Ch. 38: SOLG Stories pt.3

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As the demon sleeps, man turns on man

His own blood and madness cover the earth

From the depths of despair awaken the Razgriz

Its wings of black sheath

Windsin Hotel, December 31, 2010, 0315


His room was the farthest from his captain. He was downright piss scared of the upcoming battle. Who wouldn't be? There was a powerful squadron coming that would lead the way for a monstrous attack satellite that had the payload to wipe Oured off the mad forever and he was expected to be calm? HELL NO! He was just glad that this part of the city wasn't hectic with people running around in a panic. Though if you listened hard enough, you could make out the sound of car horns and other evacuation noises that reflected the dire situation the city and the country was in. He couldn't believe that he was here in this very moment. If anyone told a few months back that he's be flying to save his country from its own attack satellite, he would have laughed nervously and shied away from that conversation. But, here he was; standing on the brink of history.

All thanks to his captain. He was just an Airman, First Class when he saw combat but the calmness that Garrett displayed in the middle of that was enough to calm himself and he even saved Garrett's neck that night. But as the war progressed, he grew or so he liked to believe. Truth is he was still scared and he still wasn't brave. He only did what he did as long as Garrett was leading the charge and maybe a force change of heart like if he really had no choice. Maybe Captain Lawson was scared like him. He could tell that he was tired. The moment on the light pole confirmed it. This war had gone on long enough and the time to end it was now.

A brief smile.

Maybe, just maybe, he was brave and if Garrett said he was, then he probably was, and if Garrett was ready for the final fight, he would be too.


Damn this war to hell. People just can't look past the hatred and just try to look towards what it is they are leaving for their children.

Marcus lay back on the bed and stared at the roof. A local jazz station still operating was on the radio at a soft volume. He was never one for war; no one truly is. If they are then they'd do something like what we just spent the last month trying to end. When humans were beat down from a fight they started because of a failure to listen; then they'd listen. It would be so much easier to let cooler heads prevail but that's only in a perfect world. And boy, their world was far from it.

But now the war is over, legally and politically that is. Belka would get what's theirs and the world can be a much safer, peaceful place. Hopefully, for the near future anyways.

But there was one final battle. There is always one final battle. But this one he wouldn't mind. He found family. Sure, he had his wife, Kamila, and his boys, Marcus Jr (MJ) and Austin, and he missed them terribly it ached but to find long lost family and go through the trials and tests of wars with them at the very same time in the very same method and on the very same battlefield while being in the same squadron, there is nothing like it. The timing couldn't have been more perfect. The renegade squad turned out to be his cousin's and they hit off saving him from suicide.

Thank God.

Now he wasn't alone and was a major part in this squadron and he was quite glad to join in with them and become The Razgriz. Now he had family again. He could run jokes and goof off and have others to talk with about all that he had been through and they could and wanted to understand. Especially Garrett. How he had an innocence and seriousness about him that could be turned on and off like a switch was something that he will never understand but it felt good to have him. Felt good to stand by his side as he led them through battle after battle and catching up, making up for lost years. He loved his cousin, no his brother, dearly.

Marcus smiled.

Thanks Garret. Let's go save the world.


Kei sat in her room wondering about what the morning would bring: finality to the war. A war they were head spear in, a war that was literally brought to their doorstep and dropped in their laps. She was there from the very beginning, when the entire squadron was destroyed in front of her very eyes and she and Bartlett were the only survivors. And now here she was, seeing it come to an end. And she was worried. Worried about how close they would cut it, by no fault of their own. She was worried about weapons being jammed and electronics failing. They had come this far. She had come this far. She survived fur balls, and random enemy engagements against their four. She survived the impact of a missile and brutal cold and the death of her friend and her brother. But most importantly, she survived because of him.

Her thoughts drifted to her captain, her flight lead, her boyfriend. Was he even awake? Was he having the same thoughts as she? Did he love her as much as she loved him? She made a promise to keep her flight lead alive but that promise turned into a promise directly to him. He had to live, no matter what but that turned on its head as Garret was the one to take out more of the enemy in one battle than she ever could, even clearing her six so fast that she barely had time to give a call out for help most times. Her love for him blazed wild, burnt hot but felt tender and warm. And when they'd kiss… it was like Osea Independence Day, New Years, and her birthday all wrapped into one snuggly package.

A smile broke out over her face. She loved him. She needn't worry. Tomorrow would bring danger, yes, but somehow they would win. That was all she needed. As long as she was by his side and he kept flying, they would win.


Time for sleep.

Mt. Wimlys, Oklahoma District, south of Oured, 4:08 am, Dec. 31, 2010

Two scientists were up star gazing with the main telescope at the Mt. Wimlys Observatory, looking for anything that would catch their attention. A shooting star and here and there, a planet over there, and a slow moving star with a defined tail to the north.


"Yes, Hawkins, what is it?"

"Uh… you need to see this sir."

The oldest of the pair walked over to the platform that telescope eyepiece was from watching the Osea News Network and looked into it. Yep, it was a moving star but nothing like he had ever seen before.

"Get a star chart."

A few moments of analyzing, it was determined that this star was no star.

"What if it's something in the higher levels of the atmosphere or between us and the moon?"

"If it was something that high up, would see what it looks like. We have that laser distance monitor?"

"Yes sir."

"Get it started. I'll monitor this and maybe we can get a good look at it. One thing is for sure, it reflects sunlight, so it is a very large object. It also appears to be…"


Both men looked over at the television and looked up at the sky as the news report continued.

"I'm going to call the military, Professor."

They were the first civilians to witness the start of the SOLG's final moments.

4:15 am, Sudentor, North Osea, Dec. 31, 2010

Two soldiers sat rested in a back room with a small TV. They were watching the rebroadcast of Harling's and Nikanor's speech to the world declaring the end to the war. Nikanor was definitely a better speaker.

5:15 am, Ft. Sanders, Southwest of Oured, Dec. 31, 2010

A nine year old boy, James, was sleeping soundly. Well, he and his family were. They lived miles away from Oured and in a very quiet area that overlooked the water of Oured Bay. On his bedside table rested a large three aircraft figurine. There was two fighter jets escorting and being dwarfed by ARKBIRD. He loved the bird and when he found out the bird was shot down, he was heartbroken. He was mad at those that shot it down and redirected that anger towards those that used it wrongly. But his love for the bird never died and vowed that one day he would fly it.

5:25 am, Oured, Osea

The evacuations were going smoothly as near death evacuations could go. It seems this city's residents were ready to cooperate and do what was needed. One officer stood at the last exit before the military blockade of the highway. He really wished the powers that by would destroy make this threat disappear but that wasn't happening. His thoughts reflected into a concerned look on his face and one of the drivers understood clearly. The driver honked and flashed their lights. The officer could only nod and point the driver to the exit. After all, in an hour or so, they'd all be dead.

6:02 am, Oured, Osea

In an office building, with a great view of the highway, journalist Rosh Lowe, stood in awe. Fighter jets were taking off. So, that's how the military is going to fight this thing, he thought to himself as he watched a plane take off. This was going to be the story of his career.

6:05 am

Pt. Mitch Harte got the salute from the pilot of the plane on the highway. It was history in the making and nothing was going to stop him from witnessing it up-close and personal.

6:06 am

Air traffic control was watching in awe. Well, the world was. The skies to the north were about to be a battleground. He grabbed a pair of binoculars watched as Razgriz leader soared off into the sky. It would be that pilot's last sortie. It was very, very sad to see a legend's last flight, win or lose but it was an honor that he would cherish forever. Damn, those guys can cover ground quick.

Oured Bay, Osea.

It. Was. Huge.

Plain and simple. This, this machine, this gun wasn't 500 feet long, it was longer. The cross arms were least And they had to shoot this down. Blaze shook his head out of the stupor and led his squadron until they were behind it.

The strings and the horns made way for the men's voices.


The command broke the collective awe that covered his squad.

"We will each take a quadrant. Archer, top left. Edge, top right. Swordsman, bottom right. I got the bottom left. Watching your timing! All weapons free!"

"But Blaze, what about falling debris? You and Swordsman are at the most risk!" Edge asked

"What debris?"

A small sections began to fall off the SOLG.

"Don't worry about it. We can do this. Razgriz, break!"

It was on.

The solar panels were the first to go as the Razgriz picked them off with their mounted cannons and guns, almost slamming into Blaze and Swordsman multiple times causing Archer and Edge to lose focus on the fight due to worry.

"Stay focused!"

The music in the back ground was picking up and the choir was starting to sing their hearts out.

Blaze found himself way behind and below after dodging a large metal sheet fell from his targeted section on the SOLG. He took time to admire the look of the smoking beast ahead of him as he climbed back into the fray. As it was terrifying, it was a great piece of machinery. Effective, deadly and painted black.

"70 miles!"

"Captain, we need you here!"

"We've been bad situations before but this is the worst!"


Blaze rejoined the fight. The fight was going hard and Swordsman joined Edge on her section and they were barely doing enough damage together. Blaze joined Archer.

"We got the lives of thousands behind us and the lives of millions ahead of us!"

"The enemy has thrown their worst cards at us, but no matter!"

The top left side was destroyed.

The rotating accelerator was slowing down and the top right section was still holding on strong. The Razgriz formed up.

"I can still fight. I can still fly!"

Hearing that from Edge spurred Blaze on and he fired his last four XMAA at the target, hitting the rotating accelerator arm bar when the arms were forming a perfect cross. The section blew out in an amazing fire ball.

The rotating arms grinded to a halt in the gaps between the spaces in the accelerator and the SOLG began to groan as the arms started to fold back and collapse on the barrel. Small explosions began to the gun from the inside as the weapon was obviously overheating from damage and the heat from reentry was catching up to it. One explosion blew off the arm that was in the upper left space and if Blaze's guess was correct, the gun was about to blow and soon.


Blaze watched as his squad mates broke formation and dove for the deck. He climbed with a second to spare as the world went white.

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