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Justin and Alex had never thought that people talking to them would be a strange thing but after weeks of being isolated after their 'betrayal' and gradually more and more people started to talk to them, it was a little weird.

Y'know what was even weirder? People from the rival schools had started talking to each other. It started with the five that had exposed them; turns out that they all had a lot in common and were actually really good friends. It was like everyone had gotten a new confidence that allowed them to break free from the mould that had been set many years ago. It was only a few from each school, like less than a hundred from each but it was a start.

"Hi Alex." Alex was sitting boredly in class as the teacher was in a bad mood and apparently wasn't in the mood for teaching either when she heard a voice coming from her left. She looked over to see Zeke smiling at her. His smile looked very eager but she didn't take much notice since that was his normal facial expression most of the time anyway.

"Sup Zeke." she smiled back. Since Zeke was Harper's girlfriend it was obvious that he would go along with what his girlfriend said and start talking to her again. They had never been very close – in fact Alex found Zeke quite irritating a times – but she got along with him – sort of – for Harper's sake.

"What's your opinion on the schools mingling?" he asked and Alex chuckled lightly at his use of the word 'mingling'. Typical Zeke.

"It's cool. About time too. When you think about it, it really makes no sense as to why it started or gone on as long as it has." she replied.

"Yeah, I wrote an essay on it and came to the same conclusion." Zeke nodded understandingly.

"You wrote an essay?" Alex looked at him weirdly.

"Yeah. It wasn't some of my best work but it was just for fun." he shrugged with a smile.

Alex shook her head. "OK then. Did Harper tell you about Justin?" she asked, changing the subject before things got boring.

"Yeah. I gotta say, he sounds awesome!" Zeke replied ecclesiastically.

"You should meet him some time. That way he could save all his nerd talk for you and then talk to me about normal stuff that I can understand." Alex said.

"Some people might find the term 'nerd talk' offensive." Zeke said pointedly.

"Do you find it offensive?" Alex asked, staring him down.

"Pfft, no of course not! I find it... creative!" Zeke waved his hand. Sometimes, Alex scared him.

Alex and Zeke made idle chit-chat for the rest of the period before the bell rung and they bid each other good bye for now.

"Maybe Zeke isn't that bad." Alex thought. "Still reminds me of a chipmunk though..."

Over in Liberty High, Justin was getting his friends back too.

"Dude, she's totally staring at me." Josh said to Justin as he was grinning at a girl across the hall.

"Oh yeah, of course she is. It's not as though she's looking at her boyfriend who is standing behind you." Justin answered sarcastically.

Josh's grin faded as he turned around to indeed see some other guy smiling and waving at the girl. "Oh." he then snorted. "He should just go up to her then instead of waving like an idiot." he grumbled and folded his arms like a child.

Justin let out a laugh before giving his friend a pat on the back, "Keep trying, bro."

"Easy for you to say! Your relationship is so stable that you and your girlfriend act like an old married couple." Josh shoved him.

Just then Justin's dad walked down the corridor, giving Justin a slight glance before he carried on down the corridor.

"I wish your dad would cheer up; he almost gave me a detention the other day." Josh said.

"He'll get the message eventually." Justin replied.

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