Bad Love Keeperoliver Chapter 12

The serenity of the Christmas hols came to a screeching halt two days after it passed. It began with the Ministry personnel being threatened if they refused to follow a new set of guidelines put forward by the Wizengamut. It gave control of law enforcement to the MLE and took it away from the Aurors. Soon the Aurors began to quit and the positions were filled with unsavory characters.

Then, during a break in the workload, Minister Grimgeour was attacked and killed outside the Ministry by unknown assailants. Less than 24 hours later he was replaced by Pious Thickness who was under a Imperious Course by a follower of Voldemort named Yaxley, who also worked in the Ministry.

This was when other Ministry Officials also decided to call it quits. They all followed suit of Arthur and Percy Weasley. They were the first to leave when Thickness was made Minister without a vote. There was no need, as there were none running against him. Arthur did not like what he was seeing happening in the Ministry and knew what was going to happen next. Percy saw what was going on for the past eight or nine months, and was in agreement with his father. What he feared was the reception he would receive when he returned home. He knew he was not well liked by the other members of the family. His Mum and Dad would be the only ones who would accept him.

Before they made it out, the first of the guidelines made it to their offices. It stated that all muggle born and halfblood employees had to submit to questioning as to the validity of their being true wizards and witches. This was being headed by Delores Umbridge acting as judge in all cases. Both Arthur and Percy knew there would be no justice for the people being questions. If they are questioned, then they are guilty. They tried to get as many people out of the Ministry as possible when they made their departure. Half of the people they helped made their escape, and some of the others managed to get away during the mess of trying to keep all these people in check. It still left some good people behind though.

Arthur's next move was to find a safe place for his family to relocate to. He and Molly had made a list and went through it carefully, but found no safe haven. Arthur hated to do it, but he floo called Minerva and asked for help. Minerva called them through, and called for Dobby to get Harry. It only took a minute for Harry to appear with Dobby's help. It must have been Dobby's mischievous side that left Harry not two feet from Molly, who pulled him into a bone crushing hug. Harry heard Dobby snicker then disappear.

When Harry was told of the request, he asked Minerva why he was called in. Professor Snape was the Headmaster, and should have the final say in the matter. Minerva answered, "No Harry, you are the one who planned the entire safe haven. Severus felt it was only fitting that you have the say on who resides there. You may also lime to know that He has shut off the floo connection in his office to all who wish to do harm to any residing here, whether it is a student or a guest. There is a password that needs to be said before an attempt can be made to open the floo. By attempting to do so without the password sends a warning of the attempt, and it's origin. That was Filius' idea, and a right brilliant one at that."

Harry knew that what was happening around him was a total effort by all to keep everyone safe and it was really appreciated. The school felt the safest since he first stepped foot in it six years ago. It maybe a harsh thought, but even Dumbledore never had it feel this safe. He would have to thank Professor Snape later for the precautions he was taking toward the safety of the students and guests.

Then Harry had a thought and brought it up to Arthur, "Mr. Weasley, where are the other's? Bill, Charlie, Percy, Fred and George should be here as well."

Arthur brightened up at Harry's thoughtfulness. "Percy is home. He didn't know if he would be welcomed here because of his treatment towards you. Bill will not come because he now has a girlfriend and will not abandon her. Charlie thinks he is safe where he is, but I fear he is wrong. Fred and George are they almost got Mr. Ollivander and Florian Fetiscue. If they had not used Fred and George's Be Prepared door alarm, they would have. Fred and George had made one for everyone that had a shop on Diagon Alley. Knockturn Alley laughed at the idea. It cost seven Wizards and Two witches their lives by not accepting them. Harry, I fear there may be more asking for asylum. You may have to take on many more people before long. The crisis is building, and I don't think it is anywhere near it's peak yet. Minister Scrimgeour is dead,and the Ministry is lost."

"What about Amelia Bones? I heard that she was still recovering from her injuries?"

"She is safe for now. Kingsley Shackleford is watching out for her, but he may be one seeking shelter for Amelia's sake. All those who opposed the Dark Lord are in danger. All Muggle born and Half Bloods are being persecuted. All blood traitors as well. Those that have remained neutral are being forced to chose sides. Things are getting desperate out there Harry and something will have to happen soon."

"What are we supposed to do Mr. Weasley? We are trying to build a strong base here and prepare for future exiles, but we don't have that much room. I am not strong enough to go against Tom's forces, and we still haven't found what it is we are looking for in order to defeat him. Dumbledore told me about certain items that need to be found, but he didn't know where they were. That I know of, there are at least three more out there to be found. Even if we found and destroyed them, if there were more, then what we did might just as well have been in vain. Any help you offer will be of assistance."

Arthur was about to say something when another voice spoke out, "Mr. Potter, I think you are trying to do too much on your own. I feel more might be accomplished if you set teams up to help take some of that burden off you. Arthur and Molly can handle lodging and stores. Sirius and Marie can set up a research team to find what you are looking for. Remus and Tonks can set up a security team. Miss Granger and Miss Greengrass can set up a training schedule. Minerva, you and Filius could set up the other Professors to train the students in a classroom atmosphere. Narcissa and I will collaborate all the information from each team for a progress report, unless a startling discovery is made that needs to come forth immediately." Severus was taking his role as Headmaster very heavily. However, what he said made sense.

Harry knew this and acted on it. He took Hermione and Daphne off to the side and explained what Albus told him. He still did not expose Dobby to unnecessary danger. He trusted both young ladies but Dobby was his greatest hidden asset. Only he, Ginny and Luna knew what he was doing. He had been out every other night looking for the horcruxes, with no luck. He gave Hermione the list he was using and he also told them what it took to destroy them. It was Daphne that came up with a thought on this, "Harry, You say Fyend Fire and Basilisk venom are the only things that can destroy these things. I don't believe that is true. Both of those are black objects that will destroy the items. There has to be a light magic that will destroy the dark magic, without destroying the object. I believe Hermione and I can also research this as well."

Hermione smiled when she heard that. She had a great deal of respect for Daphne, but that amount just grew ten fold. Besides that, she loved the idea a challenge.

Arthur and Molly sat down and thought on how to expand the living space in the Chamber. This was when Molly looked up and thought out loud, "Arthur, why do we have to expand the Chamber?"

"Because Mollywobbles, how else would we fit everyone we intend to bring in. I just don't know how since the chamber's magic is so strong?"

"Then don't expand, Arthur dear. Just build up. Don't you think there is room enough for two or three more floors in the chamber?"

Arthur looked up and thought on what Molly just said, then smiled, "Molly dear, you are not only beautiful and kind, you are also brilliant. Of course there is room for three more floor, and maybe four. We must tell Harry this right away. Or maybe Severus, since he is the one that masterminded this teamwork."

"Excellent Arthur, dear. We don't wish to add to Harry's burden. But Arthur, I believe that our first priority is to plan for a hospital wing."

Once again Arthur was stunned by his wife's ideas. She was right and Severus was right in making Molly a part of this team. When Severus was told of the plan, he patted Arthur on the back and then he called for the house elves to assist Arthur and Molly in completing their plans. Severus took it upon himself to contact St. Mungo's to see what they had for the number of people that worked there and were patients there. He was surprised at what he heard. The number of staff was far below the number of patients. When he told them of what was going on, they happily accepted the offer to move to a safer location.

Sirius and Marie helped Hermione and Daphne as much as they could, but were no where near as smart as the two young ladies. However, Sirius did have one suggestion that most welcome. He suggested that they move the school library, and the Black Library down to the chamber for safety and quick reference. Once again the elves were asked to assist one of the teams. Sirius also asked Kreacher to come stay at the school and help. He didn't like the idea, but he had to abide by his master's wishes. It didn't take long for Marie and Daphne to change Kreacher's attitude. Their sweet charm was like alcohol to the elf.

Minerva sat with Remus and Tonks to assist with the security, using the school's resources for their first alert measures. At the main gate, the stone Dragon on guard would come to life at the first sign of dark magic in the area, and sound the alarm. Once the alarm was sounded, the Dragon would strike first and do as much damage as it could before he succumbed to the onslaught. The next line of defense would be the gargoyles along the roof line of the walls. They would attack when the main gate was breached. They would be joined by the armored suits that filled the hallways of the school. To add to the suits would come the stone soldiers that took perch in the walls of the school. There were hundreds of these soldiers that could be used. Their one weakness was their slow movement. But they could also take much more of a pounding than the suits. Next in line would be the creatures of the Black Forest and Lake. Hagrid never let known what was hidden in the woods. If he did, there would probably a riot in the school from the students. His brother being the worse though he would never hurt anyone intentionally. He was like a child that didn't know his own strength.

After this, it would fall to the school populace to take over for protection. However they needed help from outside sources for traps and decoys for any intruder. They needed two very brilliant and cunning individuals. They needed Fred and George Weasley. When they combined with Sirius and Remus, what they came up with was nothing short of, what else? MAGIC!

When Neville found out that Mungo's was being moved to the school, he went in search of Harry right off. Neville didn't know how hard it was to find someone when you are looking so hard. He finally found him with Luna and Celia. He didn't look happy, but he wasn't mad or anything like that. He was more upset. He just found out that the supply of healing water was all they would be getting.

When Neville heard that, he started to walk away. Harry saw him and stopped him, "Neville, did you wish to talk to me? I'm sorry, I didn't want to scare you away. What is it you need?"

Neville kicked a stone on the ground with his foot, "Never mind Harry, I think already got my answer. It was just a thought I had. Nothing really."

"Sit down and talk to me Nev. We are all in this together, and no one should ever feel like they can't approach me or any one. Now, tell me what it was you wished to ask me?"

"You know that Mungo's is being moved her right?"

"Yes I knew. WAIT! That's right, your mum and dad are in Mungo's, aren't they? Of course they are, how stupid of me. You wish to use the healing water on them, don't you?"

"Yes." Neville answered with his head hung low.

"Neville, pick your head up. Of course we will use the water on them. They will be the first to get it. I just hope it works on their kind of injury."

Celia stepped forward and asked,"What kind of injury do they have Harry?"

"It's of their mind Celia. They were subjected to over twelve minutes of torture to their mind and lost all their thought processing abilities."

"Then they will recover. The healing water does not stop with the body. It will repair the mind, and any body impairments they received by it. Unless they lost a limb. That it cannot repair. It also cannot repair lost sight, hearing, sense of smell, taste or touch."

Neville nearly broke down in tears at what he was just told. He grabbed Celia and spun her around in thanks. The look on her face once again was one that brought laughter to Harry and Luna. It was shock, and a sick look, like she was going to vomit. Then she did, and it hit Harry and Luna in the chest.

Neville didn't know this, and was still spinning her around when Harry stopped him. Neville saw Harry and Luna covered with the sickness and could not help but laugh himself. Celia just dropped to the floor to recover from her dizziness.


The plans to create three new floors had begun. After taking measurements, it was deemed to close for four floors, so they went with higher ceilings for three floors. The first floor would be the hospital wing and residence for the staff. Madam Pomfrey was in charge of this project. She set the placement of the emergency ward and intensive care units. They would be placed in the long ramp leading into the Chamber. It would then become different wards with the staff taking lodging at the ends of each ward near the outer walls.

Each floor would have the same type of ramp that the main floor had to give them more living space. They still went with tents for the families as they were quick to take down in case of an emergency. They were also the magic type which gave them all more living space while taking up less space on the ground.

Like Harry promised Neville, Frank and Alice were the first patients moved. Remus and Sirius were the volunteers to go pick them up. They made a side trip to get Fred and George for help. The twins claimed they had all their belongings in four medium sized carpet bags. Sirius looked around the store, mainly the empty shelves. "What happened to your stock?"

Fred and George looked at each other, then Remus and Sirius, "Well right here of course. Where else would it be?" Fred replied.

George added to it, "You don't think we would leave it behind do you?"

Remus just could not help it, "You say everything is in those bags? Who does your packing, Hermione?"

Fred laughed, "Who else. She is right brilliant. It was her idea to go with bottomless baggage. Even with them, we needed four bags for everything. OH, by the way, do you think Harry would mind if we brought another one along with us. I have kind of taken a shine to our third member, Verity. She doesn't take up much room."

"Everyone is welcomed there Fred. We just haven't got the word out yet. We have to be careful who we ask. For security reasons you know."

"Of course. Verity, come on out sweet heart." and they were joined by a young lady that looked like Tonks younger sister, to include the bubblegum pink hair. She was going to fit in fine with everyone.

From the shop, they made their way to the hospital and asked for the ward where Frank and Alice were. It was the first time either one of the two Marauders to see them since it all began 15 years ago. It made them sick to see them in their current state. They looked so thin and fragile. Their hair was gray and matted. Their skin pale and waxy looking. It was not the Frank and Alice they remembered.

Once they got them back to the Chamber, Madam Pomfrey led them to a special room near the entrance of the face of Salazar. This was where she set for administering the healing water. If it worked, then they could be moved elsewhere.

The five left the two with Poppy and took off to find Harry and the others. It was not hard as they were in the conference room with Severus and the project managers. When Arthur and Molly saw Fred and George, they got up and pulled them into a hug. George was the unfortunate one to receive his from Molly first. "Mum, your wrinkling the material of my new suit. I can't go around looking like just woke up. We have an image to uphold."

Fred had been released by Arthur and approached Molly, "Now easy mum, it's like George said we have an image to keep up. OH, and mum, I would like you to meet Verity. She is our assistant and my girlfriend. George lost the coin toss. OUCH! What was that for?" as Verity hit him in the back of the head.


"I was just kidding sweet heart. Wasn't I George?"

"Of course he was. He would never bet on a coin toss. It was a card game he lost."

"GEORGE?" Fred cried. He got another whack in the head, this time from Molly. George got one as well.

Remus heard enough, "OK you two settle down. Harry Frank and Alice are being treated at this time. The Hospital is anxious to move as they have received letters from the Ministry asking some very personal questions about some of their patients. Kingsley had to move Amelia out and hide her. He does not feel safe, according to the reports from the staff. The Ministry is wanting a list of all patients being taken care of there. Things are starting to pick up with Voldemort. He is becoming bolder and more demanding. He has tried to place Death Eaters here in the school to teach."

Severus spoke up then, "We know. We received the letter from the Ministry this morning. They are demanding we accept the Carrows into our staff. They think Minerva has been made Headmistress. We let them continue this thought, and she refused to accept them on the staff. When they received her answer, they tried coming through the floo but found it was shut down. I imagine this upset him a little. They then tried to contact me, but Minerva once again answered them by saying that I have been put under house arrest for the school's protection.'

Sirius looked at his former Professor, "As always, you have come through wonderfully Minnie."

"Mr. Black, you will please refrain from using that hideous name in the future. I am either Minerva, or in your case Professor McGonagall."

"Of course, what ever you say Minnie, I mean Professor McGonagall."

Updates took over for the rest their talk and it lasted another hour. Fred and George learned that Bill and Fleur would be arriving soon, and that Charley was also moving back to be with his family. Percy was already here and had joined Hermione and Daphne in research. Ginny, Luna and Celia helped Harry, Ron and Blaise in storing provisions for the upcoming rush of people. The elves had been used in procuring them from different sites so that it would not be as noticeable.

The elves had been their strongest workers, and seemed tireless. Dobby had been in the middle of every task so far, and that kept the others going as well. They had been given the choice of staying in the chamber or where they were, and decided to stay where they were since they were more comfortable. They cooked in the kitchen, and sent the food down like they did when a meal was served in the great hall.

It was another half hour before Neville came running in and pulled Celia into another hug and spun her around. Harry, Ginny and Luna ducked for cover, leaving Fred and George alone. Just like the last time. Celia let loose with another stream that covered the twins. They both looked down at the mess and Fred replied, "I think I liked the hugs from Mum better." George just nodded.

Remus, Tonks, Sirius and Marie went down to the ward to see their friends, and were joined by Neville as he wanted to get away from an upset Celia. "Does Neville not like me? What have I done to him that makes him want to get me sick?"

Luna told her, "It's his way of saying thank you Celia. He does not mean to make you sick. He is just excited."

"I don't think I will ever get use to living with you humans. You are all so strange to me. At times you are friendly and loving, and then in a moments notice you change to the opposite. You cry when you are happy. You laugh when you become upset or hurt. You yell and then say you are sorry for yelling. This is all very confusing."

"That's why we are human, Celia. Our broad range of emotions makes it hard for us to stay in any one mood for very long." Ginny explained.

George was confused by this conversation, "Why do you keep calling us humans as if we are different from you?"

This took the better part of an hour to explain.

When Remus and Sirius with their ladies entered the room, they had to look twice at Frank and Alice as they were not the same people they dropped off to be cured. The gray hair was gone. Their skin was normal with Alice having rosey cheeks. They looked like they gained their weight back. Alice was also sitting on Frank's lap, making up for lost time. They stopped to greet their friends and then took one more kiss before Alice got up and properly greeted Remus and Sirius, and Tonks and Marie after they were introduced. Marie had just been introduced as Marie to spare a long explanation for now.

They also held off telling them what has happened since their attack. It was one they were not looking forward to, as Alice and Lily were very close friends. Frank knew James and Lily, but was not as close as Alice and Lily were. That is not until after they married. Then he got to know James much better. Alice and Lily would not separate as friends, so there was a weekly visit that they shared with the location alternating.

While this was going on, Bill and Fleur arrived via Minerva's floo and were greeted by Bill's family, along with Harry, Luna and Hermione. At first, Fleur was ignored by all except for Harry, who went to her right away.

"Fleur, it is so good to see you. You have changed, yet you are the same, except older and more adult. I hope that came out right."

Fleur hugged Harry, and then started to hug Luna. She stopped when she felt a strange magic coming from Luna. Fleur was never one to hold back he thoughts about something, if she thought it may harm someone. "Hari, there is a strange mageek coming from your friend. Do you know of this?"

"Yes Fleur, and we will explain it later, if you don't mind."

"Non cherie, I don't mind, but I have felt eet before, during the Tournament. This is correct is eet not?"

"Yes you are correct, Fleur."

"Then if you are appy and know, who am I to object."

"Thank you Fleur, and we will tell you later."

Then it was Fleur's turn to be accepted into the Weasley family. All were happy to meet her but one. Ginny seemed reluctant to greet her. While the rest talked, Harry and Luna pulled Ginny off to the side, "Ginny, is something bothering you? Don't you like Fleur?" Harry asked.

"I guess. Too early to tell. It just doesn't seem right. She seems so proper, while Bill is just Bill. It's hard to explain. He is so easy going and down to earth, while she is so full of charm and grace. It's like a princess coming to England and finding her love in a pub tossing darts."

"Stranger things have happened Gin. Look at Remus and Tonks. Remus never thought he stood a chance at happiness, yet there he is with the girl of his dreams. Please don't make any assumptions on Fleur until you get to know her. Give them both a chance at happiness. You certainly gave me something I never expected."

"But you knew how I felt about you for over four years now. It just took that long for you to realize that you felt the same way about me. Bill hardly knows Fleur. What does he know about her and what she likes and doesn't like?"

"That is what you need to find out, by asking him. Do you know how long they have been together? Do you know if he has met her family? Did you know about her bloodline?"

"What about her bloodline?"

"SEE! You don't know anything about her. She is part Veela. That is why she feels strange magic around Luna. I can't wait to see her reaction when she is around Celia."

"Why are you making a joke out of this Harry? This is serious."

"I'm not making a joke out of it Gin. I am trying to get you to realize that she could have ruined our surprise weapon if she blurted it out to everyone. She was willing to wait until we talked to her about it."

"I suppose you're right Harry. I will give it a chance to blossom. She better not hurt him though. Veela or not, I will scratch her eyes out."

They were walking back to the gathering, when there was an alarm from outside, and the Professors were running to stand and challenge the intruder.

They were followed by everyone else that was there, and what they found sickened them. A bleeding and beaten Charlie was draped over the back of a dragon. The dragon itself seemed in poor shape. Whatever happened, things did not look to good for the second oldest Weasley.

The first one to Charlie was Bill, and he took him in his arms and lifted him off the dragon's back. The dragon did nothing to alarm Bill during this time. It was if he knew Bill was in no danger. Hagrid went to the dragon and led it off to the woods and began to heal it's wounds.

When Bill placed Charlie on the cot in the emergency room, Madam Pomfrey took charge and sent everyone out except for Celia. No one understood this, but did not question it. Once they were alone, Poppy asked Celia, "Do you think the water will work on the injuries Mr. Weasley has sustained, Celia?"

"I don't know Madam. I have never seen so much damage to a person that was still alive. The water may need some help."

"Help how? I thought the water didn't need help?"

"Normally it doesn't, but there are injuries that would require the loss of limb to spare his life. But since it is still there, perhaps it can be saved. There is also bleeding into his lungs. That alone could be enough to kill him. What I suggest is that we use the water, and call on Luna and this Fleur. I feel her power, and it may be enough to help save this man."

Luna and Fleur responded to the call right away, and Celia told them what her plan was. Fleur felt Celia's magic right away, and knew it for what it was. She was her sister from olden times when Veela were called Sirens and were sisters to the Harpies. It still didn't tell her what Luna was though.

Poppy administered the healing water to Charlie, and the three witches combined there powers to boost the strength of the water. It began with the smaller wounds healing, Then the larger ones began to heal. Then his breathing smoothed out and the rasping stopped. Then his bones began to reconstruct. Poppy had set them prior to their work. It was not long before Charlie was breathing right, and his color was back. Celia's plan worked and it was because of the concerted effort that it did.