Summary: Stone had a list of rules, these rules were never meant to be broken. But when her right hand man falls injured, she must break these rules to let strangers into her life to help save the one man she trusts. What could possibly ensue?

Disclaimer: I don't own anything except for my two characters :)

They had been walking along the highway I-85 for a long time, the sweltering heat scorching their skin and sweat poured down their bodies. Their ripped clothes clung to their bodies and the separate canisters of water they held were emptying fast. The pair, one man and one woman, walked sluggishly like walkers, constantly gazing up at the sky to gasp what time they considered it to be.

"Jesus, I could murder for a bath" The young woman drawled, her accent could not be mistaken for anything but British. She ran a hand through the black hair that fanned around her.

"A bath is the last thing I'd be thinking about" The male replied, irritatingly looking her over. He, himself had a southern drawl and was clearly not up for a conversation on water.

"Yes, well you always smelt before the break out" The woman muttered, gazing through the back of the several abandoned cars that surrounded them. The man grunted and the two remained in silence for another hour as they limped onward.

After an hour or two, the woman came to a stand still, the man stopping suddenly as well.

"Can you hear that?" The woman whispered, ducking behind a pick up truck.

"A motorcycle?" The man wondered aloud, "Who'd be stupid enough to ride one that loud?"

The woman scoffed "I only have one answer for that, red-" The man clamped a hand over her mouth and he too hid behind the truck. "Oh typical" The woman said, watching the motorcycle rider come into view "I was right, red necks" She chortled.

"You better shut your pommy mouth, Stone" The man hissed, crawling around the truck and dragging Stone with him.

The pair looked over the car curiously, watching as the man on the motor bike was followed by other cars. "I say we back into the woods" Stone whispered, edging closer down to the side of the high way. Stone waited impatiently "Rivers! So help me God I will puncture your lungs with a fork. Let's go, we don't know what these bastards will do to us" Stone hissed loudly, pulling Rivers with her and running into the bushland surrounding the highway. What items they had on them bounced with each fast step they took, the small amount of water in their canisters splashed loudly, causing the pair to slow into a fast walk.

"What about Fort Benning?" Rivers asked, catching up to Stone who had quickened her pace immensely.

"We'll go the long way, we have to keep off the roads or we'll bump into more assholes in bigger groups" She retorted, crunching through the leaf littered floor of the bushland.

"We could of asked for water" Rivers muttered, looking back over his shoulder and stopping.

"Rivers when I told you if you wanted to come with me you had to play by my rules. You know my ten rules, we've survived pretty well off them. We do not interact with other groups, you hear?" Stone hissed, noticing the two walkers Rivers was looking at.

Stone pulled a large sharp sword from her back sling, bending into a attack stance. "Besides we're in the woods, there are bound to be some ponds around here" Stone said, sinking her sword through the skull of one walker, Rivers rolled his eyes and took his walker down swiftly.

"I think I'm beating your record old girl" He grinned, laughing softly to himself.

"You're barking mad if you think you have a higher score than me. Last time I checked, you were on a hundred and I was on a hundred and twenty" Stone scoffed, pushing him playfully.

"Only because I was injured for two days" He retorted, scavenging two pocket knifes off the walkers and a working watch.

"Yeah, like that would make a difference for your pansy ass fighting skills" Stone said, walking onward with Rivers on her tail.

He had already pulled out a map, and the pair could see the highway in a distance as the followed alongside it. "Where are we going to stay the night?" Rivers asked, passing the map to Stone.

"We could find some burrow or camp out in one of them abandoned cars. I think that group has left, I haven't heard that motorcycle, you?" Stone had stopped in her place and was analysing the map intently.

"Stone get down" Rivers hissed, pulling her down a bank.

"What are you playing at?" Stone snapped, pulling herself upwards.

"There are several walkers on the highway, shut up and keep down"

Naturally Stone disobeyed and looked over the small slope to spot several walkers flooding through the streets "You've got to be kidding me" Stone whispered, hunching down beside Rivers and praying they'd past. The pair were prepared to attack and when they heard the scattering of leaves close by, they crouched into position. They were about to leap up, when a young girl ran past with a panicked squeal and a doll clutched in her arm. Two walkers were following close by, making the girl cry out and disappear into the thick bushland. Stone and Rivers crawled out of their hiding spot only to duck back down as the red neck from the motorcycle and a man in a sheriffs outfit ran past calling "Sophia".

"Ye see that sheriff" Stone laughed, looking over the highway and indicating for Rivers to follow her up the bank.

"Think we should help find that young'n?' Rivers murmured, following slowly after Stone.

"Rule number 8: Do not take pity on other groups or interact with them. Have you learnt nothing?" Stone snapped, fanning herself with a thin fair hand. Rivers bowed his head, his grubby face grew blank with no emotion. Stone sighed, it wasn't easy for her to advocate the idea, hell she would love to help find the girl but her instincts told her no and in this type of world that was all you could trust.

Rivers knew this too, but hoped badgering Stone would break some of her rules. However she was stubborn and Rivers knew this from when he first met her five years ago, but it was easy to notice the cracks Rivers did make but never pursued.

"There's a small town, not far from where we are. Lets head there, they're bound to have a chemist and perhaps some food. What you reckon?" Stone called over her shoulder, she was met by silence.

"Aw Rivers come on, those rules have kept us alive so far. They'll find her" She said, again met by silence. She turned on her heel angrily, "Rivers..." She stopped short. Rivers was held between two large men and a bandana around his mouth, there was more that surrounded her and each more menacing than the next. At least 14 men had developed a circle around her.

"Well looky here, we've got our self a lovely lady boys" The tallest and most intimidating man chuckled, closing in on Stone and circling her. "A British broad to be exact, how about we introduce her to a little southern flavour"

Stone closed her eyes "Pig shit" She hissed.

Right this is my first fanfiction ever so be gentle, Chapter 2 should be a more exciting chapter as this was just an introduction.