~A/N I just love a good story, Castlevania for me was it, and then with the centuries old battle of Werewolf vs Vampire I could not help myself! Nefer is her name born a werewolf.

Castlevania series Konami - White Wolf: Werewolf, White Wolf Publications. This is forfun and the love of anything romantic, Vampire, Werewolf and history.

Please enjoy!~

The wind rustles through the leaves of the olive trees their light scent carried on the wind into the five-room home, far from the main hustle of the great city of Greece. A few oil lamps flickered about the room illuminating the two occupants inside one of the smaller rooms.

A petite auburn woman with fair skin stroked the side of a younger sleeping woman's face wanting the girl to open her eyes. It had been a week since she fell into slumber, a Goddess's wrath, from what others told of what they seen.

A tall well-built man of the girl's complexion entered the room, as silent and the wind. He looked at both women and frowned,

"I thought she would do well to be here, it seems as I was mistaken." His deep graveled voice filled the quiet of the small room they occupied, walking up he placed a large hand on his estranged mate's shoulder.

The small woman sighed and hung her head, placing her hands in her lap, "No Set, it was my fault, I allowed Chrysanthe a day of rest." Standing to face the man who had been her mate, start to pace the length of the small room.

"I had heard of talk of Gods approaching her, and even some mortals have succumbed to her, but this…" Her voice trailed off as she hung her head once more.

Set took the small woman by her shoulders and pulled her into a hug, "My Calligenia, there is no need to place blame with yourself, for one Goddess's jealousy. Nefer…. Chrysanthe is alive. I will take her from here and shelter her." His voice rumbled in his chest as he spoke, Calligenia raised her head, with a look of understanding and doubt, turned her ice blue eyes too Set.

"I will go with you both." She murmured into his chest.

Set looked down his honey brown eyes glowing slightly, needing not to say another word. From behind them the sound of a fitful sleep drew their attention to the woman tossing and turning under the sheets by them. Calligenia and Set where at her daughter's side in a flash.

"Nefer…Nefer..." he was answered with a series of low grunts and quiet growls.

Calligenia placed a small hand on the girl's forehead, "She burns, fetch some water, hurry!" She harshly whispered, Set swiftly left the room in two great steps. Turning her attention back to the tossing woman,

"Nefer…." Shaking her head slightly, Calligenia narrowed her eyes; a growl built up from the pit of her stomach and rose to her chest, "Chrysanthe wake!"

Chrysanthe's eyes flew open, a frightened pair of liquid gold eyes looked about the room, and settled on the face of the woman she spent the past several years.

"Ummi?" Her voice raspy called to her mother.

"Yes mitera is here."

Set came into the room a moment later carrying a bowl of water and a cloth, placing it on the small table by the bed; he took his daughter's hand in his larger one. Calligenia dipped the cloth into the warm water and wrung it, laying the damp cloth on the girl's forehead.

"She said a great shadow is coming for her." She arranged the sheets her daughter had nearly ripped.

Set narrowed his eyes and looked at his daughter, "What is the meaning?" confusion and concern laced with every word.

Calligenia shook her head and shrugged, not knowing what to make of it either, they both just did the best they could to keep their only daughter as comfortable as possible, and maybe when she wakes for good they can make light of her ominous prophecy.