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Chapter 1

The sun blared down upon the weathered tent, its heat radiating through the fabric, reaching within.


Blair rolled over onto her back as she kicked the thin blanket off her. Sitting upwards, Blair cracked her neck before rising to her feet. Reaching down onto the dirty crippled table, Blair collected her bracelets and rifle, slinging it across her back. She slid the three bracelets onto her left wrist before exiting the tent.

"Well good morning Mammoth"

Blair cracked her head to the left to be greeted with the familiar face of Jin, his muscular body crouched over his rocket launcher on the ground. Jin was Blair's best friend, well, her only friend who was still alive on this planet. Blair scowled at the man, walking past him towards her runner.

"Where you headin?" he asked wiping his shaggy golden hair back. Blair turned towards Jin with a blank look.

"Fyrestone.." she replied blankly, turning to the key, reving the runner. Jin raised to his feet before running over to the runner and clambering into the gunner's seat. She sighed silently, obviously irritated by her new company. She was hoping for a day of peace but it seemed too late now. She revved the runner before throwing the runner into full speed down the track.

The runner halted to a sudden stop outside of the small town's metal barriers. Blair usually would have run over the barriers but today she felt more sympathy than usual after the incident that occurred. She pulled her rifle out from behind her seat before throwing onto her back. She started towards the town, halting as she heard Jin crash towards the dirt ground. "Idiot…" She continued, leaving the slightly injured Jin behind.

"Blair!" A familiar booming voice echoed from one of the buildings within the town. Blair picked up her ears before recognising the voice of whom she recognised was Marcus. His wobbling belly greeted her as she smiled gently at the dealer.

"How nice to see you again!" he said as he threw his hands up in the air. He took a step closer before leaning in to Blair's face.

"I trust you have completed the little errand I sent you on" he asked, adding emphasis to the word errand in hope that she would understand. Blair retrieved a small pistol from her messenger bag, handing it to Marcus. He took it gently, admiring the work.

"It's made of the best metals I could find" Blair started, watching as Marcus held the weapon with amazement. "Recoil reduction of 60%, Damage of 379 and extra corrosive damage for extra measure" Blair added with pride as she too, admired her work. Blair had worked on numerous guns before, for both bandits and Marcus but she too, had to admit this was one of her best. Marcus turned the gun in his hand before turning back to Blair, complimenting her with a reassuring nod.

"I knew you would not fail me Blair" he boomed, delivering a heavy pat on the back. A slight shuffle from behind reassured Blair that Jin had made it from the runner to the town in one piece. The skag nests in the gully were quite fierce, and even though she knew Jin could take care of himself, she liked to make sure. Jin moved up from behind Blair, his eyes too moving towards her greatest work.

"That's what you have been working on isn't it?" he asked, moving next to her. She replied with a slight nod as she turned back to Marcus. She raised her hand to Marcus, her face asking for his item in return. Marcus glanced at her hand to her face before echoing out a loud bellow of laughter.

"Oh, I can never fool you Blair!" he said as he pulled out an excessive amount of money from his pocket. He licked his fingers before counting the money carefully, being sure not to give too much. Blair eagerly took the cash from Marcus in exchange with a nod from Marcus.

"Good doing business with you Blair" Marcus said as he swirled the gun in his hand.

"Have you met the vault hunters yet?" he asked with a cheerful tone. Blair looked slightly confused, confused perhaps before shaking her head. "Vault hunters are actually real?" The vault had been a myth Blair had known since childhood. A great vault with loot, fame and women (Or men for the women). Her father told her about it as a child, and being the stubborn girl she was, she believed it. But she wasn't the only one apparently. The news of vault hunters slightly intrigued her, and apparently Jin too.

"There are actual vault hunters here!" Jin exclaimed.

Marcus nodded. "Maybe you two could find them and offer them a hand or two. I've heard that Helena Pierce is hassling them with her chores and errands." Blair turned her back against Marcus before heading back towards the runner. Jin's eyes followed her before turning back to Marcus.

"We probably will. We have to deliver some stuff at New Haven anyway" Jin said politely before shaking hands with the dealer. "Thanks for the news" Marcus patted Jin on the back before waving to him. "Good luck in your adventure!" Marcus added.

Jin rested against the runner which Blair was perched upon, her hands running along her rifle. "Are we still headed for New Haven?" Blair turned towards Jin who was kicking a large rock across the dirt ground, his blue eyes focused. She turned away, replying with a slight nod. Their relationship had changed since the incident. She wasn't sure if it was the incident directly or it was the fact Jin pretended like nothing had happened, but something made her angry. Or perhaps it was the fact that she was making such a big deal over nothing. She shook her head before sliding down into the driver's seat. She heard Jin climb into the gunner's seat, sinking down into the small hole out of sight. She missed the times when he sat in the passenger seat next to her but she assumed that was forever lost now.

Jin jumped out of the runner quickly, running ahead of Blair as the runner exploded behind them, the debris crashing down near them. An explosion of bullets fired overhead as the two took cover behind a large boulder. She peered over the boulder, observing the scene. She placed her finger of the trigger, her eye at the scope as she took in her first victim. A normalm average bandit, cocky as could be, paced around the camp, his pistol placed upon his shoulder. Blair took deep breathes as she aimed at the bandit's head. She was in control. The bandit's life was hers; she had the choice to end his life here, and chose she did. A bullet blasted from the rifle barrel as Blair squeezed the trigger. Staying on track, the bullet found its target, lodging itself into the miniscule brain of the bandit. Blair looked up from the scope to see her work. The other bandits dove into cover at the sight of their fellow comrade dead. A small chuckle from Jin alarmed her as she turned his way. "I'm going in" he whispered to her. Jin pulled himself to his feet, his pistols in hand as he raced towards the bandit camp.

"Locked and loaded bitches!" he screamed as gun fire spread across the camp.

Blair peered through her scope. The bandits laid dead along the ground as Jin looted their dead bodies. Blair let out a small smile as she raised herself from their cover. A new case of bullets was loaded into her rifle as she made her way to Jin who was occupied observing his newly looted rifle. Blair's feet crunched under the dirt ground, alarming Jin. He raised the rifle towards Blair who took it into her hands, admiring it with caution. Most bandits guns were supplied by the ?Alias Corporation, who supplied cheap and non-durable guns but this gun didn't seem to be of Alias type. Blair placed the rifle along the ground, her hand running over the details.

"826 damage, recoil reduction of 83% with shock elemental damage." Jin peered over Blair's hunched body as she calculated the gun's statistics. She sighed deeply before pulling the rifle off the ground. A sudden bump into Jin knocked Blair to the ground, her rifle smashing onto the ground.

"My rifle!" Blair hunched over her broken rifle, holding the scattered pieces of the rifle in her hands.

"I'm so sorry Blair, I didn…."

"Just shut up" Blair picked up her rifle, pushing roughly past Jin as she left the bandit camp. Jin shook his head slightly before rushing up to Blair, taking her hand in his own.


Blair pulled her hand out of his grip violently, not daring to make any eye contact. "Just leave me alone" She headed further up the road, towards the growing buildings in the horizon.

"Jesus Christ!" Jin slammed a fist on the remaining debris of their runner. Blair flinched at his sudden outburst before halting in her path. Jin caught up to her, an angry aura spreading off him. Blair turned away from him as they walked silently down the road, weapons in hands. She wasn't sorry for her outburst. He knew it was her favourite rifle, in fact, he was the one that bought it for her. But something inside, inside her cold heart hurt, as if punctured. Something she had only felt once, with Jin. During that incident. A slight growl from Jin brought Blair back to reality as they entered the small town known as New Haven.

"Finally..." Jin exclaimed, rushing ahead of her.

"Jin..." Jin halted, turning back to the blushing Blair. She never blushed, she never felt any emotions, only to Jin and he knew the signs when she was upset. He sighed before taking her in his arms and holding her tightly.

"It's okay Blair..." he reassured. Blair tied her arms around Jin, embracing his warmth. This was the Jin she knew, this was the Jin she loved, at least what she knew of love.. Blair responded to Jin's sympathy only to be muffled by his chest.


Blair pulled herself away from Jin. She turned to his eyes, it's cool gaze causing her to smile. "Your such an idiot" A sudden punch to his left arm caused him to laugh as they made their way further into the town together.