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"Alex... Alex... Alex!"

"Huh, what, what?" Alex's head shot up as she blinked and looked around. It was her dad who was shouting at her, giving her a confused (yet annoyed) look. After being out with Justin so late and not getting any sleep after that; Alex was tired to say the least.

"How is the girl who spends her life sleeping, so tired that she falls asleep at the breakfast table?" her father asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Well," Alex started, thinking something up, "I couldn't get to sleep last night since I slept more than usual during the day so I woke up a few times in the night and eventually I just gave up on trying to sleep so I just... didn't." Alex finished her explanation, a hint of uncertainty in her voice throughout. The part where she couldn't sleep was true at least.

Her dad narrowed his eyes, unsure of whether she was telling the truth or not. "OK..." he said slowly.

Alex nodded her head slowly too, keeping her eyes on her dad before turning back to her breakfast, trying to get through the rest without falling asleep in it. Quite an effort.

"Morning honey." Alex's mom walked in and her eyes widened slightly at the sight of her daughter. "You look terrible."

"Thanks mom. Love you too." Alex grumbled. She was tired, couldn't they just get over it and leave her alone.

"Sorry, sweetie but did you get any sleep last night?" Louisa asked, looking concerned.

"Apparently she took an extended nap during the day and couldn't sleep at night." Karl answered for her, still looking suspicious.

"I see..." Louisa said slowly, nodding her head with as suspicious look on her face too.

"What? Am I the only tired person you've seen in your lives? Why don't you take a picture as it will not only last longer but you can stare at it for as long as you want!" Alex got louder as she went on and then stormed out afterwards. She was going to her room for some much needed sleep. She almost hated Justin for keeping her out so late. Almost...

"And now I remember why I don't moan about her sleeping all day." Karl said, rolling his eyes while Louisa just sighed.

She had a feeling it might be about the boy she suspected her daughter was seeing. Well, maybe not seeing; involved with? Whatever; teenage relationships were too complicated these days and Alex's always seemed to be the most complicated of all.

"Justin, are you ever gonna get up?"

Justin just groaned as his brother came into his room for the third (Yes; third! Can you believe this kid?!) time, trying to wake him up.

"Go away, Max." Justin grumbled, sounding muffled as his face was pressed into his pillow.

"It's like noon, man. What's up with you?" Max had no idea why his brother was being so weird. Justin was normally first up.

"I may be tired but I'm sure I can muster up enough energy to hit you if you don't leave me alone." Justin was getting aggravated now. Hey, he was tired! It was only natural.

Max simply laughed at his older brothers pathetic threat. Sure, when Justin was awake he could do some damage but when he was a zombie all he had was sarcasm and insults. Not very good ones at that.

"What were you doing last night?" Max chuckled, enjoying the superior feeling.

"Nothing and even if I was it would be none of your business." Justin mumbled grumpily.

Max did nothing but laugh. A moment later his dad came in.

"Is he still not up?" Jerry asked, not waiting for an answer as he grabbed Justin's duvet and pulled it off, making Justin groan loudly in annoyance.

Why was everyone soannoying?!

"Get up!" Jerry ordered in a stern voice.

Justin sighed loudly before crawling out of bed and heading towards the bathroom, cursing under his breath as he went.

"What was that?" Jerry asked, knowing full well what his son was saying.

"Nothing." Justin replied in the fakest cheery voice he could manage before slamming the door to his bathroom.

"Teenagers." Jerry muttered, shaking his head as he walked out of the room, Max following shortly after. Still laughing.

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