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::NOTE:: Someone gets raped, but it's censored! :P


"Number 19's hot..." Sora remarked, staring straight ahead at the TV screen.

She was over at Tai's place watching a Soccer game with him.

"... And 22, and 14... 16 too, oh, and 7!"

Tai turned his gaze away from the game and around to look at Sora who was next to him on the couch.

"You don't even know their names!" Tai smirked.

"They're the Korean team! Japan got pushed out long ago" Sora retorted, "... Ahn Jung Hwan, I think that's 19's name..."

"It is" Tai replied, "So, if I cut my hair like his, will you consider thinking I was hot?" He asked jokingly.

"I already think you're hot" Sora replied, then realized what she said and blushed.
Tai grinned, "Really?"

"Don't push it Tai" Sora replied, not looking at him, "Or I might say you're butt ugly!"

"And I'd know you didn't really mean that, since, you said I was hot first" Tai smiled, resting a hand on Sora's arm.

Sora felt her face heat up again from the contact, knowing full well Tai was trying to flirt with her. She turned to look at him, to see if he was only taking all this as a joke. But instead of a goofy smile plastered on his face, he had this sincere hopeful look, a glint of seriousness in his chocolate brown eyes.

"Tai..." Sora trailed, not sure of what to say.

She didn't think she had a crush on Tai, well, maybe a slight liking... but that was all. Besides, she had a major crush on someone else.

Tai brought his finger up to her lip, silencing her. He slowly brought his head down towards hers...

Ring Ring!

Sora sighed, and she wasn't sure if it was from relief or exasperation. Tai himself rolled his eyes and muttered, and headed for the phone in the hallway.

"Yeah?" He barked into it.

"Yagami? Sheesh! No need to snap you know!"

Tai recognised the voice as one of his soccer mates.

"Sorry man, but what do you want?"

"I just thought you'd like to know your best friend is seriously off the wall, if ya know what I mean"

Tai sighed, "Where is he?"

"Rigoi's party. Duh, everyone's practically here"

"Alright. I'll be there in ten, cya"


Tai walked back into the living room, grabbing his coat.

"Hey Sor?"


"I've gotta go pick up Matt at Rigoi's party. You can wait here, I'll be back in bout 20 mins, k?"

"Sure, ok" Sora replied, creasing her forehead, "Is he drunk?"

"Yup" Tai replied, heading for his front door now, "I'll be back soon"

The door closed and Sora shook her head, turning her attention back on No. 19... er, Anh.


Sora looked up as Matt sauntered into the room, more than a bit tipsy.

"Why didn't you take him home?" Sora asked, looking at Tai wearily.

"He'd get in trouble with Mr I, so, I rang him up and told him Matt was staying over here for the night" Tai shrugged.

"You deserve the crest of friendship" Sora teased.

"No thanks, I need my courage" Tai smiled back, "Er..."

"What now?" Sora raised an eyebrow.

"I've gotta go pick up Kari right now, from T.K's place..."

"Then go" Sora laughed.

"Are you going to be fine? You know, Matt isn't quite... functional"

"Don't worry, I can take care of both myself and Matt, now, go get your little sister home!" Sora grinned.

Tai smirked, "Aye aye captain" Then he turned to Matt, who was looking around everywhere in a daze, "Now Matt, be a good lil boy until I get back"

Sora laughed as Tai headed for the door. When he was gone, Sora got up and went to sit next to Matt. Even though he was dead drunk, Sora had to admit he still looked hot.

As Sora was about to get up to find a blanket for him, Matt reached out his hand and grabbed her wrist.


His response was a groan, and then his eyes fell on her.

"Sora... Sora..."

"What is it, Matt?" Sora asked, slightly fearing him from the tone he used.

"I need... I need... IT!" Matt errupted into giggles, and pulled her back down towards him.

"Matt, let go!" Sora protested, wrenching her wrist. Only, he wouldn't let go.

"No! Don't... heh... wanna!"

"Matt. You're drunk, let go of me" Sora said, trying to sound calm, "Maaatt"

"Come 'er!" Matt ignored her, seeing through a haze.

He pushed Sora down onto the couch he was on, and got on top of her, holding her by both wrists.

"Matt! Let me go!" Sora yelled frantically, wriggling around, trying to get out of his grasp.

But, he was far too strong for her, and as he forcefully kissed her she could taste the alcohol on his lips, and also smell the stench of it. She couldn't do anything as he ripped her clothes off, but try to picture she was somewhere else...



Matt lay on top of Sora, alseep. Sora in the meanwhile, was trying to compose herself of what had just happened. Silent tears ran down her cheeks, but she forced them away. She slowly got up, not wanting to wake Matt up. She put her clothes back on as quietly as possible, then picked up Matt's clothes and began to dress him as well. After she was done, she looked at the clock.

It had been an hour since Tai had left... only an hour. He was sure to be back soon. And she didn't want him to know about... this. She looked over at Matt, who was sleeping peacefully on the couch. She stared at him. He looked innocent, his gorgeous face slightly hid behind his now disheveled golden blonde hair. How can someone that looked so perfect at this moment, commit a crime not long ago? He had... Matt had... raped her. She knew he was drunk, but that didn't mean it didn't happen. She's read all those stories about rape victims feeling like they should commit suicide after that happened, or fall into deep depression... But, she wasn't sure she felt either way. Sure, she felt betrayed he had done this to her; to take her virginity when she wanted someone special to her to do so... But, Matt was special to her. He was her major crush. Ooh... Maybe the fact that he had raped her just hadn't fully impacted?

Sora heard the click of the door open, and a few moments later Kari and Tai entered the living room.

"Hi Sora" Kari grinned at her, but as she saw Sora's face, her own face wrinkled into concern, "Is something wrong?"

"Yeah, have you been crying?" Tai asked, taking off his coat and walking towards Sora.

Sora forced a laugh, "Korea lost"

Tai laughed, "Damn, us asians are beaten again"

Kari gave Sora a doubtful look, as if she'd cry that Korea lost? She then saw a figure on another couch.

"What's Matt doing here?" She asked Tai.

"He's sleeping over tonight" Tai replied, "Do you want to as well, Sora? Folks are out of town for the night"

"Sure, if it's alright, I mean, Matt's here as well..." Sora trailed.

"No problem. You can sleep in my bed in our room, I'll sleep out here with Matt, k?" Tai said.

"Ok, let me just phone my mum" Sora replied, getting up to the phone.

As she went into the hallway, she took a glance at Matt who was still sleeping soundly. Was their friendship ruined?


Matt groaned as morning sunlight filtered through the blinds, hitting his face.

"Time for regurgitation, wakey wakey"

Matt opened one eye to see a grinning Tai smirking down at him.

"What are you saying?" Matt moaned, shaking his head and trying to sit up, "Regurgitation?- Oh shit"

Matt got up as quick as he could and ran past Tai towards the bathroom. As he slammed the door open, he could hear Tai laughing.

"Need a drink, Matt?" Tai teased, "Scotch? Brandy? Tequila?"

"Tai, shut up!" Matt yelled out of the bathroom, composing himself for a few seconds before puking into the toilet bowl again.

Tai smirked and poured some mineral water into a CuP (=P).

"What's all the noise about?" Kari asked as she and Sora came out into the kitchen/living room.

"Matt's having his hang over" Tai replied.

"I think I better get going Tai" Sora spoke up.

"But there's an after party for last night, I thought we all agreed to go to this one instead of the one Matt went to?" Tai complained.

"Alright" Sora muttered, as Matt walked into the room wiping his mouth.

"Here" Tai said, handing him the cup.

"Thanks" Matt replied, taking it all in one gulp, then he looked up and saw Sora.

And physically froze. She looked straight at him, her eyes accusing... And he knew why. He thought maybe it was just a dream, or he just wasn't thinking clearly, but she was here.

"Sora..." Matt swallowed.

She looked away from him, and Tai looked from one to another.

"Did something happen between the two of you?" Tai questioned.

"No, nothing happened" Sora replied, leveling Matt with a look, "Nothing at all"


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