Christmas music blares out of the speakers as everyone dances around the room, beverages in hand, and laughing joyously. Allyson watch's Donna's shoulders slump at the sight, she was furious and heartbroken at the discovery. Donna crosses her arms, her anger rolling off in waves as people finally take notice of her. Everyone stops and stares, the music falling silent as well as everyone stares at the three.

"You had the reception without me?" Donna barely contained her anger.

"Donna." A dark man walked up to her, looking very concerned. "What happened to ya?"

"You had the reception without me?" Her voice rose an octave, she was not to be deterred and an awkward pause followed suit.

"Hello!" The Doctor smiled, breaking the silence. "I'm the Doctor and this is Allyson!" He pointed casually at Allyson with a bright cheerful grin and Donna turned to glare at him.

"They had the reception without me." Donna's eyes shimmered.

"Yes, I gathered." The Doctor awkwardly rocked on the balls of his feet, not really comfortable in the situation he's found himself in.

"They had the reception without me." Donna whispered to Allyson, seeing as the Doctor was very comforting. Allyson froze, not particularly good at comforting with words.

"Donna-" She began, only to be interrupted by a blonde in a blue dress.

"Well, it was all paid for – why not?" The blonde rudely looked down her nose at the three of them. Donna glared at the woman, her tears gone.

"Thank you, Nerys." She violently whispered. An older lady walked up to Donna, obviously her mother.

"Well, what were we supposed to do?" She shook her head. "I got your silly little message in the 'I'm on Earth'? Very funny. What the hell happened? How did you do it? I mean, what's the trick because I'd love to know-" Suddenly everyone in the room starts to chatter mindlessly about Donna's trick. Donna's gaze shifts around the room, trying to understand the incomprehensible babble until she finally bursts into tears. Soon all the anxious angry voices melt into 'awe's as everyone tries to comfort the crying bride. The darker man, who was obviously her soon-to-be-husband, wrapping an arm around her as she cried into his shoulder. Everyone starts to applaud Donna and her trick as she continues to cry. She looks over her fiancé's shoulder and winks at the Doctor and Allyson. They both retain a smirk from forming.

"That's my Donna." Allyson's winked back at her as the reception began to resume.

The Doctor and Allyson stand by the bar, watching the festivities, the Doctor smiling at Donna as she dances with a group of friends, obviously enjoying herself despite the fact she didn't get married like she planned. Allyson stood by the Doctor, wistfully watching Donna, wishing she could be that happy and interactive. She glanced at the Doctor, hoping he wasn't paying attention to her train of thought. She appreciated everything that man has done for her, but it was starting to get her down that she couldn't directly talk to people. She was basically stuck talking to just his companions and no one else.. Movement to her left caught her attention as the Doctor leaned over and borrows a guys phone. She peeks over his shoulder as he types in "H C Clements" in a WAP search. He presses 'enter' and waits but quickly grows impatient and flashes his sonic at the phone, speeding up the process. A result quickly popped up, "Sole Prop. Torchwood". The Doctor stared at the screen for a moment as a cold chill slid up Allyson's spine, he quickly snapped the phone shut and handed it back to the owner . The Doctor's eyes land on a dancing couple and Allyson catches his thoughts wondering back to their blonde companion. Each move the couple makes pulls out a memory that leaves a bitter taste on the Doctor's tongue. He quickly looks away, not wanting to think of the girl he'd never see again. Allyson taps his arm lightly, changing the direction of his thoughts, and points to a camera man who was standing in a corner.

"He's been recording everything. He should have footage of Donna's disappearing act."

"Well then." He pushes himself off the bar and stands up right. "Let's go ask him some questions, shall we?" He smiles down at Allyson, grabs her hand and walk towards the man who continued to record the reception.

"I tape the whole thing." He began, after they had introduced themselves. "They've all had a look. They said 'sell it to You've Been Framed'. I said 'more like the News'. Here we are." He rambled on as he rewound the tape to Donna half way up the isle when she started to scream. Then a golden glow surrounded her right before she vanished. Allyson frowned at the sight of the golden particles while the Doctor gapped at the tape.

"Can't be!" He gasped. "Play it again?" His mind was racing with possibilities.

"Clever, mind!" The camera man smiled as he rewound the tape again. "Good trick, I'll give her that. I was clapping." The Doctor's face was a picture of concentration as he watched the tape again. Allyson shifted uncomfortably beside him. She knew what that was, it was on the tip of her tongue. It was bothering her, both that she knew it and that she couldn't quite name it.

"But that looks like.." The Doctor frowned and looked at Allyson, puzzled. "Huon Particles!" Realization struck the Doctor's face at what that meant while Allyson felt relieved that she finally knew what the golden glow was.

"What's that?" The camera man asked dully, his eyes slightly glazed over.

"That's impossible.." The Doctor continued to stare at Allyson as he babbled. "That's ancient! Huon energy doesn't exist anymore, not for billions of years!" He paused as his mind raced. Everything that Huon energy ever was rushing through his mind. A realization struck Allyson and she rushed over to Donna as the Doctor ran to a window. "So old that I can't be hidden by a biodamper!" He looked out into the street and saw a line of robot Santa's walking slowly towards the house.

"Donna! They're here! They've found you!" Allyson screamed in her head as she grabbed hold of the bride's arm.

"But you both said I was safe." Donna looked between the two as the Doctor came to stand by Allyson's side again, taking her hand in his.

"The biodamper doesn't work." He started to explain. "We've got to get everyone out." His serious eyes roamed the room, taking in approximately how many people were in danger at the moment. Donna took in the room as well, she'd learned to trust this strange alien man and alienish woman in such a short time.

"Oh, my God. It's all my family." A horrified look crossed Donna's face as she saw her friends and family dancing, completely oblivious to the danger that was slowly approaching.

"It'll be alright, Donna. We'll ju-" The Doctor was pulled to his right and he grabbed hold of Donna's hand as Allyson dragged them both to the back door. "Ah! Yes! The back door! Brilliant, Allyson!" He smiled as he caught up to the little girls strong pace only to be confronts by two Santa's waiting for them. "Or…not." He swallowed a lump in his throat as they all turn and run back to the dance floor. Allyson slips out of the Doctor's grasp and darts to the window.

"Well, what do we do?" Donna looked to the Doctor, desperate now.

"Two more outside." Allyson tells them. The Doctor nods as ideas run through his mind.

"We're trapped." Donna realized, her eyes watering up slightly.

"Doctor, they've got a remote…" The Doctor looks around the room before his eyes land on the Christmas tree.

"Christmas trees.." It clicked.

"What about them?" Donna looked at the same tree, confused.

"They kill." He runs back and grabs Allyson from the window. "Get away from the tree!" He yelled as he pulls Allyson with him through the crowd.

"Don't touch the tree!" Donna called out, trying to help.

"Get away from the Christmas trees, everyone get away from them!" The Doctor yelled again, repeating himself over and over, hoping people would listen. The Santa's outside press a large red button as Donna ushers a small group of girls away from the tree.

"Oh, for God's sakes, the man's an idiot!" Sylvia, Donna's mom, calls out. "Why? What's a Christmas tree gonna.." She gawks at the tree as the baubles float away from the tree. "Oh.." The Doctor and Allyson cast a weary eye on them as they hover throughout the room. Everyone else watches them excitedly, thinking that it was a beautiful trick until the baubles start bombing the room, causing small explosions. Then everyone starts screaming and panicking, trying to hide from the dangerous Christmas decorations. The Doctor drags Allyson over to the DJ's stand and stands tall, glaring at the robots as they line up.

"Oi! Santa! Word of advice. If you're attacking a man and a woman who both own a sonic screwdriver." He holds up the microphone that he had grabbed from the table. "Don't let them near the sound system." He looked over to Allyson as she aimed her sonic at the amplifiers. The light warble was followed by a high-pitched screeching sound. Everyone in the room all crouch down, covering the ears from the head splitting sound. The Santa's start shaking from the sound waves before shambling to pieces. The Doctor squeezes Allyson's hand, who had a pained look on her face, and she shut off her sonic. He leaves her at the DJ stand and jogs over to the broken Santa's and begins to examine them with his own sonic screwdriver.

Everyone was up and about, checking on their loved ones. The Doctor snatched up a console that the robots were using and begins to look it over. Allyson still stands behind the DJ stand, rubbing her sore ears and head. "But what is it?" Sylvia cried out as she points at the dismantled Santas. "What were they?"

"Just stop wittering." Donna rolled her eyes at the own mother. "Just help 'em." She walked over to the Doctor, looking over his shoulder as he continued to probe the console.

"Look at that. Remote control for the decorations." He showed her the hand held device, his brainy specs in place over his eyes now. "But there's a second remote control for the robots. Allyson, come here and take a look at this." Allyson leaped over the table and by his side as he handed her one of the robot's heads. "They're not scavengers anymore, are they?" Allyson looked the machine over, poking and prodding a few spots.

"No, someone has taken control. Someone who's a good distance away."

"Never mind all that!" Donna interjected. "You're a doctor. People have been hurt."

"Nah, they wanted you alive." He picked up a one of the many baubles strewn about the floor and threw it to her. "Look, they're not active now." Donna caught it and let out a frustrated breath.

"All I'm saying, you could help." She tried again, worried about her friends and family.

"Allyson, how'd you know that they're a good distance away?" The Doctor tapped the Santa head as he furrowed his brows. She gently took the head and held it up for him.

"Listen." He leaned in, placing his ear against the smooth metal. "Hear it?" He held his breath, listening as close as he could. A faint tick resounded from deep inside the Santa. "There's still a signal." The Doctor looked up from the head and takes off, Allyson close behind.

"Donna!" Sylvia yelled. "Who are they?" Donna looks back at her mom but just turns around keeps running, not having an answer for her.

The trio come to a standstill outside as the Doctor sonics the helmet. "There's someone behind this, directing the robo-force." He grits his teeth together as he tries to locate the origin of the signal.

"But why is it me? What have I done?" Donna looks between the two of them, hoping they knew since they both had a good idea of what was going on.

"We don't know yet Donna." Allyson put a comforting hand on the bride. "But we'll find out."

"The controller, it's up there. Something in the sky." The Doctor squinted as he held his sonic screwdriver up high, aiming straight up. After a minute the warble started to studder before going silent. He brought it to eye level and starting shaking it. "I've lost the signal." He held the sonic up to his ear. "Donna, we've got to get to your office, H C Clements."

"Why? What's there?" Donna frowned, not sure how her place of work had anything to do with this.

"Whatever this is, it wants you." Allyson explained. "Easiest access place would be your place of work."

"Lance?" The Doctor looked at the dark man who stood next to Donna. "Is it Lance?" The man nodded. "Can you give me a lift?" Before anyone can say anything, the Doctor darts off.


"This might just be a locksmiths, but H C Clements was brought up 23 years ago by the Torchwood Institute." The Doctor informed Donna as he fiddled with one of the computers.

"Who are they?" She asked, curious about Torchwood.

"They were behind the battle of Canary Wharf." The Doctor told her, trying not to think long on the memory. Donna gave him a blank stare.

"The Cyberman invasion?" Allyson tried, standing silently behind the Doctor. Donna frowned a little, nothing ringing any bells.

"Skies over London full of Daleks?" The Doctor tried again, beginning to wonder what was up with this woman.

"Oh, I was in Spain." She smiled, seeing a perfect reason.

"They had Cybermen in Spain." Allyson chimmed back in. Donna froze, thinking.

"Scuba diving." She shrugged. The Doctor just raised his eyebrows and turned back to the computer briefly.

"That big picture, Donna – you keep missing it." He told her as he dashed over to another computer, trying to get it to cooperate. "Torchwood was destroyed, but H C Clements stayed in business. I think.. someone else came in and took over," He whacked the computer monitor, hoping that'd help, "the operation."

"But what do they want with me?" The Doctor gave her his full attention, scanning her over quick with his eyes.

"Somehow you've been dosed with Huon energy. And that's a problem because Huon energy hasn't existed since the Dark times. The only place you'd find a Huon particle now is a remnant in the heart of the TARDIS. See? That's what happened." He holds up a coffee mug for his demonstration. "Say, that's the TARDIS." He looks around the desk, looking for something when Allyson finds it first. He gently took the pencil from her delicate hand and gave her a thankful smile before turning back to Donna. "And that's you." He shows her the pencil. "The particles inside you activated. The two sets of particles magnetized and WHAP!" He throws the pencil into the mug as Allyson stifles a laugh. "You were pulled inside the TARDIS." Donna stares at him.

"I'm a pencil inside a mug?" She asked weakly.

"Yes, you are. 4H. Sums you up. Lance?" The Doctor looked behind Donna to her husband-to-be. "What was H C Clements working on? Anything top secret? Special operations? Do not enter?"

"I don't know." He snipped back, getting defensive. "I'm in charge of personnel. I wasn't project manager." Anger seeped through his voice, not liking that he was being questioned. The Doctor nods, turning back to the computer monitor, attempting to get some information out of it yet again. Allyson pulled out her black sonic and the typical warble sounded, a faint purple light illuminating the white plastic on the screen. Instantly, the information the Doctor was looking for popped up. A half crazy smile lit up the Doctors face.

"Ah, there we go!" He began to flip through the text on the screen as Lance continued on with his defensive rant.

"Why am I even explaining myself? What the hell are we talking about?" Lance frowned.

"They make keys, that's the point." The Doctor pointed to the screen, ignoring Lance. "And look at this, we're on the third floor." They all looked over his should to see the blue prints for the H C Clements building displayed, showing them that they are in fact on the third floor.

The Doctor, Allyson, Lance, and Donna all stand in front of the lift, waiting for it to come to their floor. "Underneath reception, there's a basement, yes?" The Doctor doesn't even look over his shoulder at Donna who lightly nods her head as the lift door pings open. The Doctor and Allyson walk into the lift and look at the control panel. "Then how come when you look on the lift, there's a button marked 'lower basement'?" He raised an eyebrow as he looked Lance and Donna over. "There's a whole floor which doesn't exist on the official plans. So what's down there?" Allyson looked at the lower basement button, chewing on her lip lightly, her curiosity starting to get the best of her.

"Are you telling me this buildings got a secret floor?" Lance scoffed at the Doctor.

"No, I'm showing you this building's got a secret floor." The Doctor pointed at the button again, showing Lance the solid proof.

"It needs a key." Donna noticed a slot next to the button was a key hole.

"I don't." He holds up his sonic and buzzes the lock, a light click sounded. "Right then, thanks you two. Me and Allyson can handle this. See you later." He presses the button to close the door but Donna stops it.

"No chance, Martians. You two keep saving my life, I ain't letting you out of my sight." She walks into the lift and stands next to Allyson, determined. "Lance?" She looks pointedly at her husband-to-be who shifts uncomfortably.

"Maybe I should go to the police." He tried to step away but Donna's commanding voice stopped him.

"Inside." She told him and he meekly obeyed. He slowly came to stand next to the Doctor in the lift, not at all wanting to be there.

"To honor and obey?" The Doctor eyed Lance who huffed.

"Tell me about it, mate." Donna slaps him on the shoulder, letting him know she heard him as the doors close and the lift descends to the lower basement. They all stand in an awkward silence until the doors ping and open revealing a long damp corridor that was lightly illuminated by an green light.

"Where are we?" Donna looked around. "Well, what goes on down here?

"Well, let's find out." Allyson smiled slightly.

"Do you think Mr. Clements knows about this place?" Donna looked to the Doctor for an answer.

"The mysterious H C Clements? I think he's part of it –" His attention was caught by something else and he smiled brightly. "Oh, look! Transport!" He practically skips over to 3 electric scooters, ecstatic. Donna runs over and hops on one of the 3, smiling joyously as Lance took another. The Doctor and Allyson both stood by the third, a bit unsure. "Lady's first." The Doctor held out his hands, offering her the scooter. She grin victoriously and hopped on and starting driving circles around the Doctor as he attempted to hop on behind her. "Allyson!" He breathed out as her laughter chimed down the corridor lightly. She pulled up next to him and allowed him to get on. The Doctor gave her a weary look and cautiously stepped on to the scooter, waiting for her to take off on him again but she didn't. He stood behind her, his chest flush against her back and rested his hands over hers on the controls. Allyson froze, not expecting the electricity that sizzled between her and the Doctor. She looked over at Donna to find the bride smiling warmly at the two and Lance with a disgusted face.

All three of the scooters truggle down the corridor, a serious look upon their faces when Donna, Allyson, and the Doctor all bust out laughing at themselves riding the scooters. Lance gives them an odd look, not understanding what was so amusing. They all settle down as they come to a door labeled 'Torchwood – authorized personnel only." The Doctor immediately stops the scooter and jumps off, dashing over to the door. Allyson takes in a deep breath, a bit sad that the electricity was gone and that her back and hands now felt cold. She hopped off the scooter, as well as Donna and Lance, and followed the Doctor. He opened the door to a small channel that led upward by ladder.

"Wait here. Just need to get my bearings. Don't," He points to the three of them, "do anything." He told them, keeping his eyes locked on Allyson. She smiled and held up her hands signaling defeat.

"You'd better come back." Donna told him.

"I couldn't get rid of you if I tried." He smiled at her as he ascended the ladder. Donna and Allyson both watching him climb to the top.

"Donna," Lance harshly whispered. "have you thought about this? Properly? I mean, this is serious! What the hell are we gonna do?" Donna continued to watch the Doctor climb, not really listening.

"Oh, I thought July." She smiled back at him before resuming her post by the ladder. They all stand silently waiting for the Doctor climb back down.

As the Doctor jumped off the last rung he told them that they were below the Thames flood barrier. "Torchwood snuck in and built this place underneath." He dusted off this hands.

"What, there's like a secret base hidden underneath a major London landmark?" Donna could barely believe it.

"I know!" The Doctor exclaimed, falsely appalled. "Unheard of." He walks on and into a laboratory, full of massive tubes, many of which were boiling and bubbling. Chemistry equipment littered the table tops and floor space. "Oh, look at this! Stunning!"

"Particle extrusion!" Allyson gasped, ecstatic to see all the equipment.

"What does it do?" Donna looked at Allyson seeing the girl was almost in her element with this equipment.

"Particle extrusion!" Allyson smiled and rushed over to one of the tubes, the blue light beneath lighting up her eyes even more. "They've been manufacturing Huon particles. The Doctor's people got rid of them, but whoever's here, they've unravelled the atomic structure." Donna looked at Allyson a bit confused.

"But how?" Donna asked.

"What the hells going on here?" Lance demanded, not understanding what was going on fully.

"Particle extrusion. My people destroyed Huon particles. They're manufacturing them here. Come on Lance, keep up." The Doctor said in a rush, still eyeing the tubes with his glasses.

"Your people? Who are they? What company do you represent?"

"Oh, I'm a freelancer. But this lot are rebuilding them. They've been using the river! Extruding them through a flat hydrogen base so they've got the end result – Huon particles in liquid form." He picks up a small test tube that's full of the liquid particles, examining it closely.

"And that's what's inside me?" Donna asked, pointing to the tube in his hands. The Doctor slowly twists the nob on the tube and the liquid begins to glow a gold color, as does Donna. "Oh my God!" She exclaimed out loud.

"Because the particles are inert – they need something living to catalyse inside and that's you. Saturate the body and then, HA!" The Doctor's enthusiasm causes Donna to jump as he continues to ramble on with his technobabble. "The wedding! Yes, you're getting married, that's it! Best day of your life, walking down the aisle – oh, your body's a battleground! There's a chemical war inside! Adrenaline, acetylcholine, WHAM go the endorphins, oh you're cooking! Yes, you're like a walking oven! A pressure cooker, a microwave, all churning away, the particles reach boiling point, SHAZAM!" Donna reaches out and slaps him again. "What did I do this time?" He held his cheek comfortingly.

"Are you enjoying this?" Her voice rose an octave as she glared at him. The Doctor's shoulders slump, ashamed of himself. Allyson walks up to him and rubs his back gently.

"Sorry, Donna. He doesn't mean anything bad by it." Donna shakes out her anger and calms down.

"Right, just tell me. These particles, are they dangerous? Am I safe?" Donna's voice lowered as she considered the possibilities.

"Yes!" He smiled at her, but it didn't reach his eyes.

"Doctor, if your lot got rid of Huon particles, why did they do that?"

"Because they were deadly." He near whispered. Donna barely heard it but came close to tears, understanding what was to happen now. "I'll sort it out, Donna. Whatever's been done to you, me and Allyson can reverse it. I'm not about to lose someone else." Suddenly crashes and bangs sounded around them, distracting the Doctor and Donna as Lance retreats through the door they just came through.

"Oh, she is long since lost." A raspy female voice filled the room. "I have waited so long, hibernating at the edge of the universe until the secret heart was uncovered and called out to waken!" The walls of the chamber line themselves with armed cloaked robots. The Doctor and Allyson both notice a giant hole in the floor and saunter up to it.

"Someone's been digging." He said as they both peer down the hole. "Oh, very Torchwood. Drilled by laser. How far down does it go?"

"Down and down, all the way to the center of the Earth!" The woman answered.

"Really?" The Doctor looked skeptically up at the ceiling. "Seriously? What for?"

"Dinosaurs." Donna shuffled up next to them and they both gave her an odd look.


"Dinosaurs?" Donna's voice was tiny.

"What are you on about, dinosaurs?"

"That film, Under the Earth, with dinosaurs. Trying to help!"

"That's not helping." The Doctor shook his head at her.

"Such a sweet couple." The voice said harshly.

"Only a madman talks to think air and trust me, you don't want to make me mad. Where are you?" He demanded, tired of not knowing what he's up against.

"High in the sky, floating so high on Christmas Night." She answered.

"I didn't come all this way to talk on the intercom! Come on, let's have a look at you!"

"Who are you with such command?" Her voice hissed.

"I'm the Doctor." He ran his tongue across the edge of his teeth as he smiled.

"Prepare your best medicines, doctor-man, for you will be sick at heart." The Doctor looks down at Allyson and Donna before looking across the room where the alien was being to appear. A large red alien appeared. She had multiple eyes and pincers for arms, below her waist was a gigantic spider body. The woman was growling and sneering the whole time.

"The Racnoss." The Doctor froze up. "But that's impossible, you're one of the Racnoss!"

"Empress of the Racnoss." The lady corrected.

"If you're the Empress, where's the rest of the Racnoss?" Then his tone changed. "Or are you the only one?" His tone was more lonely, knowing what that was like.

"Such a sharp mind."

"That's it, the last of your kind." He turns to Donna and Allyson. "The Racnoss come from the Dark Times, billions of years ago, billions. They were carnivores, omnivores, they devoured whole planets."

"Racnoss are born starving, is that our fault?" The Empress glared at the Doctor.

"They eat people?" Donna breathed out, disbelieving.

"Donna, did H C Clements were black and white shoes?" Allyson asked, keeping her eyes up high.

"He did!" She smiled. "We used to laugh, we used to call him the fat cat in spats." The Doctor looks up as well, seeing what Allyson saw. Donna looked at them both before following suit.

"Oh, my God!" She covered her mouth with her hand as she saw the black and white shoes sticking out of a large web attached to the ceiling.

"Mm, my Christmas dinner." The Racnoss cackles loudly.

"You shouldn't even exist! Way back in history, the Fledgling Empires went to war against the Racnoss – they were wiped out." The Doctor's brows were furrowed again as he thought hard. Behind the Racnoss, Lance appears with an axe, motioning to Donna to keep quiet.

"Except for me." The Racnoss smiled proudly, oblivious to Lance.

"But that's what I've got inside me, that Huon energy thing." Donna began, trying to keep the Empress distracted as she begins to turn. "Oi! Look at me, lady, I'm talking. Where do I fit in? How comes I get all stacked up with these Huon particles?" Lance slowly approaches the Racnoss, axe at the ready. "Look at me, you! Look me in the eye and tell me!"

"The bride is so feisty!" The Empress hisses out.

"Yes, I am! And I don't know what you are, you big…thing. But a spider's just a spider and an axe is an axe! Now, do it!" Lance swings the axe back, ready to strike as the Racnoss turns toward her assultant, hissing. In mid-swing, Lance stops and drops the axe, a smile on his face as he begins to laugh with the Empress.

"That was a good one. You face!" He laughed.

"Lance is funny." The Racnoss smiled at the Doctor.

"What?!" Donna gasped, lost.

"I'm sorry." The Doctor whispered quietly to her.

"Sorry for what?" Donna looked at the Doctor, puzzled. "Lance, don't be so stupid! Get her!"

"God, she's thick." Lance sneered, tired of dealing with her. Donna looked at him so confused, before turning to Allyson for an explaination.

"Sorry, Donna, but he was just using you." Allyson shifted uncomfortably, she was horrible at comforting people.

"Months I had to put up with her. Months." Lance huffed. "A woman who can't even point to Germany on a map."

"I don't understand." Donna shook her head, near tears.

"How did you meet him?" The Doctor's voice was still quiet.

"In the office." Donna answered, not seeing the connection.

"He made you coffee." Allyson fiddled with her hair.

"What?" Donna blinked, still a bit confused.

"Every day, I made you coffee." He spoke like he was speaking to a mentally handicapped person.

"You had to be dose with liquid particles over six months." The Doctor, was trying to ease it on to her.

"He was poisoning me?" She asked, finally starting to see the picture.

"It was all there in the job title." He looked up at Lance, anger tinting his eyes. "The Head of Human Resources."

"This time, it's personnel." Lance and the Racnoss laugh at his silly joke.

"But, we were getting married." A tear leaked down Donna's cheek as she began to absorb what was happening.

"Well, I couldn't risk you running off. I had to say yes. And then I was tuck with a woman who thinks the height of excitement is a new flavor Pringle. Oh, I had to sit there and listen to all that yap yap yap. 'Oh, Brad and Angelina – is Posh pregnant?' X factor, Atkins Diet, Feng Shui, split ends, text me, text me, text me, dear God, the never ending fountain of fat stupid trivia" Donna stands quiet and listens to Lance verbal assault on her, hurt and confusion becoming more predominant on her face. "I deserve a medal."

"Oh, is that what she's offered you?" The Doctor stepped forward. "The Empress of the Racnoss? What are you? Her consort?"

"It's better than a night with her." Lance pointed rudely at Donna and Allyson stepped in front of her.

"But I love you." Donna said quietly, hurt.

"That's what made it easy. It's like you said, Doctor – the big picture – what's the point of it all if the Human Race is nothing?" Lance practically spat at them. "That's what the Empress can give me. The chance to, go out there. To see it. The size of it all. I think you understand that, don't you, Doctor?"

"Who is this little physician?" The Racnoss asked, focusing on the Doctor.

"What she said – Martian." Lance answered. The Doctor's shoulders slumped again.

"I'm – I'm not Martian!" He whined.

"And what of the girl?" The Racnoss Empress eyed Allyson.

"That's his girlfriend." Lance scoffed at them, thinking it pathetic. "She's Martian too." Allyson frowned and glared at the dark man. She didn't like people think she was different. The Doctor took a step in front of her.

"She's not my girlfriend and we're not Martians! We're sort of homeless. But the point is, what's down there? The Racnoss are extinct. What's gonna help you 4 thousand miles down? That's just the molten core of the Earth, isn't it?" The Doctor's face held nothing but a serious tone. Lance held his hand up to his mouth, mockingly.

"I think he wants us to talk." He said lightly, laughing slightly.

"I think so too." The Racnoss smiled.

"Well, tough!" Lance yelled. "All we need is Donna!"

"Kill this chattering little doctor-man and his girlfriend!" The Empress ordered.

"Don't you hurt him!" Donna yelled just as the Doctor said that Allyson wasn't his girlfriend again. Donna walked up from behind Allyson, blocking the Doctor and the black haired girl.

"No, no, it's all right." He soothed, putting his hand on her shoulder.

"No! I won't let them!" Donna yelled, frightened that the alien would hurt the two of them.

"At arms!" The Empress ordered and all the robots obeyed. They all aimed their guns at the trio, ready to fire.

"Well, I just want to point out the obvious –" The Doctor tried to distract them.

"They won't hit the bride. They're such very good shots." The Racnoss interrupted him, dismissing him.

"Just—just- just—hold on, just a tick, just a tiny – just a little – tick. If you think about it, the particles activated in Donna and drew her up inside my spaceship." He held up a clear tube of liquid Huon particles. "So, reverse it, the spaceship comes to her." He twisted the top yet again and the particles began to glow.

"Fire!" The Racnoss commanded, not liking what the Doctor was hinting at. The Robots all click off their safety and begin to fire at the three of them, but none of the bullets hit since the TARDIS began to materialize around them.

"Off we go!" The Doctor grinned as he ran up to the console and began to flip switches. "Allyson, mind twisting that spindle and pressing that button 7 and a half times?" Allyson nodded, rushing up to help him. "Oh, you know what I said before about time machines?" He looked up at Donna and she nodded lightly, a bit upset about the current happenings. "Well, I lied. And now we're gonna use it."

The TARDIS began to shake as she tumbled through the time vortex, taking them way back in time. "We need to find out what the Empress of the Racnoss is digging up." The Doctor raddled off as he dashed around the console. "If something's buried at the planet core, it must've been there since the beginning. That's just brilliant! Molto bene!"

"Molto bene!" Allyson exclaimed, an enthusiastic smile lighting up her face.

"I've always wanted to see this." He smiled at her. "Donna – we're going further back than I've ever been before." He turns to look at Donna, just now noticing that her shoulders were silently shaking as she quietly cried to herself. Allyson quit, feeling the emotion change in the Doctor and rushed over to Donna, wrapping her arms around the bride. She grabbed a blanket from under the jump seat and slung it over Donna's shoulders.

"Thanks." She sniffled, trying to hold back her tears.

"You don't need him, you know." Allyson told her. " You're such a strong woman, you don't need a man to hold you up."

"We've arrived." The Doctor said silently, not wanting to seem too enthusiastic and get slapped again. "Want to see?" Donna shrugged her shoulders.

"I s'pose." He smiles and swings the monitor around, but thinks of something else.

"Oh, that scanner's a bit small. Maybe your way's best." He struts over to the doors and waits for Donna and Allyson. "Come on." He waved them over, eager to show them. Donna sighs and walks over, giving the Doctor what he wants. "No human's ever seen this. You two will be the first."

"All I want to see is my bed." Donna wasn't having much of it. She just wanted the day to be done. She didn't want to know what else could go wrong in her life.

"Donna Noble, Allyson." He paused. "Allyson, we really need a last name for you – Welcome to the creation of the Earth." He swings open the door to reveal the new Sun along with a bunch of dirt, debris, and gas. "We've gone back 4.6 billion years. There's no solar system, not yet. Only dust and rocks and gas." He points to the bright point that's clouded by the space materials. "That's the Sun over there, brand new. Just beginning to burn."

"It's beautiful!" Allyson's mouth practically hung open from the awesome spectacle that was before her.

"Where's the Earth?" Donna asked, slightly curious.

"It hasn't formed yet." Allyson told her. "It's everywhere. The dust, the rocks, the gas, the ice. All of this makes the Earth."

"Puts the wedding in perspective." Donna shrugged. "Lance was right. We're just…tiny."

"No, but that's what you do. The human race. Making sense out of chaos. Marking it out with weddings and Christmas and calendars. This whole process is beautiful, but only if it's being observed."

"So, I came out of all this?"

"Isn't that brilliant?" His exuberant smile taking over as they watch a large rock float by.

"I think that's the Isle of Wight." Donna chuckled, as did the Doctor and Allyson.

"Eventually, gravity takes hold. Say, one big rock, heavier than the others, starts to pull other rocks towards it. All the dust and gas and elements get pulled in, everything, piling in until you get the.."

"Earth." She smiled slightly, starting to see the beauty in the whole thing.

"But the question is.." He peeked out, whipping on his glasses, yet again. "What was the first rock?" Just then a star shaped rock emerges from the gas and debris, coming into view.

"Look." Donna points over to it, drawing the Doctor's attention.

"The Racnoss." He whispers. He runs back to the controls and begins to spin a wheel frantically. "Hold on – the Racnoss are hiding from the war! What's it doing?" The rocks and particles of gas and dust being to race toward the ship, drawn in by a magnetic force. The star ship begins to disappear within the newly forming Earth.

"Exactly what you said." The Doctor wanting to see it himself came running back to the doors right behind Allyson.

"Oh, they didn't just bury something at the center of the Earth, they became the center of the Earth. The first rock." The TARDIS suddenly shutters and the Doctor grabs hold of Allyson, keeping her from falling out into the openness of space. He pulls both the girls back and slams the doors shut.

"What was that?" Donna cried out, worried something hit them.

"They're pulling us back." Allyson answered, running back up to help the Doctor. The TARDIS shudders and shakes as she gets pulled back through the vortex.

"What the hell's it doing?" Donna tried to yell over all the noise.

"Remember that little trick I pulled – particles pulling particles. It works in reverse." He desperately rushes around the console, pressing buttons and flipping switches, trying to control the TARDIS but nothing helps.

"Well, can't you stop it? Hasn't it got a handbrake? Can't you reverse or warp or beam or something?" She waved her arms around, frantic.

"Backseat driver." The Doctor mumbled under his breath. "Oh! Wait a minute!" He pulls out a circuit board and started to fiddle with it. "The extrapolator! Can't stop us, but it should give us a good bump!" The TARDIS comes to a shuttering halt. Allyson pokes her head out of the doors, finding that they were back in the dank corridor.

"We're about 200 yards to the right." The Doctor sticks his head out above hers and waves Donna over.

"Come on!" They all run down the corridor and to the doorway that leads up the Thames Flood Barrier.

"But what do we do?" Donna asked, breathing heavy as the Doctor pulls out a stethoscope and listens to the door.

"I don't know! I make it up as I go along! But trust me, I've got a history." He continued to listen through the door.

"But I still don't understand. I'm full of particles – but what for?"

"There's a Racnoss web at the center of the Earth, but my people unravelled their power source. The Huon particles ceased to exist but the Racnoss are stuck." He continued to explain while a robotic hand grabbed Donna from behind, covering her mouth so she couldn't scream and dragging her away. Allyson turned back from watching the Doctor to see Donna gone.


"They've just been in hibernation for billions of years. Frozen." He continued on, oblivious. "Dead. Kaput! So you're the new key. Brand new particles, living particles!"


"They need you to open it and you have never been so quiet." He finally turns to look at Donna but finds her gone. He looks up and down the corridor to see that she was in fact gone. "Donna?" Allyson gave him an agitated look. He groans and sonics the door with his screwdriver, only to be greeted by an armed robot.


Donna was strapped into the web, hanging from the ceiling along with Lance who hung right next to her. "I hate you." She glared at him.

"Yeah, I think we've gone a bit beyond that now, sweetheart." He rolled his eyes at her, easily annoyed.

"My golden couple." The Racnoss laughed. "Together at last – your awful wedded life. Tell me; do you want to be released?"

"Yes!" They both yell at once. The Racnoss hissed in disappointment.

"You're supposed to say 'I do'." She stood tall, waiting expectantly.

"Ha!" Lance laughed. "No chance."

"Say it!" She demanded, her voice screeching all the while. Lance sighs in defeat.

"I do." He says begrudgingly.

"I do." Donna replied, not at all happy.

"I don't!" The Empress cackles at the pair. "Activate the particles. Purge every last one!" Donna and Lance both struggle with the webbing as they begin to glow again. "And release!" The golden glow separates itself from the couple and fall into the deep pit leading to the center of the Earth. "The secret heart unlocks. And they will waken from their sleep of Ages."

"Who will? What's down there?" Donna cried out, demanding to know what's going on.

"How thick are you?" Lance shouted at her, he could hardly stand her anymore.

"My children." The Empress answered Donna, wanting her to know what was waiting for her. "The long lost Racnoss. Now will be born to feast on flesh!" She cheered as chirping and chitterling could be heard from the hole. "The web-star shall come to me." She laughed again as Lance and Donna struggled against the webbing. "My babies will be hungry. They need sustenance. Perish the web."

"Use her!" Lance cried out, desperate. "Not me! Use her!" Donna glared at him even hard, she almost didn't believe it.

"Oh, my funny little Lance!" The Racnoss laughed again, "But you are quite impolite to your lady-friend. The Empress does not approve." She hissed as the webbing that held up Lance detached and he tumbled down into the pit. Donna screamed as he fell. "Harvest the humans! Reduce them to meat."

One of the cloaked robots ascends the stairs that run up the side of the chamber, another one stands post at the bottom of the stairs. "My children are climbing towards me and none shall stop them!" She lets out a light hiss, in to high of spirits to be completely angry. "So you might as well unmask, my clever little doctor-man and his lady-friend." The robot stopped and turned to face the Racnoss.

"Oh well." The Doctor said as he threw off the mask and cloak. "Nice try. Don't worry Donna, Allyson'll get you!" The robot at the bottom of the steps shed her cloak and mask and whipped out her sonic, loosening the webbing that held Donna."

"I'm gonna fall!" She screeched out.

"No, you're gonna swing!" The Doctor yelled out, stretching out his arms as the web falls free and she swings over to him and Allyson, clinging to a web rope. "Don't worry! I've got ya!" Donna screams as she swings under him and straight into Allyson, both girls sprawling out on the floor. "Oh, sorry." The Doctor cringed, not expecting her to miss.

"Thanks for nothing, Spaceman." Donna glared at him but checked to be sure Allyson was okay.

"The doctor-man amuses me." The Racnoss cackled again, having seen the whole incident.

"Empress of the Racnoss – I give you one last chance." He looked up, all joking gone. His eyes held a deathly seriousness that comes only with age. "I can find you a planet. I can find you a place in the universe to coexist. Take that offer and end this now."

"These men are so funny." She mocked, laughing yet again.

"What's your answer?" He asked, knowing what she was going to choose.

"Oh – I'm afraid I have to decline." She threw her head back as she let out an maniacal laugh.

"Then what happens next is your own doing." He told her flatly.

"I'll show you what happens next!" She hissed, angered. "At arms!" Other robots that had dotted the room raised their guns. "Take aim! And-!"

"Relax." The Doctor smirked as the robots all go limp.

"What did you do?"

"He tapped into their network." Allyson explained to Donna.

"Guess what I've got, Donna?" He smiled as he pulled a remote control from his front pocket. "Pockets!"

"How did that fit in there?" Donna wondered, amazed.

"They're bigger on the inside." He wiggled his eyebrows at her, enjoying the change in mood.

"Robo-forms are not necessary." The Empress interrupted their moment. "My children may feast on Martian flesh." She grinned. The Doctor's shoulders slump.

"I told you I'm not from Mars."

"Then where?" She hissed.

"My home planet is far away and long-since gone." His eyes dim from the painful memories as they flood back. "But it's name lives on. Gallifrey." His eyes water slightly as he remembers all of his friends and family that he'd doomed. The Racnoss shudders with rage.

"They murdered the Racnoss!" She raged, wanting him dead now more than before. "And what of the Martian girl?" The Doctor scratched his ear and scrunched up his face.

"I'm not really sure where she's from exactly." He straightened out. "But I warned you, you did this." He fishes around in his pocket and pulls out a handful baubles. The Empress panicked.

"No!" She repeated over and over as the Doctor throws several handfuls in to the air, Allyson joined in as well. The baubles surround the Racnoss Empress and others crash into the walls of the corridor, destroying them and letting the Thame water rush in. One of the baubles explodes near the Empress, starting a fire despite all the water. She wails in anguish as the flood water flows down the hole, drowning her children. "My children!" She cried out, grief-stricken. The Doctor stands, surrounded by water and fire, his eyes cold and his body tense. "No! My children! My children!" She wailed as the flames began to consume her. The Doctor continued to watch as the Empress writhed in pain, his eyes dark with haunting memories.

"Doctor!" Donna screamed out, trying to get his attention, to get him to stop. Allyson pulled Donna with her, both of them clearing out the stairwell so they could reach him. Allyson ran up the stairs at a mad dash, feeling the pain that he held deep down, Donna was close behind.

"Doctor!" She pleaded, "Please, Doctor, we have to get out of here." She looked up at him, placing her hands on his cheeks, trying to get through to him. She saw the torment swirling inside him before it all disappeared.

"Right, come on!" He snapped. "Time I got you two out!" All three of them run up the stairs, away from the fire and the rushing water and to the ladder that leads to the top of the Thames Flood Barrier.

"Transport me!" They heard the Empress cry as she vanished. They climbed up the ladder, the Doctor leading the way when a thought hit Donna.

"But what about the Empress?" She asked, her brows furrowed.

"She's used up all her Huon energy, she's defenceless!" He pushes open the lid and climbs out on top of the Thames and helps Donna and Allyson. The three of them look up in the sky just in time to see the Racnoss explode, debris falling to the earth.

"Just, there's one problem." Donna said as looked around, catching her breath. "We've drained the Thames." She half laughed as Allyson and the Doctor looked down to see the bottom of the Thames. Soon enough they join in as well, the three of them struggling not to fall off the top.


The TARDIS materializes by the sidewalk, across from Donna's home. Donna steps out, still in her wedding gown, and the Doctor follows her. Allyson chose to remain by the TARDIS controls, having already said her farewells to Donna. "There we go." He smiled. "Told you she'd be all right. She can survive anything." He patted the TARDIS, proud.

"More than I've done." Donna half smiled, feeling worthless. The Doctor pulls out his sonic and scans her over quick.

"Nope!" He smiled as he read the results. "All the Huon particles have gone. No damage, you're fine." He said as he put his screwdriver away.

"Yeah, but apart from that, I missed my wedding, lost my job and became a widow on the same day." She shrugged her shoulders. "Sort of."

"I couldn't save him." Remorse coated his words, he never liked seeing death.

"He deserved it." She sneered, unfeelingly. The Doctor raised his brows, shocked, but Donna's face softens as she realizes what she said. "No, he didn't." She corrected herself before turning to look at her house. "I'd better get inside. They'll be worried."

"Best Christmas present they could have." He grinned at her, trying to get her to see a brighter side. "Oh no, I forgot. You hate Christmas."

"Yes I do." She smiles at him.

"Even if it snows?" He asked, feeling his teeth with his tongue as he looks back into the TARDIS at Allyson and nods to her. A ball of light emits from the top of the TARDIS and explodes in the air. Little puff of snow begin to gently drift down and give everything a light dusting of snow. Donna laughs with delight.

"I can't believe you did that!"

"Oh, basic atmospheric excitation." He shrugged his shoulders casually. They both grin at each other, caught up in the excitement.

"Merry Christmas." She wished him.

"And you." He nodded to her. "So, what will you do with yourself now?"

"Not getting married for starters." She laughed. "And I'm not gonna temp anymore. I dunno. Travel? See a bit more of planet Earth. Walk in the dust. Just go out there and do something."

"Well, you could always…" He bounced his head back and forth, implying for her to travel with him and Allyson.

"What?" She asked lightly.

"Come with us?" He asked a bit tentatively.

"No." She shook her head, smiling. "I can't."

"No, that's fine." He said, understanding.

"No, but really." She looked overwhelmed by him. "Everything we did today.. Do you two live your lives like that?"

"Not all the time." He said simply, but Donna wasn't convinced.

"I think you two do." She shook her head, a bit teary eyed. "And I couldn't."

"But you've seen it out there." He looked up at the sky, amazed at everything out there. "It's beautiful."

"And it's terrible." She corrected. "That place was flooding and burning and they were dying and you stood there like, I don't know. A stranger. And then you made it snow – I mean, you scare me to death!" She let out an empty laugh.

"Well then." He looked down at the ground, a bit ashamed.

"Tell you what I will do though – Christmas dinner. Oh, come on." She inclined her head towards her home.

"I don't do that sort of thing." He shook his head.

"You did it last year, you said so." She remembered him telling her. "And you might as well because Mum always cooks enough for twenty." The Doctor stood there, gritting his teeth as he tossed the idea back and forth.

"Oh, all right then. But you go first, better warn them. And.. don't saw we're Martian." He points to the TARDIS hesitantly. "I just have to park her properly, she might drift off to the Middle Ages. I'll get Allyson and we'll see you in a minute." He disappears back into the TARDIS and Donna turns to walk back to her home.

The Doctor walks back into the TARDIS, a bit heartbroken but still a bit energnic. "We're not going to eat with them are we?" Her blue eyes caught his deep brown.

"No." He said solemnly as he messed with the levers and switches, taking off.

"Doctor!" They hear Donna yell. Immediately he hits the brakes and runs back to the door, sticking his head out.

"Blimey, you can shout." He rubbed his ear.

"Am I ever gonna see you again?" She asked even though she already knew the answer.

"If I'm lucky." He smiled at her.

"Just, promise me one thing; fine someone." Her shoulders sagged at this last good bye.

"I have Allyson." He pointed back into the TARDIS.

"Yes, you do. But sometimes I think she won't be able to stop you."

"Yeah." He looked down, considering what she said. "Thanks then, Donna. Good luck. And just…" He smiled brilliantly. "Be magnificent."

"I think I will, yeah." She laughs, enjoying the encouragement. The Doctor gives her one last smile and retreats back into the TARDIS. "Doctor?" she yelled out again. He stuck out his head again, feying exasperation.

"Oh, what is it now?"

"That friend of yours.." Donna wrung her hands, unsure of how he'll react. "What was her name?" He straightened up, his eyes full of pain as a lump forms in his throat.

"Her name was Rose." He said after a pause, the torment coating every word as the memory of how he lost her came back. He closed the door to the TARDIS a final time. He walked back over to the controls and stood by Allyson. He stares at the monitor for a moment before flipping a different switch and they rocket up into the sky, disappearing from view.

"I miss her too." Allyson took the Doctor's hand, providing him with her comfort and presence. He looks down at her, his brown eyes watery and gives her a sad smile. "Just don't ever forget her. Remember all the good times you two had together."

"Oh, I don't think I ever could." He looked down at the controls again, fiddling with switches. "I –" He choked on the lump in his throat. "I – l-" He stared to cry again. He needed time to accept her loss but never had the chance with Donna suddenly appearing within the TARDIS. He broke down and fell to his knees. Allyson knelt by him, rubbing his back, trying to let him know that she'd never let him be alone. A man like him should never have to be alone.

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