One Year of Time/Une année de temps

Chapter 1

The whole gang was at the airport saying goodbye.

"You got everything?" Regina asked.

"Your passport, ticket, books for the plane?" Katherine interjected.

"I got it all." Daphne said.

"Remember the cab is going to pick you up from the airport and take you to the hotel." John said.

"I remember." Daphne said.

"Call when you get there." Adriana jumped in.

"I promise." Daphne said.

Bay gave her a huge hug. "Get out there and show them what you can do."

Emmitt was next. After so many years they didn't need to sign for her to know he supported her.

Next came Adriana, then all three parents. With one more look over her shoulder she walked into the airport.

One year, She told herself, a whole year in France interning under Bruno. Daphne knew she had Jeff to thank. Getting an internship this high profile just out of high school, Jeff must have given her the best recommendation ever.

Daphne settled into her seat. She felt someone sit next to her. She knew who it was and turned around with a smile. Jeff's smiling face greeted her.

"You ready?"

"I'm terrified," She said.

"Don't be. I wouldn't have recommended you if I didn't think you would be amazing."

"Not about that. I'm going to kick ass at this internship." Daphne said.

Jeff laughed.

"I don't like to fly?" She confessed.

Jeff took her hand. She felt the same electricity she did the first time they touched. "I'm right here. I'm not going anywhere."