Hi Everyone! Thank you for giving this story a chance - it is a collaboration between myself (Sunflower Samurai) and my friend Lala Lumos. Its been an idea we've had for a while and thought we'd have a go at putting those thoughts down. Please enjoy!


The night was dark, the sky black. The stars had not come out tonight, not here, so far from civilization. Not that it would have helped a great deal, this far into the jungle the trees created a canopy blotting out the entire sky. Albus moved another over-sized leaf from his path, following the light from his wand. He squinted ahead, noting the dense blackness beginning to break. Another bead of sweat rolled down his face – the humidity alone was enough to make anyone turn back. The various leaves and twigs cracked under his feet as his pace quickened, the need to be rid of this place was becoming too much to bare. Suddenly – almost out of nowhere he saw a light breaking through. It seemed to blind him at first and he had to blink a few times for his eyes to adjust. Quickly he walked towards it until he made it to the clearing. He stopped as he felt the cool breeze from the sea wash over him and smiled – it was a welcome breeze. The clearing was small, sat at the top of a very high cliff. He looked up at the sky; it was indeed black except for the full moon which cast enough light in itself. He looked down at the small camp fire and the hooded shadow sat over it with its back to him.

"You look like you need to sit down for a moment, Albus," the figure said as it stood and turned towards him.

"Indeed, it is becoming harder and harder to reach you," he replied in a gruff tone.

"I thought that was the point?" it was a rhetorical question he knew. He was the one who had protected her when she was younger and taught her how to hide herself as she had grown up. Now he wished he had not taught her so well, it was becoming more difficult each time he had to find her. She noted his tired expression and pulled her hood down. Albus smiled, she had not changed much in seven years. Her hair was longer he noticed as it cascaded down to the small of her back – it was a beautiful silver blonde which seemed to shine like starlight as the moon reflected from it.

"I just finished brewing a fresh pot of tea, would you care to join me?" she asked, her bright blue eyes smiling at him as he made his way to the campfire. He sat beside her looking out into the darkness in front of them, listening to the sound of the water below crashing softly against the cliff. She handed him a small grey cup, he took it carefully from her as it did not have a handle. She settled herself into a comfortable position and pulled her cloak tighter around her as though she were cold. She took a cup in both her hands and began to sip staring out in the same direction as Albus.

"Why are you here Albus?" she asked without looking up.

"I'm afraid the time has come when I need you to return to Hogwarts," he felt her tense beside him.

"How can it possibly be of anyone's interest to have me there? It would be too dangerous for the students, for you…" she trailed off; he knew where this was going.

"It is not up for discussion, Temperance. I want you there by the first day of term. I need someone I can trust who can act as a confidante in a counselor role, we have an important student beginning this year and I want him to be able to confide in someone other than myself," he held his gaze on her. She was still looking off into the distance – it annoyed him slightly that he was unable to read her thoughts and feelings, she had learned to mask them well, something else he had taught her.

"Is there no one else who can fill that role?"

"No, it has to be you, we each have our part to play and this is yours," he sighed to himself before setting his cup down next to the fire and standing. "Well I must be off now, it took me far too long to get here," he brushed down his robes. "I'll see you in two weeks," his tone left no room for arguments as he began walking away, back into the jungle. He had only walked a few steps before Temperance heard him disapperate away. She let out a long sigh before pulling her hood up and lying down beside the fire trying to sleep.

Well there you have it - a tiny little snippet of what's to come!

Hope you enjoyed!