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(Chung Ae Cha's POV)

Hello, my name is Ae Cha. This is a story about my life: back then and now.

I was just an ordinary girl, brought up in a family with an average income. I did not have to struggle to buy meals and I did not have to work part-time jobs. My dad worked day till night and my mother stayed home as a housewife. My job had always been to continue having my passion for music and to study well to get a better job in the future.

I was a simple girl: long, dark brown straight hair with brown eyes. I was a cheerful, helpful girl and I always tried to be happy, no matter what happened. I had been told that I needed to start being selfish, but as much as I tried, I couldn't It just was not part of my nature and so I stayed unselfish, bubbly adventurous me until someone who loved me for me came along to sweep me off my feet. It was a fairy tale fantasy, yet I couldn't help but hope it would come true one day.

To this day, I still couldn't believe that Ji Hu was mine. Mine... If I weren't constantly reminded that I was alive, I would still be thinking that I was in a dream till now. Handsome, charming, mature, caring and all other positive things that I could come up with… he had chosen me to be his girlfriend. I felt honored and yet, sometimes, I couldn't help wondering how he had fallen for me. I now knew that Jan Di and Ga Eul were commoners too, which surprised me, a lot. I guess I knew how the cold-hearted F4 had changed into warm, fun-loving and caring people.

Laughter filled the lounge at the ShinHwa University. Five years had passed since the group had graduated. This was just one of those "catching-up" times. Every few months, we would organize a gathering which we all had to attend. If one could not make it, the group pushed the date back. The F4 had still stuck together all these years, except, starting a few years ago, four others had joined them.

Gu Jun-Pyo took over ShinHwa as CEO when Mrs. Kang stepped down to take care of her husband. So Yi Jeong took over the Woo Sung Art Museum while Yun Ji Hu took over his grandfather's medical business, expanding the tiny clinic into a hospital and kept the Su Am Cultural Foundation open. Last but not least, Song Woo Bin followed his father's footsteps: dealing with the Mafia and the Ilsim Construction Empire.

Their four partners were girls, of course; Geum Jan Di, Ga Eul, Ha Jae Kyung and the newest member, me. (Chung Ae Cha). Geum Jan Di was Gu Jun- Pyo's wife, while Ga Eul was married to Yi Jeong. Jae Kyung and Woo Bin were engaged, about to be married in a few months time. On the other hand, Ji Hu and I were still happily dating. I was happy taking it slow though. As long as he was by my side, I would have no worries, no troubles… because I knew no matter what, he would be there for me. I guess you could call it, love.

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