I'm alive.

I'm still writing, still planning. And I'm still in school so classes kinda take top spot, especially nearing the end. But I find time to write. And I got XCOM 2 this week. Just did my second advent site. No one has died (save scumming). It is my first time playing an XCOM game so yeah… but Jason lee scott has come close. That's right. The red ranger has come close to dying. Just have Kimberly and Tommy to make and I'll have the original 6. You want em? Want my grenadier? Want Skippy? Oh you'll adore Skippy? Let me know.

I do also have Christopher Odd's legend pool and I'll be sending myself or Skippy his way soon.

Oh, I also have Kei, Garrett, Chopper and Grimm as well. I made Marcus but he was too expensive to recruit at the time.

Also, my character from Skyrim, Ulwazi is there too.

If you want them, let me know.

If you want me to write a story on my xcom run, let me know. I have put some things down so far and I'll share them.

Well back to work. Till next time.

Be safe and God bless.