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Alex was sitting in the one place you wouldn't think to find her – the library. Reason? Well, since everybody hated her, she's rather sit in the library in peace by herself than have people glare and talk about her behind her back (or sometimes they just came right out and said it to her face. Which she preferred).

She sighed. She was on her phone (it was Alex, she wouldn't be caught dead reading a book) and was contemplating taking a nap when she heard someone walk by the area of the library she was in. It was Harper. She didn't notice her at first and continued glancing through the many titles of books when she finally saw Alex out of the corner of her eye. But she still pretended like she hadn't seen her.

"Hey Harper." Alex said, hope present in her voice.

Harper turned around to look at her and stood there saying nothing for a moment before she muttered a small "Hey" back. She then turned back around to look at the books again.

Alex rolled her eyes. "Nobody's here y'know. People can't hate you for talking to me if they didn't see you."

"What if I'm not talking to you because I hate you and feel betrayed?" Harper asked, her back still turned to Alex.

"I know you Harper. You hate drawing unwanted attention to yourself and speaking to me would draw that attention, so you just don't speak to me. Am I right?" Alex leaned back in her chair and folded her arms.

Harper paused and Alex smirked.

"Maybe you're kind of right but I still do feel betrayed." Harper finally replied, turning back to Alex.

Alex stood up and walked over to Harper. "I'm really sorry I lied to you Harper. I just couldn't take the chance of anyone finding out and ruining things for me and Justin."

"So you didn't trust me to keep it to myself?" Harper asked defensively.

Alex gave Harper a look, "Harper. You and I both know you and secrets don't mix."

Harper looked like she was going to reply but then sighed, "I guess you have a point. I'm still sorry about telling the whole of our 4th grade class about your first crush... whilst he was also in the room."

"Don't remind me." Alex laughed, and Harper let out a small laugh too before it went quiet again.

"Please don't hate me Harper." Alex said quietly.

"Alex I don't hate you. I've tried that before 3 years ago and we're still best friends so I guess it's impossible for me to hate you." Harper chuckled.

"So we're still best friends?" Alex asked hopefully.

Harper sighed, "Of course we are." she said with a small smile.

Alex, completely overjoyed, pulled Harper into a tight hug. "Thanks Harper."

"No problem Alex. Now stop, I'm welling up over here." Harper said, hugging Alex back before they pulled away.

"So... what's Justin like anyway?" she asked, after a moment.

Alex smiled, "He's... I don't know, he's just a great guy. I think you'd get on well; you could probably understand some of the nerdy stuff he blabs on about."

"So it's not one of those romances where all you do is talk about how amazing the other is and act all gross and cutesy and can never decide who hangs up first?" Harper raised an eyebrow.

Alex snorted, "Far from it. We just act normal around each other. We started off as friends anyway. We have our moments obviously but we will never be that type of couple."

"Well, I guess if he makes you happy then he's OK with me. This rivalry thing is getting kind of old anyway." Harper said.

Alex laughed, "Yeah, it is."

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