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A few days later and both Justin and Alex were back at school, getting on with their normal lives – although they were slightly happier than usual.

In Liberty High Justin just got some light punches on the arm and the odd questions like "What is up with you, man?" or "Dude, what's got you so happy?" and so on. Justin simply shrugged and made up excuses which they seemed to buy... for now at least. Justin knew he couldn't keep saying the same thing every time but he'd cross that bridge when he came to it.

His family had noticed he was a bit different too but to avoid that topic of conversation he basically avoided his family most of the time. He still spoke to them of course but he made sure not to stick around too long when doing so because that's how it worked; they get you talking, have a nice chat, get you comfortable and then BAM! They hit you with what they really wanted to talk about. So he avoided that by always finding a reason to rush off. Hid dad thought it was just another silly teenage phase; nothing new there. But Justin had to admit, he was gradually, slowly but surely becoming suspicious.

Justin wondered how Alex was getting on...

Over in Manhattan High, Alex's friends just thought she had a crush or something. She was almost in the same situation as Justin except the people around her weren't as suspicious; for Alex this behaviour wasn't that unusual. As long as she kept her grades reasonably low and had the odd detention, people were none the wiser.

"Alex!" she heard her dad call after she closed her locker.

"What?" she asked boredly.

Her dad did nothing except gesture for her to follow him into his office. She rolled her eyes and followed him.

"Well?" she asked expectantly, crossing her arms over her chest.

"I've just noticed that you've been acting a little... perky, lately." he said.

Alex kept a straight face but inside she was getting worried. Maybe her dad was more observant of her than she thought.

"What do you mean by that?" Alex frowned, trying to keep up the façade.

"Well, I don't really know but half the time you're either staring of into space or texting and have a dopey grin on your face whilst doing both." he explained.

"What? Am not allowed to be happy or something?" she defended herself, fearing that she may have underestimated her dad. She thought it was her mom she had to watch out for. Turns out it's both parents.

"Of course you are. I'm just curious as to what has gotten you so happy." he was good. The whole time he was practically trying to stare her down but Alex was a tough cookie to crack.

"I'm a teenage girl; we go through phases." she shrugged, playing it cool.

"I know that, I'm not stupid." he rolled his eyes (like father like daughter), "But I was speaking to your mother and she may have mentioned she had a sneaky suspicion that there may be someone else involved."

"Someone else?" Alex was panicking but she was good at lying when it came to these things so she made sure her face gave nothing away.

"A boy. And I must agree with her; that would make sense." he raised his eyebrow.

"Pfft! Since when have I ever kept a boyfriend secret from you?" It was true; though there were quite a few, her parents always knew when Alex was seeing someone.

"Sometimes I wish you had; it would've made things a lot less confusing. It's hard to keep up." he said and Alex rolled her eyes.

"Can I not just be happy without people questioning it?" she threw her hands up before bringing them back down.

Her dad mumbled something along the lines of "I suppose." and she smirked knowing she had won... this time.

"May I go now?"

He sighed, "Fine."

Alex said bye quickly but as soon as she got out the door she let out a huge sigh of relief.

"That was too close." she thought. Yes it was a close call and it scared her, she couldn't help but enjoy the rush; it was a thrill. The whole secrecy thing was exciting; it was a little like Romeo and Juliet except not quite as serious and hopefully would not result in any sort of death. "Or any of the weird language. Seriously; had they ever heard of English?" That thought made Alex chuckle before she walked away from her dad's office and headed out the school to REDS to see Justin.

"Wonder if he had any of this hassle?"

"So he basically assumed you had a secret boyfriend?" Justin asked after hearing Alex's story. He was glad he hadn't gotten that as lying wasn't his strong point. He was getting better though considering his current position.

"Yeah but don't worry. I've put him off for now at least." she assured him.

"Good. We've not even been going out a week; we should at least be able to enjoy ourselves before any drama." he said. He then smiled at her and tried to lighten the mood, "So, did you miss me?"

"Uh..." Alex looked away, messing with him

"Hey, that's not nice!" he said playfully and went in to tickle her but before he got the chance she held her hands up.

"No! I was kidding! I missed you." she laughed, protesting quickly to make sure he didn't tickle her; probably the only time she didn't like his hands on her but even then...

Justin just laughed with her and grabbed her hands that she had put up and intertwined them with his. "I know. Don't worry, I missed you too." he said quietly and then leaned in and kissed her. They only pulled apart after about a minute when a waiter walked by and cleared their throat. The waiter (according to his name tag was called Sam) saw them in there often and had practically watched them grow as close as they are now so when they turned to fake glare at him he just grinned and they rolled their eyes.

"So, what's Max been up to lately?" Alex asked and they continued their conversation until they had to go home. Late again, obviously.

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