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"This place is so cool, guys! The staff are awesome!" Max said, punching Sam the waiter on the arm as he walked by.

"Please don't do that." he said to Max before walking away – which he ignored and continued smiling obliviously.

"Yeah but you tell anyone and you're dead." Justin warned, laughing slightly at his younger brother. Him and Alex had taken him to REDS; their little secret place. But since Max was pretty much involved in their secret, they felt it was the least they could do.

"Don't worry man, you know I got your back." Max promised.

"Yeah, Justin. Don't you trust your little brother?" Alex laughed, giving Max a small hug.

"Just making sure." Justin replied.

"You stress too much." Alex said, cuddling into his side. Since there were three of them they had adopted a round table instead of their normal seating area since that was more suitable for two.

"Maybe I need a release." he grinned.

"Ew, gross! Still here!" Max said, covering his eyes.

"Why did we bring you again?" Justin asked rhetorically.

"Cos you love me." Max smiled widely. Justin just shook his head. "How long do you think you guys can keep this up?" Max asked.

"I'm not really sure." Alex answered, starting to think about it.

"Hopefully until the end of the school year, at least. That way we only have our dads to worry about and not the entire student bodies of our schools." Justin said.

"That's still a couple of months away. Sure you can keep it up that long? I mean, I can already see dad giving you weird looks and don't get me started on mom." Max replied – it was one of his rare serious moments.

"We've kept it up this long. And I'll spend a day with mom to calm her down or something. You should too." he said, referring to Alex who nodded.

"Sounds like a decent plan." Max shrugged.

"Yeah, I mean, what's the worst that could happen?" Alex laughed.

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