Hey I've been writing this for about two years now and I'm determined to finish it, so I'm posting it. I'm only doing one disclaimer for the whole thing so here it is.

Title: Trip Down Under Author: Moonbeam E-mail: luvsbitca@hotmail.com Summary: Willow and the gang win a trip to Australia Disclaimer: I own no part of Buffy, nor any other show I reference. The camp belongs to the rotary youth camp I use it because I love the place, please don't sue. The characters you don't know are mine as is the plot, I hope. Author's Note: post chip, pre spike-the-idiot. There is swearing, I'm Australian so there is also different spelling, if anything comes up you haven't heard of, tell me and I will explain it.

I hope you enjoy and like my story, that blue button is both your and my friend.

Thanks Moonbeam