Bad Love Keeperoliver Chapter 1

The car pulled up to King's Cross Station at eight o'clock in the morning. It left a passenger with a large trunk, before it sped away toward it's final destination. The person left behind was a young man of about sixteen.

He got a cart to carry his trunk to the correct landing. The young man pushed the cart like it was a death walk. He was slow and deliberate, like there was no hurry. He pushed it through the station until he reached the area between platforms 9 & 10. He then pushed just a bit faster towards the pillar of #9 and as he hit it, he just passed through like it was not there. He found himself on platform 9 and 3/4.

The train he was taking was there waiting for it's passengers so he boarded it and took a berth towards the front of the train. Once inside, he closed and locked the door so as not to be disturbed. He stowed his trunk on the overhead rack, and placed a birdcage on the seat he would take up.

He then took a seat, and went deep into thought. He did not wish to be bothered by what he thought were his friends. For the second summer in a row, Harry Potter got no letters from Ron Weasley or Hermione Granger. He knew that Hermione was hurt very bad at the end of last year, but, she appeared better when they left school for the summer. Neville Longbottom was also hurt, but Harry was not expecting any letters from him, or from Luna Lovegood or Ginny Weasley. However for his two best friends not to write, after Harry had written to them, upset Harry very much. Especially when the letters he sent came back to him unopened. Maybe they never reached his friends, but surely they would have written to Harry to see how he was doing after just losing his Godfather not four months ago.

This was just one of the reasons for Harry's deep thoughts. At sixteen, Harry had been put through more pain then anyone could imagine. He lost his parents at the early age of 15 months. He was then sent to live with his guardians who hated him for reasons he could not think of. At 11 years old, he got his letter from Hogwarts and hoped his life would change. He met his first friend in Rubeus Hagrid, and his first ever birthday present from his friend. It became Harry's constant companion, Hedwig, a beautiful Snowy Owl.

His first train ride to Hogwarts got him his to meet his two friends. They then became closer as they shared an adventure in which they had to stop the theft of the Philosopher's Stone. It was being held for safe keeping for Nicholas Flammel. It was during this year that Harry developed his first feelings for a girl. Hermione was a brilliant girl who helped Harry and Ron out of many scrapes. Nothing was ever said about his feelings toward her, so she never knew.

In their second year, She helped Harry out even more in his search for the secret of the hidden chamber, and what it held there. It was Hermione who figured out what was there, and how it got about in the castle. He remembered how she almost lost her life in doing this. He also remembered how Ginny Weasley almost lost her life in the chamber. She had been controlled for the whole year by the spirit of Tom Riddle and he used her to try to bring life back to his spirit by stealing hers. Harry was able to stop this by defeating the Basilisk and Tom.

Their third year only strengthened his thoughts on Hermione as she showed her own strength by helping Harry save Buckbeak and Sirius Black, Harry's Godfather.

However, his fourth year set him straight on what Hermione's feelings were. It always baffled him on why Hermione and Ron argued so much. They were trying to hide their true feelings for each other. The hug and kiss he received from Hermione during the first challenge of the Tri-Wizard Tournament was that of someone who cared for you in other than a lovers way. It was like his sister doing it to wish him luck. She showed concern, but it was that of a best friend. And that was how she stayed, Harry's best friend. Ron was his best mate, but this year showed him how much Ron was jealous of Harry's fame and fortune. Harry tried telling him he would give it all up if he had what Ron had, the love of a family. Ron's reply was, "That's just it, you do have the love of my family. Even more so than me. You never see the twins try and prank you like they do me so often. You never see my mum hug me like she does you. Dad always talks of you with pride when he talks to his friends. He never talks about me."

All that was when Ron thought that Harry had put his name into the Goblet and didn't tell him how he did it. He refused to believe that Harry did not put his name in. Ron's thoughts changed after he saw what Harry went through during the first challenge, and apologized to him for the way he acted. However, the damage was done, and Harry never felt the same about Ron for the rest of the year. They remained friends, but Ron was putting barriers between himself and Harry and Hermione. It showed even more during the Yule Ball when Ron and Hermione had their worse argument ever.

It was during this year that Harry began to have feelings for a fifth year Ravenclaw named Cho Chang. However, she was with Harry's competition, Cedric Diggory. The end of that year was the worst he had ever endured. Watching Cedric die because he got caught in Voldemort's attempt to capture Harry really go to him. Then when fifth year started, he began to see more of Cho. It seemed like she was going out of her way to be where he was. When Harry started the DA, she was the first in line to join. Harry also began to notice another girl from Ravenclaw. Luna Lovegood was the most gentle girl he knew. He was sick to see how her own dorm mates treated her. He took Luna under his wing, and got her to join the DA and trained her to be more self reliant.

Just before the students left for the Christmas Hols, Cho surprised Harry when she let him kiss her, however it was not a kiss that Harry would to try again. The tears she shed were for Cedric. She was trying to find out from Harry what Cedric's last thoughts were. All her questions were concerning Cedric. It was this way for most of the year. However, when it was time for Harry to try and save Sirius from Voldemort, it was Luna, Neville, and Ginny that joined Harry, Hermione and Ron. Neville broke his ankle, Hermione was nearly killed by an unknown spell, and Ron was attacked by murderous brains kept in the Dept. Of Mysteries. It was there that Harry lost his Godfather.

Once he returned to Privet Drive, he heard nothing from the magical world, as if they forgot all about him once again. He remembered his meeting prior to his fifth year and how his two friends had excuses of why they didn't write. He expected to hear from Dumbledore, but never did.

Harry was interrupted from his thoughts by his door opening, and Luna walked in. "How did you get in Luna? I had it magically locked and sealed. I don't wish to be with anyone. I don't mean to sound rude Luna, but I have a lot to think about, and don't wish to be interrupted."

"Can't I just sit here and be quiet Harry? I won't bother you, I promise. I know this sounds crazy, but I feel I need to be here for you, in case you need me." Luna's eyes always took Harry's breath away. She could make his heart feel like the pudding she loves so much. But he had to be strong this one time. He didn't want anyone around, in case he broke down.

"No Luna, I don't think you can help me. It is something I have to do alone. You would only distract me if you stayed. I appreciate your concern Luna, but please leave me."

A tear appeared in her eyes. "Harry, I'm sorry but if I did that then I would never be able to forgive myself. You do need someone here with you. What is wrong Harry? It is more than the loss of you godfather. Why can't you let me help you? Is it something Ron and/or Hermione has done? Harry, we all were there with you in the Ministry, and we would do it again if needed."

"You wouldn't understand Luna. I can't tell you what the problem is, because you are a part of it. It is not that you have done anything that upset me. Just leave it at that please Luna."

"How do you expect me to leave it alone, knowing that I am a cause of what is bothering you. Or a part of it, what ever that means. I didn't think I ever did anything to you. OH NO! Please tell me it isn't the answer I gave you is it. Harry, please understand that I appreciated everything you did for me, but I thought you had feelings for Cho, and I didn't want to come between you and her. Not just that though. I have feelings for someone else Harry, and it is because of you that I have them. That sort of makes us even, but it doesn't change the fact that I like you very much and hope we can remain friends."

Harry laughed for the first time all summer, "I don't know how you do it Luna, but you are scary smart. Ravenclaw was the right house for you. I suppose I should tell you the whole story, but not until the train is rolling. I don't want to be disturbed, and we both Know that Ron and Hermione will try to see me. I don't wish to talk with them, and you may be able to help me keep them out. I will explain later if you do."

"I don't like it Harry, but I will help you just to see what is bothering you. It has to be bad if you wish to ignore your friends like you tried to do with me. It looks like your first challenge has arrived, as I see Hermione and her parents have stepped onto the platform. I don't think Ron will be here for another 30 minutes. Is there anyone else you are trying to ignore while we are speaking of it?"

"I don't expect to see her, but if Cho tries to enter, then she is another I wish to avoid."

"Harry, has this anything to do with your love life, or lack of one?"


"OK, now we are getting somewhere. Wait, here comes Hermione. Get ready, I don't think she is going to like what is coming up."

Hermione entered the train looking for Harry, hoping he was here already. She had to try and tell him what Dumbledore told them about leaving Harry alone because he was dealing with loss. She hated not writing to him but what the Professor said did make sense. Now however, she doesn't think Harry is going to be too happy about not having any contact with his friends.

She started where they usually sat, but their booth was empty. This did not say anything to her though, as she was sure he was here already. She made her way to the front of the train. There were a few people already set and no one had seen Harry yet. Then she came to where Luna sitting reading her Quibbler. She tried opening the door, but it was locked. She tapped on the window, but Luna didn't acknowledge her. She then knocked on the wood and this got Luna's attention. She waved at Hermione, then went back to her Quibbler.

Hermione was becoming impatient with the quirky Luna. She knocked once again, and when Luna looked up, Hermione waved her over. Luna went to the door and opened it. "Hello Hermione, what can I do for you?"

"Hello Luna, have you seen Harry yet?"

"Yes thank you. Goodbye." and she started to close the door. However Hermione stopped the door from closing.

"Could you tell me where you saw him Luna? I have to speak to him."

"Well, I saw him right here. When I tried talking to him, he told me he wished to be alone. I sat down, and he disappeared. I haven't seen him since."

"So you don't know where he is?"

"Not exactly."

"If you see him again, will you please tell him I wish to talk to him. I really do have to tell him something, and I feel bad about it. There is something he has to know."

"I will if I see him again Hermione. Good luck. Bye." and this time Luna got the door closed and relocked it. Hermione stood looking at the room and could not believe what just occurred. It was as if Luna were covering up for Harry. Hermione felt she was just told that Harry doesn't want to talk to her. It was as she feared. She turned and walked back to her and her friends usual cabin. She would explain to Ron when he got there.

Luna looked up from her paper, "Well, are you going to stay hidden under your cloak for the whole trip Harry? It is very hard to speak to you when I can't see you."

"Not until the train moves out. Knowing Hermione, she will be back before that. I think she knows that I am here. She also should have been in Ravenclaw. I can't believe you lied to her though."

"I didn't really. I just left out a few details between truths."

"Well, get ready, as here comes Ron. Him and Ginny just got here. I'm going to miss the twins this year. I hope they get their business started."

"The twins are starting a business? I didn't know that. How did they get the money to get started?"

"I might have helped them out a little. How come you didn't ask what kind of a business they started?"

"If you are talking about the Weasley Twins, then it could only be a joke shop. How were you able to help get them started Harry?"

"I gave them the money I won from the tournament. I hope it was enough to get them started."

While they talked, there was another knock on the door. Luna looked up to see Ginny standing there. She got up to let her in, when she was stopped by Harry, "What are you doing Luna?"

"Why, I'm letting Ginny in."

"But we were going to talk. I can't speak around Ginny, she will go running to Ron to tell him what I said. You might as well ask Hermione and Ron to join us."

"OK, I'll go get them."

"LUNA. That is not what I meant and you know it. But, go ahead and ask her in, I can't keep your friends from you. I will just leave."

"You sit right there Harry Potter. You need friends with you, and running from them will only bring more attention to yourself." Luna turned back to the door and let Ginny in.

"It's about time you let me in. I thought you were going to send me away. Hello Harry, I just left Hermione and Ron. They are looking for you in case you're wondering."

"Hello Ginny, nice to see you. How are you doing?"

"I'm doing fine, the question is how are you doing? Why are you avoiding your friends?"

"Why were they avoiding me? Not one word from them all summer. I needed to hear from someone, and they all just left me to my sorrow."

Ginny sat down next to Harry and took his hand, and Luna did the same thing on his other side. Ginny then eased his head around so that he could look into her eyes, "Harry, it's not that they didn't want to, but Dumbledore asked them not to. He didn't think you were up to it, what with what happened in the Ministry. It tore Hermione up not being able to communicate with you."

"No Ginny, that was the same excuse she had last summer. It's not going to work with me again. Dumbledore does not control what we do. I am getting tired of his interference in my life. He was suppose to come see me this summer. He promised. But he never came. The Dursleys wanted nothing to do with me. I stayed in my room all summer. I had just lost my last family member, and he thought I needed to be alone. He has no feelings what so ever Ginny. Not for me, or anyone else. All he cares about is the greater good. Has anyone ever asked what the greater good was? Or who it was for?"

Both Ginny and Luna could feel the rush of emotion coming from Harry. It almost hurt them to feel the anger pouring out from his heart. They were both at a loss for words. It became quiet for a few moments. Then Harry started in again.

"Luna and I were getting ready to have a talk when you knocked on the door. I was going to leave, but she talked me into staying. I think now though, I better leave. What I have to say is going to hurt someone here, and I really don't want to do that. However before I go, I wish to thank you both for your help in the Ministry . I could not have survived without you. All of you. Please tell that to the others if you don't mind."

Ginny stopped him before he got up. "Harry, you can't avoid them all year. You will have to talk to them eventually. You could start with Luna and I. I can feel the anger in you and it will tear you apart if you don't let it out. We are both big girls here. We can take a little verbal abuse after the physical abuse from 4 months ago."

Luna took over for Ginny, "She is right Harry. You need to get it out of your system if you are to continue on."

"Who says I want to? Why should I? I feel like I walk around with a target painted on my back for everyone to take a shot at me. I have been in school five years now, and each year is worse than the last. I have faced Tom four out of the five years. I have been lied to, spit on, ignored, and even had my best friend turn his back on me. What have I got to look forward to this year? Moony's death? Your mum's death? Your death? Does that give me cause to stay?"

"Let me put it to you this way Harry, if you leave, then maybe all of them will happen. There must be a reason why you are the chosen one. You are the one hope for us all to put an end to this madness."

"Damn it Ginny, I'm only sixteen. What the hell can I do against something no one else has ever done. Even Dumbledore was not able to defeat him. What chance have I got?"

Luna tried calming Harry down, as he was ready to burst. "Harry listen to me. You are not alone in this. You had five with you in the Ministry, and we did OK. Sure we got bruised, some more than the others, but we are all fine. The reason we are is because of the DA. You taught us to be strong. Other than Professor Lupin, you taught us more than any other teacher. You may have even taught us more than He did, because you took the time to go around to everyone and tell them what they were doing wrong. I have to tell you Harry, I was doing outstanding with the book work in DADA, but in practical I was not doing too well. You were the one to get me to understand the determination needed to cast the spells you presented us. You gave me the strength to succeed. I know this sounds stupid, but you do the same for all wizards Harry. You give them a strength they didn't know they had. If you called for them, they would all respond."

"Luna is right Harry. You give the people a reason to look towards the next day with hope. Maybe things don't always go your way, but yet, you survive. And yes, there are losses, but we would be lying to ourselves if we said we didn't expect them. We almost lost dad last year, and would have if you had not seen him in that vision. My first year would have been my last year if you had not come forward to save me. Well, I think we have said enough on that matter. Now, won't you please tell us what is bothering you. And don't say it was because Hermione or Ron didn't write. It is more than that."

However, once again they were disturbed by a knock on the door. This time it was Dean Thomas. He came to get Ginny, who was dating him at the time. Ginny wanted to stay, but she didn't want to give Dean the impression that she was choosing Harry over him. She left, but not before telling Harry that they would talk later.

So, once again it was just Harry and Luna. It took the rest of the ride for Harry to tell Luna about his lack of love in his life. How Hermione turned him down, with out him even asking her. How Cho used him to find out what he knew about Cedric and if he mentioned her to him during their challenges. And then Luna herself.. He told her of the relationship he had with his relatives. How all he wanted was to be loved by them, and all they could do was ignore him, punish him for things he didn't do, bully him and work him like a slave. It was Vernon's way of showing Harry that they were better than him and his freakishness.

Luna would feel the affects of this talk for the entire year. She did not realize what all Harry had been through. She wondered how he was even able to go this far. Without someone to tell you they love you, has to be the hardest thing in the world to face. Harry explained to her that, sure Molly cared for him, but that is not the same as loving him like she does her family. It may even be pity that she feels for him. They are more than grateful to him for what he has done for their family, saving Ginny and Arthur, but that is not the same as love. Hermione said that he was the brother she never had, but was not in love with him. Luna said the same thing. Now she felt if she said she did love him, it would come out false to Harry.

The talk ended there, as they had arrived at the station in Hogsmeade. Harry and Luna went to the rear carriage and joined a few second years to ride to Hogwarts. It was a quiet ride for Harry and Luna, but quite noisy for the rest of the group.

Once they got to the castle, Luna and Harry split up so that Luna could join her dorm mates. Harry decided to skip the meal and just go to the dorm. He didn't get far as he was stopped by Professor Flitwick. "Mr. Potter, you have been asked to join Professor Dumbledore after the meal. I hope you had an uneventful Summer. So if you would please join your dorm mates at the meal."

Harry knew better than try to argue, so he entered the hall and took a seat at the end of the table. Away from his friends who sat more than half way up the table. He felt their eyes on him as he sat there, but was glad to see they made no move towards him. It was a long meal that left Harry feeling tired and angry. He did not look forward to this meeting. He took his time getting to the Headmasters office.

Once he got to the door, he was again allowed entry without knocking. It seems that the portraits were still doing their job for Albus. He had known since second year that the portraits notified the head master when someone approached.

Albus looked up from his desk to see Harry enter, "AH Mister Potter. Good to see you. Please accept my condolences for the loss of your godfather. He was a brave man, and passed the way he wished to."

"Please Professor skip the formalities. What is it you wish to tell me?"

"Harry, you sound so bitter. What is it I have done to cause this?"

"What haven't you done to me? You keep information from me that I need to know. You cut me off from my friends. You refuse to keep me from getting into trouble even when it would mean saving a life. Like Cedric. There was no way that I should have been allowed to enter that tournament, yet you felt that it was best that I go on. Then last year, you ignored me for almost the entire year and knew what it was I was suppose to get. Because of that, I lost my last real family member. NO Professor, I do not claim the Dursleys as my family, as they never have shown me anything close to love. Which reminds me, I will never be going back to that hell hole. No matter what you say, I am done with them. I am done with you. And I am done being the puppet on a string for the magical world."

Albus sighed. He knew this day would come when Harry would rebel. He was wrong all those years ago putting Harry under the roof of those muggles. Minerva was right when she said they were the worse kind. But it did protect him from the fame and attention that he would had if he was raised by a wizard family. He was afraid that Harry would not have been able to handle that kind of treatment. Not that he would be any different, but it would have brought him undue attention. He would have been a public figure and a center of attention. He would have been exposed to the remaining death eaters and a target for all of them. He had to try and get through to Harry.

"Harry, you must understand I tried to pass on information to you when I felt it was necessary. To give it to you too soon would have been meaningless. It would have been forgotten over time. I tried my best to bring you to each stage of education at the precise moment you needed it. I misjudged the timing last year, and it cost Sirius his life, and for that I am most sorry. I could not have contact with you because of yours and Tom's tie. Being able to see into each others mind was something I had to avoid to save someone else life."

"Well, I am afraid that your days of 'EDUCATING' me are over, Professor. I will not play the part of martyr for you anymore. After hearing that prophecy, I know that I am meant to die if I face Tom. I am not going to make it that easy for either him or you. I intend to take matters into my own hands. Now if you will excuse me, I do not wish to be given detention for being out after hours." and that ended the meeting, as Harry turned and left, leaving Albus there holding his head in his hands. He knew how Harry felt. He was sorry for what he had done to the young man, and now it was coming back to bite him in the arse.