Summary: Stone had a list of rules, these rules were never meant to be broken. But when her right hand man falls injured, she must break these rules to let strangers into her life to help save the one man she trusts. It's only temporary...right?

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A month had passed since the farm incident and the group had been faced with many disadvantages. Winter had approached quickly and walkers were moving out of the cities and advancing on the country side. There had been a large increase of walkers since the farm, the group was struggling to deal with the walkers and find shelter. They eventually resorted to storage units that locked from the inside.

The group had met a few other groups, the majority of them being hostile. Stone had forgotten how violent people on the outside of their group had grown, she had forgotten that walkers were not the only threat. She blamed the farm for softening her, although she adjusted faster than the others in the group, excluding Daryl.


Daryl had been her one support throughout the whole ordeal, he had remained at her side for the whole month, comforting her in his silent ways. Stone preferred his company and she knew he enjoyed hers. They had become inseparable over the weeks, they hunted, tracked and fought alongside one another. They had considered leaving again as just the pair, but Rick had convinced them out of it.

Stone had grown a bond with Rick, becoming his left partner as Daryl became his right. They made most of the group's decisions and Rick constantly looked to them for guidance. Stone eventually began appreciating Rick's presence and no longer blamed him for Rivers' death.

Stone admittedly missed Rivers, he was her only friend in America when she first arrived and she thanked him everyday for it. She still felt the pain of his death, it was still raw but it had toughened her up. She was no longer her reclusive self, she asserted power and the rules she had made, were now the groups commandments.


"Pom" Daryl called, gesturing for her to come closer.

"What?" Stone asked, sneaking past a few walkers and crouching beside Daryl.

"Look over there" Daryl whispered, raising his crossbow and pointing into the forest. Stone furrowed her brow and squinted into the distance, her eyes widened as she gazed at a large deer. She licked her lips hungrily, the group hadn't eaten in days and Stone feared for Lori's growing stomach.

"Fuck that looks delicious" Stone mumbled, looking at Daryl hopefully "Can you get it?" She asked.

"Course ah can" Daryl snapped, a scowl appearing on his face.

Stone smiled at his expression, he didn't like his hunting skills to be downgraded especially in front of him. She focused her attention elsewhere and snuck behind a walker. She pushed her knife through its skull and turned her head away from the blood that squirted out. She grimaced at the smell and dropped the limp walker, moving onto the next and sliding her knife through it as well.

"Bingo" Daryl hissed from his place, racing over to the deer and pulling an arrow from it. "Come here and help" Daryl said urgently, looking around at the advancing walkers. Stone ran over to him and helped pull his catch over the road behind them. Together they pushed through a wired gate and into an industrial looking building. In this building, storage units were stocked high above one another.

A few bottom storage units were opened and in each unit a member of the group stayed.

"Got us deer" Daryl drawled triumphantly. He earned several looks of admiration.

The group soon leapt into action, the building was shut from advancing walkers and the deer was skinned quickly. Stone had never seen a campfire lighted faster, she could feel the eager energy bouncing off each person in that building. She could feel herself growing hungrier as Daryl chopped the deer into pieces and threw it onto the awaiting cooking pan.

The smell was intoxicating, the group hadn't smelt anything as good since the farm.

"This must be heaven" Carol exclaimed, placing a hand on Daryl's shoulder.

Stone frowned at her hand, she knew this wasn't the moment to be jealous but she damn well felt that way. Daryl met her eyes with a pained expression, he felt uncomfortable with Carol's presence and flirtatious behavior.

After the deer was cooked, the group sat around the small inside fire. They were too immersed in their food to converse, and the silence was comforting. Stone studied the group carefully, she was aware of Lori's increasing bump and worried slightly for her. Despite Lori's constant rude behavior towards her, Stone still grew anxious of her birth process. She had even talked to Hershel about it, and had earned some tips if he wasn't present for the birth.

When dinner was finished, and the group separated to their different storage units, Carol moved towards Daryl "Daryl I was wondering if you wanted to come to my unit?" Carol offered, a flirtatious grin forming on her face.

Stone huffed angrily when Daryl agreed awkwardly and followed after her. He looked back at her and she glared at him furiously, before stomping back to the unit they had been sharing, due to the lack of open units. She sat on her pile of blankets angrily, brooding over Daryl's stupid decision.

She didn't have to wait long to yell at Daryl, he soon stumbled back into the unit with a disgusted look on his face. "Enjoy yourself?" Stone sneered, scowling up at him furiously. Daryl pulled a face, wiping his mouth angrily.

"Naw, fuckin' Carol kissed me" He spat, wiping his mouth again.

"Well that's what you get for agreeing to go to her unit" Stone retorted angrily.

"Tha fucks ye problem?" He asked, shutting the unit door from eavesdroppers.

"Carol is my problem" Stone sniffed, and Daryl smirked slightly.

"Ye jealous ain't ya?" He pressed.

"No" She lied.

"Yer jealous" He scoffed, "Ye ain't got 'nuffin to worry 'bout"

"Then why the fuck is Carol trying to seduce you?" She argued. She was surprised at her own jealous streak, chewing on her lip, she turned her head away.

Daryl came closer to her and bent his head down to her level, he grabbed her face and pressed his lip against her. It was the softest and most gentle kiss Stone had ever received, and she couldn't help but smile from it.

"Ye ain't got 'nuffin to worry 'bout" Daryl repeated seriously.

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