Ch. 37: SOLG Stories pt. 2

As the demon sleeps, man turns on man

His own blood and madness cover the earth

From the depths of despair awaken the Razgriz

Its wings of black sheath

Oured, Dec. 31, 2010. 0606

Garret joined his squadron in the air. The moment was surreal, take off was surreal. This could well be, no, it was the last time he flew in the skies for combat. After the next half an hour was done, he would either be flying in death knowing that he and his squadron gave it their all to stop the final trump card of the Belkans or he would be flying in these early morning skies in peace with no wars or fighting for lives, country, revenge. Just peace. Garret was leading them north over the city and over the bay heading north, engines alive at full burn.

"This is Oka Nieba. Hurry to the target area. The later you get there, the less time you have to attack the SOLG. The SOLG will descend to a vulnerable altitude in 5 minutes!"

"The SOLG is falling!" Grimm cried out.

"We have to get to the SOLG, fast." Kei reiterated.

Blaze agreed with his squad mates, eyes focused on the supposed area of the SOLG decent point.

"Captain?" Grimm asked.

"Blaze." Snow repeated.

"Blaze." Edge calmly said.

Blaze's eyes hardened with focus as he kicked the throttle up.

"Razgriz, engage."

"Archer, engage."

"Swordsman, engaging."

"Edge, engaging."

"This is Razgraz, leader. I'm engaging." Voice, hardened steel.

The flight of four cleared the city sky and kept heading north.

The flight was quiet, the sound of the engines roaring behind them, eyes moving constantly, on the lookout for any movement. After a minute and 20 seconds of silence a voice came over.

"Those fighters are definitely the Razgriz."

The voice was familiar. The same prick from the island chase. What was his name, again? Britney? Carly? Ashley? Whichever.

"Blaze!" Edge called out. He knew what she meant. They were coming to take them down, once and for all. They were ready for them. No parachutes today.

"Oka Nieba to the Ghosts of Razgriz. New enemy planes on the radar. It's a double Belkan formation: Ofnir and Grabacr."

A smile formed on Blaze's face. Eight dots appeared on the HUD and on the horizon.

"Edge, I'm going to roll over you."

Blaze switched to XMAAs and began to roll over the Black Widow II before the pilot could process what was happening properly.

Blaze was planning on a double formation from them. This little plan was going to, at least, send them into a panic. And a panicking enemy made more mistakes. Half way into his roll over Edge, while belly up and targeting system whining, Blaze fired off four XMAAs towards the oncoming enemy fighters.

The fighters of the double formation saw the lead plane pull ahead and execute a roll. Due to the maneuver causing a momentary lapse of confusion, it wasn't until the missile warning systems of Ofnir started going off that they realized that the fight had started. As the pilots of Ofnir gripped their joysticks to maneuver, the alarms stopped for just a brief moment throwing Ofnir into an even more confused state.

Said confusion will…


Blaze led his squad with a smirk. The odds were even. There will be no 2-1 fighting today.


Razgriz and Grabacr passed each other, both squads circling back but one plane decided to circle back from above. Blaze wanted to pounce from above. Black versus white over a seascape and skyscape of blue, light red, orange and yellow.

It's a battle of good versus evil, heroes and tyrants bent on mass slaughter and destruction on a stage befitting of legends.



Blaze reengaged the engines and got back into the fight after correcting his plane.

"He's on me!"

"Pupil's of Huckebein! We will decide once and for all who is superior! We are not relics from the last war!"

It was Grimm being chased. Then again, they all were. Getting into a turning fight would be useless. Easy but counterproductive. Blaze got behind the fighter chasing Grimm. Several rounds found themselves embedded into the engines of the S-32, ripping the plane in half as they exploded. Blaze barely heard the thanks as he turned back into the fight to get the fighter of Snow's tail as he just engaged another.

"You shall fall to your deaths and lead the way for the SOLG as it smashes into the Earth!"

Blaze kept in his quarry, not losing him. Targeting system screaming at him. Blaze switched to his normal missiles.

"Not today."

Two missiles, one explosion, one more enemy erased from the face of the earth.

Snow was still tailing his quarry when Edge yelled for him to break right and as he did two planes shot past him heading towards the sea. He decided to follow. His mark could wait. Besides, they can now play the numbers game. As he joined Edge in pursuit of their elusive quarry, Blaze and Grimm tagged teamed the other, switching the lead in the pursuit, breaking the resolve of the pilot that he forgot that there were two planes on him and broke into a rolling scissors with Grimm, which was very short lived.

"I…I didn't know you were so good." The pilot wheezed, desperately trying to gain precious oxygen into his punctured lungs.

"Hatred and pride will blind you to that fact."

The white S-32 exploded in a ball of flames as Blaze circled around confirming the pilot's death. Three planes down, one to go. Grimm was on his was to join Snow and Edge in their fight against the last S-32. It turns out that they had engaged the Grabacr flight lead: Ashley Bernitz. The pilot that led the charge against them three times prior to this and had fought alongside Pops in the war 15 years ago. The one who decided to in order to protect his country from shame and defeat, thought it was a good idea to drop nuclear weapons on his countrymen and shoot down Buchner.

He went on this mission with high hopes, even though it was border-line suicidal. Eight of the best pilots to grace the skies would lead the attack satellite on its final moments. Eight pilots ready to finally rip the heart out of Osea and destroy all their hope as the SOLG fell upon Oured and covered it in a poisonous blanket of nuclear fallout and destruction killing the remaining millions left in the city. Eight white planes to the four opposing black. Ugly bitterness versus the purity of heart and desire to protect. Honor for country, family, and self.

He had to win.

He saw his squad get picked off one by one after Ofnir was erased from existence. He went in with seven others and now, he was left. How the plan fell apart, he had no idea. The Razgriz had trouble with them when it was four on four. They should have been wiped from the sky. But that lead plane, The Razgriz. That pilot was never backing down. He was facing odds that would cause many experienced pilots to falter and turn tail. That very pilot that could turn the tide of a battle by as little as a strafing run or just by being on the battle field. This pilot was killing his glory. And it pissed him off. He was the very last of the Belkan aces of old. The legacy of Belkan flight was going to end here and it was that flight lead's fault. Damn them, damn them all to hell!

Blaze watched in slight awe as enemy flight lead wove in and out of his squadron, causing them to have near misses with each other. It was too much so he called off their pursuit and took it upon himself. The enemy pilot leveled off long enough scream out a phrase.

"Let us be blessed with glory as we cross the gates of hell!"

"No glory in hell."

That was the last thing Bernitz heard before covered in searing heat and ball of billowing red, yellow and orange. His hatred gone and was replaced by a feeling of hope. They survived the hard part.

It was over. Ofnir and Grabacr were no more. Their hearts were still racing as they all formed up and headed to the engagement location.

Silence. Just silence. They had nothing to say for now having just survived that fight which they learned was just under a minute. All that madness and it barely took a minute.

"There's a light to the east. Morning has come." Kei sighed warmly.

"Our night flight is over." Marcus added. Garret nodded in agreement. There was hope now.

"I just remembered; my birthday is coming up!" Grimm smiled.

Wait, Grimm is New Year's baby? Ha!

"See, aren't you glad you're alive?" Marcus asked.

"Yeah. And since the war is over, I know my mom will be glad to see my brother again."

"You should go make her happy too. Cousin. Captain. I want to thank you."

Garret was confused but was cut off by Grimm who asked why.

"For having me in your crew. For making me remember what is to be a wingman again. I now know what my men felt like."

"And you honored their memory, Marcus. You did right by them. By me, by us. Thank you, my cousin." Garret responded.

"Garret, I made a promise to that I wouldn't lose another flight lead and I've come this far. And I'm afraid that after this we will go our separate ways. So please my love, let me fly as your wingman for just a little while longer." Kei shakily said. She loved him, yes, but their future after the war was uncertain.

It was now or never.



"No, Kei. I don't want you to fly as my wingman for just a little while longer. I want you to fly as my wingman for the rest of my, yours, our lives. Kei Nagase, as we are in the company of fine pilots and all those who can hear my voice, will you marry me?"

Time seemed to slow down. Garret wondered if he did a wrong thing. He really loved this woman and wanted to spend every moment he could with her. Raise little Garret's and Kei's and live a long love filled life together.

Kei was stunned. Surprised even. She never imagined this at all for a marriage proposal, on the verge of history no less. Yes she loved this man and could love no other. In her mind she was already his wife, she had yet to tell him that though, but damn! Yes, she wanted this man, her hero. Her leader. Her husband.


Garret was brought out of his thoughts as he heard her voice.


"Yes, Garret Antonio Lawson, I will marry you."

Garret was elated. She agreed. She agreed! She agreed! She agree…

"There's another plane on the radar." Grimm announced.


Garret turned to the east to head towards the new plane.

"Unidentified bogey, identify."

After a few seconds a voice called out.

"Well hello Lawson."

No way.


"Suprised! Looks like we finally get to square off and I get to have my revenge! I will shoot you down and I claim my spot as a legend, an ace killer! I will stand taller than giants. I will be immortal! I will…"

He never finished as Garret fired a combination of two missiles into the intakes a lone MiG 1.44 and burst of his guns into the cockpit, effectively killing the pilot and taking the plane out of its misery.

Garret circled back. So where were we? Ah yeah.

She agreed! She agreed! She agreed!

"The SOLG has fallen to al altitude low enough for you to attack. I know you can do this. Destroy it!" In the back ground, strings could be heard. It was confirmed as music when a mix of trumpets and French horns came in. The Unsung War was playing.

"We gotta stop that thing, Grimm!"

"I know. Captain Nagase?"

"Yeah! Blaze, let's go!"

"Razgriz, engage! Whoa." Blaze faltered a bit as the SOLG made its presence known. It was huge.

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