For Sam the day started off just like any other. She had woken up in her cold and empty bedroom missing the presence of her husband. She then managed to heave herself out of bed and forced herself to shower and dress for work before she began to routine task of making herself the much needed cup of coffee she had craved since the second she had opened her eyes. After downing the said coffee as quickly as possible, she grabbed her car keys (she would have cycled but she heard on the radio that it was destined to rain by 7pm that evening. Typical British weather) and headed out to her treasured Mercedes. The drive to work was somewhat hellish as after getting stuck in morning traffic a bus driver decided to cut her up after pulling out of the bus lane just as she was driving past. To add to her annoyance the person in front who, despite having a sports car decided to drive like an old aged pensioner! Her mood was only worsened when she arrived at work only to be ignored by her estranged husband. Yep, it was definitely a start to yet another ordinary day for one Dr Sam Nicholls. However, unknown to her someone out there was about to change her life for good.

"That's enough you two!" Nick Jordan chastised Sam and Dylan yet again as they began to bicker over something petty.

"Mr Jordan will you please tell Dr Keogh here to stop interfering with my patient." Sam sighed exasperated as she gestured to her irritating but, in his owen way sweet, husband.

"I'm only trying to help Sam, you're the who was complaining about the test results coming back inconclusive." Dylan retorted like a stubborn child.

Sam was about to reply but stopped when their clinical lead slammed the official looking files he was carrying onto the nearby surface. "I said thats enough!" he barked repeating his earlier command. Sams mouth snapped shut and Dylan turned to look at Nick with his hands on his hips. "Will you two just do everyone a favour and stay out of each others way?" Nick ordered. Dylan was about to say something but it was his turn for his mouth to snap shut as nick carried on his mini rant. "Sam, I'll take over your patients care, you can go and work in resus." He said before turning to face his male employee. "And you Dr Keogh, you can go back to doing what you do best, treating patients with mysterious diseases. And i mean it I don't want to see you two within 10 metres of each other, is that clear?" he asked rhetorically. He received two nods in agreement and he smiled at his little triumph. "Good, hopefully that will put a stop to you two jumping down each others throats every other minute, maybe you can both get some work done and with a bit of luck the rest of us can get some peace and quiet."

Just as Nick had finished the red 'Crisis Phone' rang. Dylan was about to answer it but before eve one of his sausage like fingers could touch the receiver his wife had already beaten him to it and had raised the said receiver to her ear. She listened intently as she scribbled something down on a green post itbefore she said anything. "Great, someone will be out shortly." She said before putting the receiver down. "RTC on Charlie Browns roundabout. Multiple casualties. Paramedics requested a doctor, I'm happy to go if no one else wants to." She informed her colleagues who had all gathered round after hearing the shrill ring of the Crisis Phone. She looked around at the reluctant faces before her before she smiled gleefully. "Right, I'll be leaving in five minutes." She stated before hurrying off to prepare to save multiple lives.

"I just don't know how she does it." Zoe said staring at the spot where her young colleague had previously stood.

"It's Sam, she's just being her usual reckless self, its nothing to admire, believe me." An irrate Dylan responded somewhat bitterly.

"I guess you could say that its in her blood to act on impulse, she's in the army after all." Nick pondered thoughtfully.

"yes, well unfortunately I happen to be married to her, she just loves to see me sweat." Dylan said gruffly before stalking off in a huff to no doubt brood in his sacred CDU.