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"Right, ok..." Tai stated, "Matt, we're going to Rigoi's party- It's still continued today, right?"

"Er, yup." Matt replied, taking this as a distraction and glancing away from Sora and to Tai.

"Cool. You coming with us? Or did you already consume enough alcohol to last you a year?" Tai smirked.

"Try lifetime," Matt muttered, "I think I'll just go home, thanks."

"'K, I'll drive you." Tai offered, grabbing his keys.

"Nah, I can walk," Matt declined, "Thanks anyway, Tai."

"Hey," Tai wrinkled his forehead, "Something up? I mean, you just said 'thanks' to me twice in one day! Something must be wrong." Tai's lips quirked into a teasing smile.

Matt laughed, "Seriously, nothing's wrong. I just want to get home, sort a few things out, is all. I'll see you guys later, 'k?"

"Ok, if you're sure." Tai called as Matt made his way to the front door.

"I'm sure. Later." Matt said as he stepped out and shut the door.

As Matt walked towards an elevator, he breathed in deeply.

What am I suppose to do now? Oh shit. I can't believe I-... did that to Sora. I most likely got her- Man. Damn.

Meanwhile, back in the apartment...

Tai turned to Kari, "Hey, go wait in the car for us, 'k? I need a word with Sora."

"Fine.." Kari said, heading out of the door.

As soon as she was gone, Tai looked at Sora, who took a seat on the couch. He went and sat down next to her, placing his hand on her thigh. Sora looked at his hand, and a short moment later, she brushed it off.

"Hey, what's wrong?" Tai asked in a hurt tone.

Sora sighed, "I'm sorry Tai. But last night- Well, when we were about to... kiss. I don't think I really wanted to, you know..." She looked up at him gently.

Tai fell silent for a while after.

"... Are you sure you just don't want to see if anything can... develop?" Tai finally asked.

"I'm sure... I'm sorry, Tai."

"... Don't be. I guess you and me together was just my... fantasy." Tai smiled at her, giving a little chuckle, "I've seen the looks you give Matt. Must like him a lot, huh?"

Sora blushed lightly at the fact Tai could pick up on these things, but she smiled weakly at him, "About Matt... Tai, can I ask you a question?"

"Sure. Shoot."

"... Has Matt been... well, has he- when was the last time he had... um..."

"Had...?" Tai said, moving his head, indicating for her to continue.

"Well," Sora couldn't help blushing, "Sex."

Tai quirked both eyebrows up, "Whoa, wait Sora, just cause you like him doesn't mean you have to go have- sex, with him. I didn't mean anything like that if you thought-"

"No. I'm not thinking about having... sex. With him," Sora turned away, "I just wanted to know... when was the last time he had?"

"... What makes you think he's not a virgin?" Tai enquired.

Sora gave him a look.

"Ok, ok," Tai replied, "It's just, am I permitted to tell you stuff about his personal life?"

"Tai, please? I won't say anything to him, I promise."

"Well..." Tai said, raking his mind, "Last time I checked... Erm, six months ago... Geez, I never realised he was in such a long break."

Sora ignored what he last said, "Why hasn't he... you know, done anything from then on?"

Tai shrugged, "Beats me. Maybe he thinks it's boring... Though how a guy could, I have no idea." Tai smiled cheekily.

Sora couldn't help but smile, "Thanks Tai."

"No problem. Though all I did was tell you Matt's sex life," Tai replied, "... Are you sure nothing happened between you two last night? I sensed a little tension you know, and yes, I can sense these things. Don't underestimate me!"

Sora gave a small laugh, "I promise I'll tell you when I'm ready, or if I feel you should know, ok?"

Tai frowned, "So something did happen?"

"... You could say that, yes," Sora replied, "C'mon, Kari's probably waiting for ages."

"Ok," Tai replied, noting Sora didn't want to talk about whatever had happened last night, "Let's go."


Later that night, Tai went over to Matt's place.

"Hey, just curious, but what was up with you and Sora last night?"

"Huh?" Matt replied.

"She told me something happened between the two of you, and said she'd tell me later... so, you might as well tell me now." Tai smirked.

Matt froze, again in one day.

"Hey... you alright?" Tai said.

"Uh, yeah, of course." Matt replied.

"So, what happened between you two then?" Tai continued.

Matt shrugged, "Nothing."

"Yeah. Sure," Tai said, "Fine fine, if you're not going to tell me... Hey, you know Sora asked me a weird question this morning..."


"When was the last time you had sex."

"Why would she ask that?"

"And I'm supposed to know?" Tai retorted.

"... But you told her?"

"Yup. Why? I'm not allowed?" Tai asked.

Matt sighed, shrugging, "Who cares. What'd you say?"

"Six months. It is six months right? Unless you fucked some chick last night," Tai laughed, "You could've, you know. Huge party, large supply of alcohol. Hey, things happen."

Matt swallowed nervously, I never knew Tai was so good... Though it wasn't at the party...

"Just, remember your condoms. You don't wanna get a chick pregnant." Tai smirked.

Fuck! Matt's mind yelled, But, it doesn't matter anyway, right? I mean... I already fucked up Sora's life -literally- this isn't going to matter...

"Matt? Hello, Matt!?" Tai yelled, waving his hands around for Matt's attention.


"Oh god..." Mimi held a hand to her throat, "I can't believe... I mean, are you sure...?"

"Mimi. Matt raped me. I'm pretty sure." Sora said dryly.

"... You're taking this pretty well."

Sora shrugged, going silent and apparently deep in thought. Mimi knew Sora didn't like to express her feelings, just like Matt..

".. He.." Mimi started, "... didn't use... Protection, did he?"

Sora gasped, "Oh god Mimi, I hadn't even thought about that!"

"... I think you need to go buy a pregnancy test, or better yet, go to the clinic and get a blood test."

"And what if I am pregnant, Mimi!? My parents.. oh god."

"You can always have an abortion." Mimi said quietly.

"I.. I can't think about this right now. God.." Sora replied shakily, clutching her head.

Mimi placed a hand on Sora's back soothingly, and gave her a few minutes of silence, before speaking again.

"You really do need to speak to Matt about this, Sora.."

"No. Not until.. Not until after I know for sure I'm pregnant, OK, Meems? I just.. Maybe I'm not pregnant.. By some miracle.."

"No, Sora. Not just about the possibility of being pregnant.. But about the fact that he raped you! C'mon Sora, Matt's meant to be our friend.. But that doesn't give him the right to violate you! Maybe.. Maybe you should press charges."

Slowly, Sora shook her head.

"He was drunk.."

Mimi sighed inwardly. Matt meant more to Sora than she had thought, otherwise Sora wouldn't be using lame ass excuses to keep Matt from looking like he had done any wrong.

"Sora, just because he was under the influence of alcohol doesn't mean what he did was any less wrong.. You have to talk to him. Preferably, though, not alone."

Sora glanced up at Mimi. "You don't trust him?"

"Not after what he's done."

Sora sighed, "He didn't.. He didn't mean to.."

"It doesn't matter if he meant to or not Sora.. He used you. How can you defend him?"

"Because.. Because, I know him Mimi.."

"So did you know he was capable of raping you?" Mimi said firmly.

"Mimi.. Don't make him seem like that, please.."

Mimi shook her head, "Sora, what is wrong with you? Stick to the facts; Matt raped you! You can't just.. Just shrug it off!"

"I'm not." Sora argued, "I just don't think you should talk as if he's.. Not our friend, or that he's not worthy of our trust or anything.."

Mimi sighed, "Are you going to talk to him, then?"

"After.. After I get a blood test done.."

"Want me to come with you?"

"If you're not busy.."

"I'm never too busy for you, silly. How about we go in three days time? To make sure we get an accurate reading."

"Sounds.. Great." Sora replied, subconsciously placing her hand over her stomach.


When Tai had gone home, Matt had climbed into his bed, but still wide awake, thinking.

He knew he had to talk to Sora about what had happened.. He still couldn't believe what he had done.. How could he do that to her..

Again Matt let out a string of curse words. He should've never gotten drunk at the party.. Tai should've never came to pick him up.. And Sora should've never been over Tai's house.. But he couldn't change that now. And now, if Sora was pregnant, which she most likely was.. He was going to be responsible for the death of two people..

He couldn't deal. He can't deal with it.
He jumped out of bed, stumbling in the dark, found his way to the door and opened it, walking through the darkened hallway to the kitchen. His dad wasn't home yet, it was only around midnight, and Hiroaki usually came home around one or two am.

Matt swung the refrigerator door open, and reached way back in, grasping his hand around a cold bottle of vodka. His dad would probably notice if it was gone, but Matt didn't care at the moment. He needed the relief. And so he took it, taking a swig of the bitter liquid, walking back into his room to forgot about everything. Until the next day.


//3 Days Later//


Matt had spent three days cooped up in his apartment, apart from school, since his dad had indeed noticed the missing vodka, and had grounded him for a week. Matt didn't really mind, since he didn't want to hang out with his friends anyway, 'cause that included Sora.. But then again, he couldn't stop thinking about her.. What he had done to her..

"Sora, I'm sorry.." He whispered to himself.

It must've been the millionth time he'd apologised. Only he hadn't once apologised to her directly. He was afraid of confronting her about it.. He didn't know why she hadn't told anybody yet.. Tai didn't seem to be acting strangely, nor had anyone else.. Well, except Mimi.. Had Sora told her? He didn't know.

But he knew he had to face the consequences soon.. Sora had a right to know..

Ding Dong

The doorbell. Matt wasn't allowed any visitors, so he frowned as it rang again. He slowly made his way towards the front door.


Sora waited nervously as she rang his doorbell again. She had in fact came alone even though Mimi told her not to. But then, she hadn't told Mimi she'd be going to see Matt this afternoon.. She had wanted to come alone, that's why, and Mimi would sure as hell wouldn't let her.

A second later, and the door opened. There stood Ishida Yamato, looking surprised, uneasy, apologetic, and.. Scared? All at the same time.

They stood there, staring at each other for some time, before Sora spoke.

"C-Can I come in?"

"Yeah.. Sure." Matt had replied awkwardly, stepping aside and letting her in. He closed the door behind her, and led her to the living room couch. She sat on one end, and he at the other. It was very awkward.

"Sora I'm sorry." Matt blurted out abruptly, getting a small nod from Sora. He continued, "I.. I have no excuse for it, I shouldn't have.. It wasn't right and I'm awfully sorry and if I could take it back I would but-" He rambled.

"Matt I'm pregnant." Sora cut him off, looking away from him, "I had a test done yesterday. It was positive."


"Sora, I'm sorry.." Matt began again.

"You've already said that Matt." Sora's voice had become bitter.

Matt winced at her tone. "You're.. You're getting an abortion, right?" He asked.

Sora's head snapped towards him in a flash, "You want me to?"

"You mean you're not?.." Matt asked.

"No. I've always been against abortion Matt, you know that. I'm not about to murder my old child."

Matt didn't say anything for a while. But then he said quietly, "I really think you should get an abortion, Sora."

Sora was about to retort but Matt continued before she could.

"No, I want you to get an abortion."

Sora blinked. A few minutes ago Matt had been nervous about the whole situation, and now he was demanding that she have an abortion? She frowned at him.

"I am not having an abortion, Matt. I've made my decision, and it's final."

"So I don't get a say?"

"Did I get a say on the creation of this baby?" She bit back. This time it didn't even seem like Matt had been fazed by her words, but instead she could see that he was starting to get angry. And she was starting to get scared.

"You're having an abortion." Matt growled lowly.

"Excuse me Matt but this is my body, not yours. You don't have to carry the baby around, or give birth to it, I do. And I choose to carry it around and give birth to it."

Matt stood up, and Sora thought maybe he was going to hit her, and so she closed her eyes. But instead, she heard him say in a low voice, "Get out."


"Get out."

Sora stood up and walked to the front door, turning back to look back at Matt once more. He was just standing there, not even looking in her direction. Guess Mimi was right, and she was wrong. She didn't know Matt as well as she had thought. And with that in mind, tearing at her heart, she left his apartment.


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