This one is written at the request of a guest reviewer on my story 'Ice Cold and Diamond Frost'. I hope whoever you are that you find this story and you like it...and that the rest of you like it too!

He knew she knew he felt like he could never deserve her. More than that, he knew she didn't care. He looked down at the ocean waves lapping at the cliff side, gently wearing away at its long established structure. That was exactly what was happening to him. With each mention of her name or Genosha, his nerves grew thinner and thinner.

Kurt had promised himself a long time ago that when he declined a place in the Catholic clergy, he would never go against himself and his instincts. He had been doing just that for a long time. Every piece of his animalistic nature was roaring at him to run and hide, but he couldn't. His human side had responsibilities.

As of a few days ago, those responsibilities had revolved solely around a scarlet hued thorn in his side. Logan had wanted to speak with her about the Institute (by which he obviously meant X-men) joining forces with Genosha, or at least opening the doors to one another. Three days ago she had arrived with her little sister, and he couldn't help but feel like fate was laughing right into his blue face.

Now he was standing at the edge of a cliff, which was as far as he could get from her without getting his fur wet. At least, he thought he was away from her.

"How long will you try to act like I don't exist?"

He whirled around to find the very gorgeous bane of his thoughts glaring at him with a force that completely contradicted the softness of her tone, "I-I-I...I w-was"

"Just ignoring me until I would leave and forget you existed?" she asked more like a statement than a question. "That's impossible, Kurt. I think somewhere deep within you, you know that. I could never forget you. I-"

"Don't!" Kurt shouted, covering his pointed ears like a child. "Don't say it!"

She grabbed his wrists and pulled them down so his ears were exposed, knowing he wouldn't be willing to fight her to get away, "I love you, Kurt. There's no getting around this."

"Yes. Yes, there is," he breathed, his heart pounding so hard he was shocked to see the ground wasn't shaking. "There has to be."

"No, there doesn't," Wanda moved her hands to rest on the back of his neck. "Nothing you say or do will change my mind. I really do love you."

Kurt closed his eyes and shook his head, hoping this all would go away, "You can't. I mean...LOOK AT ME!"

Shocked by his sudden outburst, she took a few frightened steps backward, hands glowing a dangerous red, "I am looking."

"Look harder, Wanda! I'm a monster! Adults scream when they see me and children cry!" Kurt's blue eyes filled with tears at the memories.

The glow covering her hands went out, "Not all children cry. I happen to remember a few in Genosha who thought you looked like a cuddly stuffed toy. Adults only scream because...they watch too much television to discern truth from lies."

Kurt laughed, though mostly without real humor, "How can you possibly stand to look at me? You are so much, and can be so much more. Why...why choose me?"

She put her arms back where they had been before and pulled her body closer to his, "I already told you that, you silly man. I love you."

Surrendering to fate, he pulled her in for a kiss that made the world both stand still and spin faster. At that moment, he knew he had been stupid to fight it. He loved her more than she could ever love him, and in that moment, that's all that mattered.

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