"And for the next meeting, in accordance with the Archchancellor's new decree, each member of the faculty is asked to bring something lucky. Thank you." Ponder Stibbons sat down with a bump, tucking away his paperwork glumly as the others dispersed. Archchancellor Ridcully's latest decree was that at the beginning of each faculty meeting there was to be a themed "sharing minute". Apparently someone had told him that it would help the meetings go better. How that idea had stuck with him when a thousand others bounced off, Ponder would never understand.

He'd probably forget about it in a month or so, but until then it would be good to go along with it. Something lucky… Ponder meandered gloomily across one of the lawns on his way to the high energy magic building. Luck was an outdated principle anyway. Maybe Hex would have a suggestion…

Staring at his feet for want of another distraction, Ponder sighed. And then he stopped. Carefully he reversed his movements so that he was stepping backwards for a few feet, and then he stopped again and squinted down at the lawn.

Impossible. Absolutely ridiculous, that he should be wandering along, thinking about luck, only to discover the very thing!

A four-leaf clover.

It was absurd – especially, a small voice in his head said, as Modo usually kept the lawns scrupulously free of anything except, well, lawn. But Ponder dismissed this as irrelevant.

Bending down, he gently plucked the thing from the ground. After staring at it for a moment, he tucked it carefully into a pocket in his robes and continued on his way, considerably more cheerful.