Tell me who I really am

Summary; Out of all the people who suffered from the curse, Red Riding Hood was one of them that suffered the most. She lost her lover. Her grandmother doesn't remember who she is. The worst part was that she also lost something she never knew existed. A daughter with a forgotten face.

Mentions Peter/Red

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People always told me that I reminded them of a wolf.

Probably because of my shaggy black hair and piercing green eyes. Dad said my hair was from my mom and my eyes from him. I was a tall kid, with an athletic glow around me that Dad said I got from my mom. I had double-jointed fingers that can easily pick locks like a kid can eat candy.

Probably explains the reason why I am running from the cops.



I laugh. I dig my black converse into the wet pavement and adjust the bag full of food, from Mr. Gold. I tuck the edges of my gray sweat jacket hood behind my ears and look behind me. The two cops that had been chasing me for the past thirty minutes were huffing, puffing and coughing. As I race down another avenue, I think back to the memorized map of this rainy little town of northern Maine known as Storybrooke. I was so caught up in my memorized map that I hadn't realized that I had run into a dead end.

Not good for someone like me.

The dead end was a solid brick wall shooting up twenty feet into the air. There were no fire escapes. No ladders. No crates. No nothing. I jerked my head one way and then another. No. Way. Out.

"You. Are. Under. Arrest. Phoenix. Grant"

I knew once those words hit my ears, I was a goner. I slowly turned around. The two officers that were chasing me were blocking my only way out. I raised my hands in surrender and placed them behind my head. The bag plopped on the slick asphalt. One of the officer came up and collected the bag while the other places the cuffs on my hands before whispering "Good choice" and leading me to the cop car. He opened the door. I crawled inside, not even bothering to buckle up, I laid out in the back seat. He slammed the door

"Mind if I sleep fellas?" I called out.

"If you won't escape" the one in the passenger side answer. He was probably in his late thirties with balding spot on the top of his head with a ring of red hair. His brown shone with victory. The one that put my handcuffs on just grunted. He was probably twenty-five tops, with dark brown hair and green eyes. He looked like he was always grumpy. The two would be hilarious duo if they weren't after me.

With a great effort, I had managed to pull out the slightly battered photo of me and my father. Dad had worked so hard to give me a normal life. It was hard though without my mom, though. He worked two shifts but somehow had managed to keep the weekend free. No matter how tired he was on Friday nights, he would always still be grateful for what I had planned. I remember when he would come home from the animal shelter his dark brown hair would be slightly wet with sweat. The sweat would trickled down his beard and off to the floor but he would still be smiling. Reason be our car didn't have air conditioning but he was still happy as he can be. Dad couldn't go any where without being recognized. Reason be he was so helpful. They would call out

"Hey Peter!"


"What's up Peter?"

Me as his daughter was also recognized. So you can imagine we were really close. So when he disappeared six months ago, I was devastated, but I kept two things of his with me at all times. A wooden wolf on a piece of twine that hung around my neck and a photo of him and me. He was holding the camera so his arm was cut out of the picture. The photo was taken with an old Polaroid six months ago at my fourteenth birthday. He was in his hunting outfit while I was in just a plain blue tee. We smiling and being happy. I didn't know he would disappear a week later. Police contacted me, when his hunting party got separated by a bear. They didn't find him but they promised that the they would try to find him. They gave up after a month, but I didn't.

He's out there I know it.

He just is lost.

I pressed the photo against my lips. I had realized that the cops were pulling up at the station. I quickly stuffed the photo back in my pocket and snap my eyes cloes. The one who cuffed me flung opened the door. I cracked open an eye. I crawled out of the car and onto the made my walk to the sheriff's station. Baldy pulled out a key, jammed it in the lock and shoved me inside. It was nothing special, a worn wooden floor, white walls, a old computer sat in the open, a couple of wooden desks and a holding cell with a bed. Grumpy walked over to the cell, pull out the key, open the cell and shoved me inside. The two then walked to one glassed wall office with a couch and began to watch T.V. I looked at the bed, deciding that my choices of escaping were slim, I climb on the cot and fell to the darkness of sleep as a fleeting thought entered my mind

"Where are you, Mom?"