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Chapter 5: (Ae Cha's POV) Back In the Lounge

"I don't believe you. Woo Bin ah! How could you interrupt something like that!" Jae Kyung exclaimed, hitting Woo Bin on the arm. "It wasn't on purpose" he mumbled. I raised my eyebrow and winked at Ji Hu.

"Not on purpose? Hmm… " I teased, both Ji Hu and I preparing to stand up to Woo Bin. Fear crossed his face. "Okay, okay, it was on purpose. But Jun- Pyo dared me to interrupt!"

"Yah! Woo Bin! You really want to die. You were not supposed to tell anyone that!" an agitated Jun- Pyo shouted across the room. Running over to Jun- Pyo, Jan Di, Jae Kyung and I tickled Jun- Pyo until he cried for mercy. We were in fits of laughter. Ga Eul sat next to Yi Jeong, smiling demurely as we went from Jun- Pyo to Woo Bin. We turned to Yi Jeong. Panicking, he said, "I wasn't involved! I swear!"

"As if my bro! You can't escape. You know you were going to do it too!" Woo Bin said breathlessly. This time, all four girls grinned. Even Ga Eul turned on Yi Jeong. Laughter filled the room as he cried. We fell back onto the couch, bursting into peals of laughter.

Ji Hu sported a huge grin as he looked at me and I tilted my face up to give him a peck. He grinned even wider then, and I poked him gently in his side. He yelped and gave me a fake hurt look before retreating to the end of the couch.

"I'm sorry. Don't leave me here alone," I said pleadingly, giving him the biggest puppy dog eyes I could manage. He shook his head, laughter dancing in his eyes as he maintained his serious face. If he wanted to play that way, I could too.

"Fine. I'll sit with Woo Bin and Jae Kyung Unnie then." Sticking my tongue out at him, I got up and started to walk over, just as a pair of arms encircled my waist and lifted me, swinging me around. "You can't escape that easily." He half-growled in my ear. He sat me in his lap sideways as he sat down and I rested my head on his chest. We grinned at each other.

"Stop smiling at each other like idiots." Yi Jeong called.

Another pillow flew across the room and landed right smack in his face. His expression of shock was priceless and the room once again fell into laughter.

"I still don't get it," Jae Kyung said, after the din had died down. "Why interrupt them anyway and how did you know he was at the foundation?" she asked. "We checked all of his usual sleeping spots and still couldn't find him. It wasn't until those three annoying girls who use to bully Jan Di told us he drove off with some girl. And if I'm not wrong, we were supposed to meet up for Jan Di's birthday surprise."

"Oh! I remember that now. We were all there celebrating except you, Ae Cha. I don't remember you being there!" Jan Di exclaimed, giving me a questioning look.

"Had to be home by 8 remember?" I teased, "Plus, my parents would have freaked out if they found out I went to some party with a guy I just met!" Heads nodded in understanding. "Then, what happened next?" "How did you know he liked you?" "Yea my bro, how did you tell her?" Questions flew out way.

"Nope. I'm not telling you guys." Before protests arose, I quickly interjected, "Yet." Raised eyebrows and frowns greeted me. "Not until I find out how Jae Kyung Unnie and Woo Bin Sunbae fell in love." Looking around, I just noticed their blank expressions staring right back at me.

Sighing, Ji Hu started where I left off. "Have you guys not noticed? Those two only tell us how they met, and we already know how. But, they never told us how they fell in love or even met up with each other again. I mean, the last time we ever saw Jae Kyung was after she cancelled the wedding. Then, two years later, she pops up again, but this time, as Woo Bin's girlfriend."

Understanding dawned on them and we all looked at the duo. Jae Kyung was for once, speechless. Woo Bin was… blushing? Ji Hu and I sported victorious grins as we waited for their explanation. "Come on, tell us!" Jan Di and Ga Eul cried. More chants filled the room.

"Song Woo Bin, why are you so shy all of a sudden?" Yi Jeong called out mischievously, giving his signature smirk. "Well, I- Urm- we…" Jae Kyung stuttered and trailed off. The chants grew in volume and I couldn't help but laugh inwardly at the fact that we were acting like children again.

"AISH! Okay! I'll tell you guys! But only if you stop yelling and giving me this crazy headache!" Woo Bin yelled. The room fell silent, everyone looking at him eagerly. He took a deep breath and everyone leaned in. "We stayed in contact after the failed wedding and then one day we just realized. End of story." He leaned back, smug.

Silence descended upon the room. Jun- Pyo tapped his foot on the floor. Everyone waited… "What? I told you guys already." Woo Bin said, agitated. "Details. Now." Yi Jeong said. "Or we will set the other three girls on you. Again." Panic shot across Woo Bin's face. We exchanged looks. All six of us approached them slowly, our fingers outstretch and wiggling. "No… please!" Woo Bin cried, backing against the sofa, hiding Jae Kyung behind him.

We descended on them instantly, fingers waggling and laughter echoing through the room. "Mercy! Mercy!" they cried. Yelling in defiance, we continued our attack on them. Finally, between gasps and tears, they shouted out, "IT WAS ARRANGED!"

Their words hit us like a ton of bricks. We were stunned, our outstretch fingers frozen. We stood in that spot, unable to move, our brains struggling to process what had occurred seconds before.

Jun- Pyo broke the silence first.


Woo Bin's POV

The room was dead silent. It was not like as though the silence had crept up on us. It just… hit. Like a bullet-train coming to a grinding halt after crashing into a barrier. After Jun- Pyo had shouted at us, the rest of them glanced at each other, mouths gaping like goldfish. Astonishment and worry were written across their face.

The silence remained.

The whole group was unmoving. No one spoke a word. The tension rose by the second and I felt a bead of sweat roll down the side of my face. I didn't move to wipe it. I just couldn't.

My face was flaming red. My ears blazed. I was so embarrassed. I glanced at Jae Kyung. She did not seem mad that we had told them. Instead, she seemed… happy. I just didn't get it.

It was as though she read my thoughts. "Well, at least they know now, I hate keeping secrets from them" she murmured in my ear. I looked back at her, stunned. "You don't mind?" She shook her head at me. I chuckled, "and all this time, I was trying to find the words to ask you if we could tell these guys." She looked at me in amusement. "And to think I thought that you would never agree to tell them!"

Bursting out into fits of laughter, I noticed the rest of them looking at us in concern, shock and confusion. We must have looked hysterical.

"Will you quit laughing? Is this some kind of joke?" Yi Jeong demanded to know. Wiping our tears from our eyes, we shook our heads.

They relaxed slightly, although the looks on their faces were unreadable. Odd expressions. They sat back down on the couches tersely, waiting for me to say something.

"Talk. Now" came Ji Hu's usual quiet and brisk voice.

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