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It was now the weekend, Saturday to be precise. During the week Maya had asked if Amy would stay over, both parents had agreed to her request so now Maya was practically bouncing off the walls with excitement as she waited for her best friend to arrive. Not only was she having her new friend round for a sleepover but her Daddy was staying over too! It was going to be so much fun! Maya and Amy had plotted to ask Sam if they could use some of her makeup which she hardly ever wore. At first she was reluctant but when she found out why they wanted it she was willing to help them with their mission. Their plan was to tire Dylan out by making him play with them nonstop and then, when he was sleeping they would give him a makeover so of course Sam was going to agree with something which would humiliate him!

"They're here! They're here!" Maya exclaimed once she saw Amy's parent's car pull up outside the flat from the living room window. It was both hers and Amy's first ever sleep over so Sam had made sure to buy a new video recorder and camera so she could capture every single second. She had been videoing Mayas excitable antics all morning! "Amy!" Maya cried as Dylan opened the door to mark and his family. Amy came flying through the front door no longer like how she was a few days ago. The two girls hugged and hurried off upstairs to play.

"Me and Daddy will be leaving soon honey!" Emma shouted up after her daughter just before Mayas bedroom doo slammed shut.

Sam laughed and shook her head before smiling at her own new friend. "Would you like some coffee?" She asked and Emma nodded and followed her into the kitchen leaving their grumpy husbands to chat in the hallway.

"Erm...how are you with fixing up trampolines?" Dylan asked and Mark raised his eyebrow confused by his question.

A couple of hours later the girls, Sam and Dylan were out in the garden. Surprisingly, it wasn't raining but it was a little chilly so Sam made them were their jackets whilst they played on the trampoline Dylan and Mark had set up.

"Daddy! Come and play!" Maya squealed as she performed a seat as elegantly as she could for a five year old girl.

Dylan looked at Sam's amused smile before he returned his gaze to their expectant daughter and her friend. "I'm a bit big darling, I don't want to hurt you or Amy." He tried to get himself out of it but deep down he knew Sam was going to make him play with them anyway.

"But Daddy the trampoline is huge! Mummy says up to five people can go on it!" Maya replied.

Dylan looked back to Sam with a raised eyebrow and a cunning smile. "Oh can it now?" He asked slowly.

Sam quickly cottoned on to what she was getting at and looked at him with a serious expression. "No, Dylan, don't." She warned just before her husband tried to hook an arm around her waist but unfortunately for him she was quick. Although that didn't stop him from chasing after her. Maya and Amy stopped jumping and were suddenly in fits of laughter as they watched Mayas Mummy and Daddy run around the garden. After a few moments Dylan began to slow down and pretend to be out of breath so Sam stopped to take a breather herself. Dylan slowly and quietly crept up behind her again as Maya and Amy continued to giggle quietly to themselves.

"Gotcha!" Dylan suddenly pounced on Sam from behind and before she knew what was happening she was being lifted over Dylan's shoulder in a fireman's carry.

"Dylan! Put me down!" She exclaimed as she pounded him on the back nonstop but that didn't make him put her down. "I'm going to kill you." She whispered quietly in his ear through gritted teeth but Dylan knew she was just messing.

Maya and Amy continued to giggle even after Dylan swiftly through her onto the trampoline making her gasp loudly. Sam glared at her husband and he just shrugged. "What? You told me told me to put you down." He reminded her innocently before climbing onto the trampoline himself. Instead of jumping on it Dylan decided to have a rest and plopped himself down in the middle of the trampoline instead...

That was a bad mistake...Sam looked between the children with and evil glint in her eye that went unnoticed by Dylan. "Get him girls!" She ordered joking before all three of them bundled on top of him.

Dylan growled in mock annoyance and managed to tickle his wife. The girls soon got bored and began to bounce some more on the trampoline but Dylan was still looking revenge. Sam squirmed and squirmed but no matter what she did he would not loosen the tight vice like grip he had on her. Suddenly she came up with an idea that she knew would make him stop. She looked up at the girls to see if they were looking at them which they weren't so she took this as an opportunity to climb on top of him so she was straddling him, he continued to tickle her so she quickly bent down and pressed her soft lips against his and to her relief he stopped his devilish attack on her and instead wound his arms around her waist pulling her closer towards him. The kiss deepened and this time it was more passionate than the one from two weeks ago, neither of them still wasn't sure whether it was lust or love but they did know that this was what they wanted that was until they heard a loud, "Ewwwww." Followed by two high pitched giggles.

Sam swiftly unlocked her husband's arms from around her waist and climbed off of him before getting off the trampoline. "I'm going to make a start on dinner." She said brightly trying to hide her embarrassment once again. With one last look at a confuse Dylan she hurried across the lawn and up the steps which led to her kitchen without so much as a second glance.

"Mummy and Daddy sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g!" Maya sung before her and Amy were attacked by the tickle monster AKA Dylan Keogh!