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Does it Need Saying?
"When I last stood on this beach on the worst day of my life, what was the last thing you said to me?" Rose asked. They were standing on Bad Wolf Bay, the place they had said one last goodbye for what they thought would be forever. This had been a place of tears, a place of broken hearts and, for the Doctor, unspoken words.

"I said 'Rose Tyler'" he said, remembering the moment with a pang in his hearts.

"Yeah, and how was that sentence going to end?"

"Does it need saying?" He wanted to say it. He desperately wanted to say those words, but he could not. He could not say them, commit himself so fully to her, only to see her fade away too soon. His hearts would break again and he was not sure what that would do to him.

Suddenly, the Doctor felt a hand on his shoulder, which spun him around and then a sharp pain on his cheek as Donna slapped him, hard, a furious look on her face. "AUCH! Donna, what did you do that for?"

"What did I do that for? You stupid martian, you complete dunce! I ought to slap you a bit harder, maybe that'll knock some sense through that big skull of yours. You've been pining for Rose for years, and when you finally get her back, you can't even finish one lousy sentence! What the hell's the matter with you?!"


"Listen, Spaceboy, the girl wants to get back to you so badly, she crosses bleedin' universes for you. Don't you think you owe her that?"

The Doctor looked from Donna to Rose, torn between his want and his fear. Torn between what was easy and what would be so hard, but also so fantastic.

"You're right," he murmured.

"Speak up a bit, I didn't hear you," Donna said, but she was unable to keep the smile from her face.

"I said, you're right." He turned to Rose, who was smiling too. "I'm so sorry, Rose. Of course it needs saying." He took a step closer and whispered in her ear, the words she had been dreaming about for such a long time. "I love you." She stared at him as he took a step back, anxious for her reaction. She grabbed the lapels of his jacket and crashed their lips together, thoroughly snogging him. They wrapped their arms around each other, feeling happier than ever before.

"All right, Doctor, you said something about universes sealing off, maybe we should get going." Neither the Doctor, nor Rose heard her. "Oi! At least let's get back to the TARDIS before you begin shagging like rabbits."

"WHAT?" Jackie Tyler, Donna's words making her recover from the state of shock the sight of the Doctor and Rose had caused. "What? There won't be any shagging, I can tell you that!" She walked over, pulling a dazed Doctor away from her daughter and slapped his still sore cheek. "What the hell do you think you're doing?!"

"I-I was..." the Doctor was interrupted as three women started shouting at the same time.

"And if you don't marry her before you knock her up with your alien baby, I'll kill you!"

"Mum, stop!"

"C'mon Doctor, I'm freezing. Maybe you don't feel cold like the rest of us, but-"

"And if the baby has tentacles or three heads or anything like that, I'll slap you until you regenerate!"

The Doctor sat down on the wet sand, rocking back and forth, while murmuring, "make them go away, make them go away," over and over again.