The package fell through the mail slot into the floor with a thud. Spike got up from his spot on the couch
to see what the noise was, he bent down and picked up the package, it was wrapped in plain brown
paper and addressed to Buffy Summers and Spike. Well that was different. no one ever sent them
mail together, there was no return address. It wasn't very heavy, felt like a book maybe. Curious as to
what it could be, he took it upstairs to show to Buffy.

He opened the door to their bedroom, that sounded really good, 'their bedroom'. He smiled as he
walked into the room, still dark despite the sunshine due to the dark curtains. He had teased her
about those curtains, "Why did you go with such dark ones, luv? Did you know I was coming back?"
She'd thrown a pillow at him and then thrown him on the bed, devouring his mouth with hers,
touching him everywhere and in every way. That had been a week after they had found their way
back to each other again, the first time they had actually 'made love' mutually.

Buffy was asleep on the bed, her head covered with the pillow, she had stayed out late last night
at Anya's second bachelorette party, she and Xander were really going to go through with it this time.
This time a quiet small wedding had been planned for next week. He had no idea what they had done
but he knew it involved alcohol consumption, which never worked out well for Buffy. He sat down
beside her on the bed and shook he shoulder, soflty calling her name, "Buffy, wake up sleepy head!"

"Hmmmmm..., I love you Spike, but I really do have a massive headache this morning." She growled
from under the pillow.

Spike laughed, "So it's come to that has it, headaches?"

"What do you want?" Buffy pulled the pillow off of her head trying to sound grumpy but her smile spoiled
the effect.

"You know what I want." He arched his eyebrows at her and grinned as he kissed her.

She returned the kiss eagerly, "Always."

She pouted when he pulled away from her, "We got this in the mail?" He held up the package.

"Who is it from?" Buffy asked taking the package from him.

"Dunno, no return address. Thought you might want to open it."

"So if it's a bomb, I get it first?" She cut her eyes at him.

"It's not ticking, I checked." He grinned at her, "But I can open it if you want."

"It looks safe, but I don't recognize the handwriting. Aha, it's postmarked New York City." She
shook the package for good measure before she unwrapped it. "It's a book."

A note was stuck to the front of the book , iPlease open and read the first page."/i
She opened the book to and began to read aloud,

Above the dedication, was a note written in script,
Buffy and Spike,br
Somehow, I know you two are together now. Buffy, I took yours and Spike's story and I wrote this book.
Not to worry, there is not one slayer or vampire in the book, I wrote about two rivals in the business
world who suffer through a lot before they get their happy ending. Read the dedication below, it's for
Wishing you much happiness,

Spike put his arm around Buffy as she read down the page to the dedication, she began to read
aloud again,

iThis book is dedicated to two very special people - they know who they are.. It's a story of opposites,
violence, betrayal, desperation, reconciliation and most importantly the power of love. I call it a Tale of Two Hearts./i

She lay the book down on her bedside table and turned to Spike, they spent rest of the afternoon together,
two hearts together as one.

The End