A/N: I loved that line from The Rundown Job, so I wrote a little drabble about it. Hope you like. May redo/expand this later.

"It would be like Picasso putting down his paintbrushes."

On the long flight home those words echoed in Eliot's mind. Riley was right, he just didn't understand. Eliot wasn't a Hitter anymore – not like Riley meant – but he was the Teams's Hitter. He would kill again to protect them. Picasso hadn't put down his paint brushes, he was just painting something different these days. Making people's lives better, instead of ending them. Helping people instead of hurting them. Well, he did still hurt people, but now he only hurt people who deserved it. Images from the Warehouse where he'd taken out several of Damien's men flashed into his mind, but with no guilt. Okay, he sometimes beat up or knocked out a security guard who was just doing his job; but they worked for corrupt companies, and he never hurt them too badly. Never injuries they couldn't recover from. No, Picasso hadn't put down his paint brushes, just found something new to paint. Something with a lot less red. He'd never get the blood off his hands, but at least he wasn't adding more the way he had been.