Gone Hunting; a Beverly Hillbillies Story. All rights to the characters and background of the Beverly Hillbillies belong to its creators. Story, Jed was going to hunting in the hills with Duke. But his plans changed with a crash.

Jed Clampett was sitting in the back of the house with Duke, his bloodhound. Jed was just taking in the air. He was cleaning his shotgun, as he looked down on Duke, he spoke.

"Duke, this would be a good day to go hunting." He said "Nice cool day, bet there would be lots of game in the hills." If this was meant to excite duke it did not have that effect. For the hound just rolled lazily on his side.

Jed looked down at Duke. "Maybe not." Then from the front of the house, a loud CRASH!

Jed jumped us and started through the house. He ran into Elly Mae, his daughter. "Pa, you best get up front." She said breathlessly

"What happened!?" he asked

"Well Jethro and Granny took the truck out for a test drive and the breaks didn't work."

Jed shook his head as the both went out front.

Jethro stood out front scratching his head looking out to the grand fountain that was in the front of the mansion.

"Boy what happened?" Jed asked

Jethro looked to his Uncle Jed with a sheepish grin. "Well Uncle Jed" he started "You told me to fix the brakes on the truck."

"That's right"

"Well I ordered them brakes form the best store here in Beverly Hills, Miss Jane even picked them up for me."

Jed listened stoically suspecting how this story was going to end. "And"

Jethro pointed to the box by the front door. Jed walked over and looked inside. There were the new brakes, uninstalled. Jed just shook his head.

"Well Granny wanted to go to town, so I was going to put them on when we got back." Jethro said.

Looking around, Jed asked "Where is Granny?"

Jethro helpfully pointed toward the fountain. "She went flying out yonder."

Jed looked and Granny slowly came climbing out of the fountain. She was cover in mud and soaked to the bone. She shook herself off, put her glasses on and locked on to the people standing at the house.

"JETHRO!" she shouted "YOU DUNDERHEAD! TRIED TO KILL ME! I'm GONNA SKIN YOUR HIDE WHEN I CATCH YOU!" She looked around and started pulling switches of the nearest tree.

"Boy, I'd run if I was you."

But Uncle Jed.." Jethro started to say, but seeing Granny was on her way with a full head of steam, took Jed's advice and ran with Granny in hot pursuit.

Jed and Elly watched for a few moments. Then Duke came around front with his leash.

"Good idea Duke." Jed said "Elly want to go with Duke and me for a while?"

And with the sounds of crashing and banging in the background. Jed, Elly and Duke took a long walk and actually had a peaceful day. Didn't do no hunting though.