And Last

"That looks like it'll be some crash," Launchpad observed, after Magica had finally vanished over the horizon.

"Magica always knew how to make an exit," Scrooge responded.

"Thank goodness," said Louie. "We sure dodged a close one."

"They outnumbered us," Scrooge agreed, "But we had the better weapons."

"All we had were shovels!" Huey pointed out.

"Aye," said Scrooge.

Scrooge carried his shovel to one of the fallen cutlasses. Picking up the cutlass, Scrooge showed it to Launchpad and the nephews. It was brown with rust.

Scrooge whacked it with the shovel. The blade crumbled away.

"Aside from that," Scrooge noted, "some people, pirates especially, never learn from their mistakes. Even after they've been dead, nearly three hundred years."

A week went by. Scrooge was in his mansion, sitting at his role top desk, talking on his old fashioned speaker phone. Launchpad was helping Huey, Dewey and Louie fix their toy planes.

"Aye," said Scrooge, "Just as I thought. Thank you Murdoch."

Scrooge hung up, and swivelled around facing the others.

"That was my London agent," Scrooge told them. "I was so agitated by the thought of finding what was Flint's treasure, I overlooked something a wee McDuckling would have considered!"

"What was that?" asked Huey.

"Why would Ducken's kin, after well over a century had gone by, admit that Treasure Island was real! Why would they reveal the existence of millions in silver and arms if it were still there waiting for someone to pick it up? It wouldn't do to just hide the latitude and longitude, with aircraft, radar, and any number of modern gizmo's, anyone would be able to find the island!"

"Because it didn't matter!" Dewey exclaimed. "The last pieces of treasure had already been removed!"

"Right you are," Scrooge said. "A few months ago the silver and arms had been dug up and taken by ship to England, into the hands of the many kin of Duckens, Trewlawny, Livesey, Grey, and Smollett. The silver is to be sold, well over its value, to collectors while the arms will soon be displayed at the British Museum."

Scrooge paused.

"I was daft to think that the treasure was still there! It was only on the island, after our disappointment, that I came to my senses!"

"It could happen to anyone," said Launchpad.

"Aye," said Scrooge, in a serious tone. "But it happened to me, the richest duck in the world. Greed can even pull the wool over my eyes!

Scrooge suddenly grinned.

"Luckily, our trip wasn't for naught! There's still gold on that island!"

"What!" said Launchpad, and the nephews in unison.

Scrooge pulled out a chart.

"Gold, in the form of Scrooge McDuck's Treasure Island Tropical Resort."

"Of course," sighed the others.

"Nobody has ever actually owned the island. Murdoch has secured me legal title, for a song. A Carribean resort hotel is a gold mine! The scenic north shore is an excellent place for a hotel away from it all! It's also a great place for docking McDuck cruise ships! The more adventurous can go on genuine Treasure Island tours! See the stockade, restored! See where the bulk of the treasure was buried! The swamp where the mutineers camped! I might even get one of Duckens kinsmen to give the tour . . . .

The End

Notes: "And Last" is the title of the last chapter of Treasure Island.

In "The Golden Fleecing" Scrooge's greed literally "pulls the wool over his eyes"

Why wouldn't Scrooge turn Treasure Island into a Carribean resort hotel?