Full Summary - Alex and Justin go to rival schools and their dads are the principals. They meet one day and there is chemistry that they try to deny due to their feuding schools and fathers. After some more encounters with each other and discovering how well they get on, they give in to temptation. They are completely besotted with each other and are very happy but they have to keep it a secret from everyone as they know their relationship will not be accepted by anyone. But it's inevitable that their secret will be discovered eventually, which it does. What will the consequences be? Will they fight for each other or stick by their families? Jalex. AU. Slightly OOC.

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So I got the inspiration from the strangest of places. There was this advert on the telly about some sort of snack and they were all dressed up like Hank Marvin (Cockney (London) rhyming slang; Hank Marvin = starving) and there was a bit where two schools were having a kind of guitar stand-off thing. You'd get it of you saw the advert (or commercial as Americans call them). I still can't believe I got a whole story from about 5 seconds from an ad! I don't know why but I like telling you my inspiration, I think it's good to tell your readers where the idea came from. That's not important anyway so back to the story and I'm quite excited about this one cos I don't think this has been done before either.

So some info you need to know is both Justin and Alex are 18 and are seniors. I felt it would make more sense as they sort of run their schools and normally seniors do so y'know. And Max is Justin's brother and is 16 and is the civil one but he might not come up as much but I will make sure he has a few appearances. Jerry is Justin's dad and Karl is Alex's and they are principals of the different schools. I think that's all. But is things aren't accurate I'm sorry, as I've said before I don't live in America and I don't know what they're really like so I do apologise. But it's FanFiction so who cares?! Other stuff will be mentioned in the story so I'll just let you read now! Hope you like it!

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The halls of Manhattan High were buzzing with teenagers milling around; getting in a last minute chat with friends before they had to get to their last class of the day.

Principle Santiago was walking along the halls too. "Come on guys, get to class!" he yelled at them. They all finished up their conversations and rushed off to their class, leaving only a few stragglers who were a bit slower than others. He shook his head light heartedly, continuing to stroll down the corridor.

"Alex, that means you too." he stopped at the young brunette's locker.

"I know, I'm going." she held up her hands in fake surrender. "See you later, dad." she waved as she walked away to go to her class. Principle Santiago, or Karl, smiled as he watched his daughter walk away. She wasn't exactly academic but he was still proud of her as any father would be of their daughter.

Alex Santiago is the daughter of the principle of Manhattan High which made her the most popular girl - actually person - in the whole school; everyone knew her name, all the girls wanted to be her friend, the younger ones looked up to her, all the boys fancied her - yes, she had beauty as well as popularity - and wanted to be one of the lucky few who got to date her (yes she had only dated a few but she's kissed more a parties etc. and sometimes she even... well, she's done more with some; she wasn't that kind of girl). So basically, everyone loved her. Alex knew she was popular but she didn't flaunt it (only when neccessary) and she tried to act like everyone else but she could never just be like the others having her dad as the head; she had more power than the average student.

Alex got to her last class, History, which dragged (Alex was not fond of the subject... or any subject to be honest. Although she did enjoy Art and Music, they weren't so... classroom-y) and eventually to her relief the bell rang, signalling the end of the day. It was made even better by the fact it was Friday and the weekend was finally here.

Alex was at her locker when one of her many friends, Jamie Thompson, came up to her. "Hey girl!"

"Hey Jamie. Why do you look so excited?" she asked, closing her locker and turning her attention to her friend.

"What? You haven't heard? Liberty High and Manhattan are on the playing field between are schools having Rival Rave. Again." she added, rolling her eyes. A Rival Rave was something that often occured between the two rival schools and now it even had its own name (Rival Rave). It wasn't a rave, just them shouting and arguing with each other telling the other that their school is better.

"Seriously?" Alex raised an eyebrow. "We only had one a couple of weeks ago."

"Who cares! Let's go! You have to get near the front this time!" she smiled, Jamie found the whole rivalry thing thrilling.

"Why?" Alex asked, less enthusiastic than her friend.

"Because you're like, our head girl! Principles daughter!"

"What does that have to do with-" Alex got cut off by her Jamie grabbing her wrist and dragging her to the playing field where she saw basically the whole student body of each school facing one another with a gap between them, shouting over each other so loud it was hard to hear anything.

Alex hoped her school was shouting the loudest.

Now, as mentioned before, Alex didn't flaunt popularity or play along with the whole 'Principles daughter' thing and take advantage but since her dad is the head, she did feel as thoguh the school is hers in a way so she had special hatred for their rival school; Liberty High. See, her dad and the principle of Liberty, Jerry Russo, had hated each other years before they became head of the schools and that rivalry had continued until the schools themselves hated each other. Whenever they had games or competitions; it was war. Alex heard the principle had a son her age that went to Liberty High; actually he had two - the other was a couple of years younger - but she's heard he wasn't very fond of the popularity and stuff so he wasn't much of a threat. But the older son... she'd never met either as her father made sure she didn't come into contact with 'that family'. She's met the father and mother at one of her dad's boring dinner things (although when she says 'met' she means glaring and death stares) but the sons were a mystery to her. She always wondered what they were like or what would happen if she met them. And she was very curious about the older son...

Alex thought this as she joined the crown and once she was on the midst of it, she started yelling, shouting and she felt great pride in her school.

That's right; her school.

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