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First Day Nerves

Astrid Graves

Astrid rose early that morning excited to start her first day learning to be witch. It was still dark outside as she washed and dressed while the rest of the girls were starting to rise and beginning to get ready. When she was ready, Astrid headed down to the common room to wait on the others. The room was empty when she entered; looking around she noticed a book case at the far end of the room and went over to choose a book to read to pass the time while she waited. She ran her finger over the spines, scanning the various titles when a book called A History of Hogwarts caught her eye. She lifted the book, noting it was quite heavy and took it over to a chair, sitting down to read.

Half an hour passed before the common room started filling up with students preparing to go down for breakfast. Astrid was just finishing the second chapter of the book when she noticed Neville coming over to join her. She set the book aside and smiled at him in greeting.

"Morning," she said. Neville smiled, blushing he replied. "Morning, did you sleep well?"

"Very well thank you, I got up really early, probably a little too early, cause I was so excited to start. Are you ready to head down for breakfast?"

"Yeah I'm starving and if the breakfast is anything like the dinner I can't wait to get stuck in!" Neville said enthusiastically, laughing Astrid agreed. She got up from the chair and they made their way down to the great hall.

The hall was only half full when they entered, the Gryffindor table only holding a handful of students already tucking into their meal. They sat down near the middle of the table where there were no other students and started to eat the array of food that was on offer. Astrid had started on her second helping of sausage, bacon and egg when Hermione sat down beside her.

"Morning," she said brightly. "What's good?"

They both said morning and Neville told her that they had very nice pancakes; he was currently on his second helping.

"I think I'll just have a little toast and cereal, best not to eat too much before going to class." Neville stopped mid forkful as Hermione started eating a bowl of cornflakes. "I'll just leave the rest," he said pushing his plate away. Hermione started musing about what their timetable would be like.

"What class do you think we'll have first?" Astrid not really knowing much about the classes replied. "I'm not sure, I'm just looking forward to learning magic, I've not done any real magic yet."

"You've not done any real magic before today? Have you done anything magical?" asked Hermione. Sheepishly Astrid replied "I've only been able to talk to animals, Professor Dumbledore says that means I'm a witch and have magical powers." Hermione and Neville both stared open mouthed.

"You can talk to animals?" asked Neville.

"Yeah," Astrid thought back to the first time it happened. "I've always just been able to understand what they're saying, until I found out about witches and wizards, I thought there was something really wrong with me," a small smile formed on her lips.

"Not all witches and wizards can talk with animals, it's a really rare skill!" Hermione explained still looking amazed about what Astrid had revealed. They were interrupted at that moment as Professor McGonagall walked up to the table to giving out the timetables for the term.

Temperance Starfall

Temperance was sat at the staff table in the Great Hall. The room was full with the usual raucous noise as the boys ate far too much, far too quickly and the girls looked at them disgusted. Temperance picked at the various objects on her plate, it appeared her appetite had not yet awakened. She yawned leaning her head on her hand and dazing into her food. It hadn't escaped her notice that Severus had been watching her since she had entered this morning, not taking his eyes off her except for the occasional glances at Harry Potter. She knew he was annoyed about last night for some reason and sooner or later he would make her aware it. Unfortunately it happened sooner. Albus had wandered away to speak with someone during breakfast and had told Temperance he wouldn't be long, then he would take her to her office – that was forty minutes ago. She sighed quietly to herself before standing, deciding she could no longer pretend to be interested in the food on her plate. She had only taken a step before she felt a familiar hand on her shoulder.

"Where you aware that you left the door to your chambers open last night?" she turned to see Severus' stern face.

"I never left it open, I opened it for myself not wanting to be caught by that beast of Filch's," she averted his gaze, turning to leave.

"Perhaps you could have told me this yourself while I was there?" Temperance could tell he wasn't going to give up easily.

"Perhaps, but I didn't think you would appreciate me standing naked in front of you," a playful smile appeared on her lips. He seemed momentarily flustered as her words sunk in before composing himself once more.

"If you can transform so easily then you shouldn't have a problem changing into your human form fully clothed," his face and tone remaining the same. "If you cannot then it may be better you do not change into your cat or seek Professor McGonagall's help. She is quite well versed in that magic," he hissed the last word and began to walk away from her.

"True but she can only change into one animal, it's more complicated when you can shift forms," the annoyance in her tone audible. She was beginning to tire of Severus' constant lectures. Severus turned back to her, his eyes questioning her response.

"How is that possible?" He studied her for a moment, before she could answer they were interrupted by the approach of Dumbledore.

"Ah, Temperance, sorry it took me so long, new students seem to need spoon-fed directions at times," he gave a tired smile as he extended his hand to her. Temperance gladly took it, happy to be leaving. Severus watched them go and gave a raised eyebrow before heading to his first class.

Temperance sat looking out of the small window in her office idly twirling a pen in her right hand. The office was located in one of the circular towers near the Headmasters office. It was a nice size but as with her chambers, it could do with a little decorating. There were various shelves curved around the walls that she had magically painted in different pastel shades before placing her books onto them but she had yet to decide on the overall colour the room would be. She leaned back in her chair looking down at the assortment of papers on her desk. She had only been in her post for six hours and already had several students come to complain about Professor Snape. She sighed heavily as a light knock came at the door.

"Come in!" she said aloud. The handle turned and a small head appeared around the door.

"Excuse me, Professor. I was wondering if I may speak with you for a moment?" Harry Potter quietly stepped inside her office. Temperance looked at him, speechless for a moment. She gave her head a quick shake.

"Mr. Potter, please take a seat," she smiled standing and motioning towards the chair sat directly in front of her desk.

"Thank you," he replied sheepishly sitting down.

"What can I help you with today?" she asked taking her seat again.

"I'm not sure," he fiddled with his glasses. "I feel like, maybe I'm making it all up…" he trailed off.

"Well why don't you tell me anyway?" she encouraged with a warm smile. Harry shifted uncomfortably in his seat.

"It's Professor Snape." Temperance silently groaned to herself upon hearing his name yet again.

"He… I don't think he likes me… actually I think he hates me. He humiliated me in front of the whole class today."

"Would it surprise you if I told you, you're not the first student to say this to me," she sat back in her chair. "Harry I know his teaching methods are harsh and I do not agree with them in any way but please do not feel like he has singled you out." Harry looked down at his feet; Temperance could feel that he didn't agree with her. Hell, she didn't agree with herself, but she couldn't tell Harry this. "Would you like to make a formal complaint?" she asked. Harry shook his head 'no'. Unfortunately without a formal written complaint there was not much else she could do except make a note and bring it to Albus' attention. "I plan to speak with Professor Snape about his methods but in the meantime if he says or does anything else, I want you to come to me directly," he looked up at her again and nodded solemnly. "Is there anything else you would like to discuss today?" she asked.

"No, Professor," he said getting up and leaving the room.

Temperance let out a heavy sigh and began collecting her papers, placing them in the folder closest to her desk. She threw her grey cloak over her shoulders and made her way out of the office. The clock in the courtyard chimed as she passed – it was almost dinner. She looked out at the students who had begun making their way to the Great Hall and saw Severus heading in the same direction handing detention out to a few students he considered to be loitering. Temperance rolled her eyes and started walking in the opposite direction towards her chambers, deciding she wasn't hungry tonight.

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