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Life had changed. It was weird. Good weird, though.

Justin and Alex had been spending the summer together before getting ready to go to college. Amazingly their families had been spending time together. Well, for their moms it wasn't an effort as they got on so well anyway (they had the fact that they were both the wife of a principal in common) but for their dads it was like one of those bonding things that you do when your younger so you get to know classmates or whatever. Occasionally they did get on and had a laugh together but then it was like they mentally reminded themselves that they should hate the other guy. Hopefully after a little longer that little voice in their head would fade away and they would finally have a friend (Alex often told her dad that he had no friends. It was just a teenage girl thing, really).

Max was... well, Max. As time goes on you can see him mature little by little but he would always be Max; the crazy kid that baffled everyone and thought that Narnia was actually a small town in Russia but they just used the name for the movie because it sounded cool (and no, he did not know that they were originally books).

Life was actually pretty normal compared to how it used to be with all the sneaking around and big arguments. Sometimes there was even that awkward, cringe-worthy element of normality. For example when Alex's mum tried to talk to her about, well, the birds and the bees.

"So, honey, are you and Justin... intimate?" Louisa had asked.

"Oh god mom, please no!" Alex groaned, putting her face in her hands.

"I'm just saying, you're only 18 and you need to be careful." her mother replied.

"Mom, can we please have this conversation... never." Alex felt she was going to die form embarrassment right then.

"I know I didn't want to have this conversation when I was around your age and I wish I'd listened more because look what happened." she said, trying to get through to her daughter.

"I feel insulted." Alex frowned – her mother had her just after she had turned 19 and she understood that her mom felt quite strongly about having kids when you're young but to be fair, she had had this conversation many, many times before.

"I don't mean that but, y'know, I'm just saying... so have you and Justin..."

"Mom, I really don't want to say this because it's just... awkward and weird but, I wasn't a virgin when I met Justin and he wasn't one when he met me." Alex couldn't even look at her mom when she said this; it took all she had not to run off to her room and hide.

"Oh... OK, well that's..." Louisa hadn't actually planned for it to go that way.

"Bye mom." Alex said before she rushed off out of the room.

Yeah, so that was pretty awkward but it was normal. But Alex was hoping never to have that conversation ever again. She was just thankful her dad wasn't in the room. She told Justin about it but he wasn't much use as he simply laughed.

And the schools were completely different – they got on. People were talking and hanging out and discovering that the people from the other school were actually no different and they some actually became really good friends.

Life really had changed. A good change.

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