An: This is a reply to Sarah. She asked why Mary doesn't think fairies and Moblins are real, and if people know that Link and Zelda are reincarnated,for they call Link, 'Hero.' There has always been legends of past Heros, but the details of the legends have become lost over time. Zelda keeps track of them in her library, but no one is allowed to go in her library, so that's really just for her. Also, because of the multiple time lines, and Link going back in forth of time in general, a lot of that stuff 'never happened' in history. Also, at this time, Hyrule hasn't seen much magic. Zelda still knows a lot of magic, but common people haven't seen much of it for a few generations, and after having more normal nonmagical lives, it's easy to think that these legends are just legends

Zelda's decedents are always named Zelda so sometimes it's hard to know when a reincarnated Zelda has come a long. The reincarnated Zelda usually has some magical abilities as a child and is more mature for her age, but unless there's a Hero too, one might not be able to tell.

But then Link comes along and rescues her from these bandits. This kid has no history, is good at everything and calls himself 'Link.' No one ever really named him, he just sort of named himself, which is what I came up with in order to explain why he's name has always been Link. The Mage sees this, and knows they are the reincarnations, because that's basically his job; to know things like this when the Hero and Zelda are too young to know. So he tells everyone Link is the Hero, makes a HUGE stink about it, and everyone plays along with the tradition. Do they really think he's a reincarnated hero? No, But he's good at things, he's charming, nice to look at and he goes around the country helping people. He becomes a celebrity based off of a legend. Kind of like how actors become super famous when they're not actually the characters they play. So that's how most people see him.

In about two more chapters, a lot of stuff gets explained, but I don't know if ALL of that gets explained so I thought I'd clear some things up. That's the problem when I decide to start writing in the MIDDLE of my story instead of in chronological order...


"Where is he?" I asked Lance.

"Probably in his study." Lance answered.

"Oh, he's always in his study!" I rolled my eyes before storming away to my husband's study. I gave a quick head nod to Felix, though it didn't seem like he noticed, before giving the door a knock. "Darling? We need to talk."

The door cracked open and my husband peered out with one eye. "Is this really the time, Dear?"

"Yes, it's really the time! Come out of there right now!"

"Well you see, Dear, it'll be inconvenient."

"Oh, Great Goddesses! Are you masturbating in there?!"

"No. Dear, you know if I had any sort of urge I'd go find you, what, with my recent erectile dysfunction, and how rare it-"

"Oh, never mind, just come out of there this instance!"

"Just a moment!" He closed the door and I heard him clinker with a few things before he eventually came out and closed the door suspiciously behind him. I opened my mouth to ask, then thought better of it.

"As you know, Herkinson has been requesting audiences with me."

"Lord Herkinson," Lance corrected because he knew it bothered me.

"I'm not calling him lord! He's not the lord of anything!"

"What is Lord Herkinson lord of?" asked my husband to Lance.

"He's lord of the smallest island east off the coast. The island didn't really have a name before, but he's calling it Herkinson's Island," answered Lance.

"Oh, I didn't realize we had a neighboring kingdom so close to Hyrule."

"It's not a kingdom!" I cried. "That land belongs to Hyrule. It's not something he can just take. But until I find the document that says the exact borders of Hyrule, I can't prove it."

"Is that island important? Is there anything on it?"

"No," I said hesitantly.

"Well I understand that we can't just give it away. If he was offering to pay for it, well than that's-"

"Well, he might have mentioned something about buying it from us, but that is all beside the point! The point being-"

"Basically, he keeps hitting on her so she dislikes him and won't give him the worthless island no matter how much of his fortune he gives her," interrupted Lance.

"That's not the point either!"

"I'm just trying to explain to people how your crazy works. See, if they try to understand you, you become more likable."

"The point," I said, ignoring Lance. "is that Herkinson has tired of speaking with just me and asks why you're never around for these meetings."

"Well did you give the usual excuse?" my husband asked in a panic.

"Dear, it's impossible for you to be out hunting even close to the amount of times I say you are. He knows you sleep somewhere in the castle."

"I'm not very good at talking to these types of people, Zelda."

"I know, Dear. But I'll be with you and we'll come up with all the answers to his questions before he asks them."

"Um... okay."

"Like how that island is just not for sale."

"Right, right."

"And if the heir issue comes up, like it always does-"

"I have erectile dysfunction."

"No, no! Don't go telling people that!"

"You see, Zelda, I just feel so much better when we're honest about things."

"Wait, are you telling people this?"

"Well, you know I don't talk to most people, but I tell Felix, and Link, and-"

"Oh! You-!" I tried to keep myself from cursing. "People talk, you know?"

"I know people talk. But what else are we-"

"We'll tell him I'm already pregnant." Both my husband and Lance looked at me. Felix stayed his head fixed where it was.

"But you're not, right?" asked my husband.

"No, but I should be soon. Right?"

"Right," he replied nervously.

"Which brings us to the other matter I wanted to discuss. You need to start sleeping in the bed with me."

"But, oh Zelda..." he pouted, shaking his head. "Haven't I-?"

"Oh yes, you've been very good about coming back to the bedroom during your time of need, but with all that walking you have to do, you always lose it. Wouldn't it make much more sense to have you already be in the bed with me?" I told him sweetly, trying to convince him like a mother would a child.

"It's just that... I get so nervous."

"I know, Dear."

"Maybe... Maybe if you close your eyes."

"I'll close my eyes and do whatever you want." I offered him my hand. "Now come to bed."


"Yes, now!"

"Well, you see I have-"

I sighed very audibly and glared at him.

"Which can wait," he whimpered in defeat.

"Good." I took his arm and started leading him to the bedroom. "The last thing I wanted to talk about was Herkinson's alarming interest in me."

"Interest in you?"

"He's sent me lots of gifts."

"Oh, how kind of him."

"Sucking up I presume."

"Well he does want that island."

"Several horses that I don't have use for."

"Well I love horses."

"You can have them! I'm sure they'd be useful for hunts. Excellent condition. He's also given me an expensive dress that I plan on cutting up and giving the fabric to the poor."

"Well that's a good idea."

"And abundance of gold jewelry that we could melt down and find some other use for."

After we reached the bedchambers, leaving the guards outside, I continued to talk, even as I undressed and he undressed awkwardly. "But seriously, he's up to something. I doubt it's just flattery. You know what that means, don't you?"

"Um, no?"

"You're my husband. You have to stand up to him!"

"I have to stand up to what?"

"Tell him to stop! I'm your wife! You won't stand for this."

"I just... I don't know what to say."

"Say what I just told you to say."

"Zelda," he groaned. "How do you get into these things?"

"I'm not getting into them. It's not my fault that I'm Queen and a very valuable wife."

"Well, I trust you not to get into trouble," he said as he crawled into bed."

"Herkinson is much larger than I am," I told him as I crawled into bed with him.

"Should we add another guard as well as Lance? Perhaps Link-"

"No, no. Lance is fine. I'm not worried about my safety. I just feel like a public statement from you will get him to back off."

"I was afraid you would say that."

"We'll talk more about this tomorrow. It's late now. Goodnight." I turned away from him and got comfortable.


"Oh," I rolled back over to face him, "and if you ever get the urge to... you know...just wake me up. On second thought don't even wake me, you might lose it again. Just go ahead and do it."

"Well I'll probably have to wake you up."

"Okay, well goodnight."


"How are you today, Zelda?"

"Queen Zelda," I corrected him.

"I'll address you formally when you do the same," Herkison replied with a smile.

"Well, there's no debate over if my country exists or not," I laughed, picking up my wine glass before glaring at Lance. "Where is my husband?"

"I don't know," he replied unhelpfully.

"Well it appears that the King is late," Herkison said, folding his hands together at the table. He was diagonal to me. Normally the King would sit at the head of the table with me, in between Herkison and I, but of course he was late. I would much have preferred Herkison all the way at the OTHER end of the table. Herkison had this annoying habit of brushing his foot against mine. There was plenty of space. There was no need for his legs to be stretched out so much.

"It appears he is."

"Well that's shameful of him. If I had such a beautiful wife, I'd never keep her waiting."

"His Highness, the King has arrived!"

"Oh finally," I mumbled under my breath.

"Here I am!" exclaimed my husband.

"Here he is," I said with a fake smile, refusing to turn to look at him. One, I was angry with him for being late, two, I didn't want to turn my head any closer to Herkinson.

"You must be Lord Herkinson!"

"Your Majesty, it's an honor to meet you!"

Someone must have made for a handshake because I heard Felix say, "No touching the King."

"My apologies." I thought Felix was standing behind me, in between my husband and I, but his voice came from the other side of the King. Normally I wouldn't care who was standing just behind me. My husband had several guards.

Except this one smelled faintly like trees and when I cast my eyes down to the ground I thought I recognized the toes to those boots.

"Hey, Link!" Lance greeted warmly, confirming my worst fears.

I don't know how I could forget. I've always known that Link worked for my husband. Yes, it had been nine years, but I would hear my husband mention his name every once in a while, so I knew he had not been fired or anything. I was so surprised at myself. Why didn't I foresee this? Did I think my husband wouldn't use Link today? Maybe I thought I could simply ignore him, like I could do with the other guards, but the possibility of seeing Link had slipped my mind. Apparently that was what happened after I erased him from my memory for nine years.

I would just ignore him. Now was not the time to freak out and act silly. I had to deal with Herkinson, but for some reason, I could feel Link's presence like he was a fire, radiating heat and I completely blanked. My brain and body just stopped working.

"Is she okay?" I think Herkinson asked.

"She's not breathing."

Lance snapped his fingers. The sound sounded muffled. "Oh yea. Sometimes she just spaces out every once in a while. She's losing her mind." He suddenly cupped his hands around his mouth and shouted in my face.

My hands flew to my mouth as I screamed in fright.

"She's breathing now."

I slapped him in the face.


"Annabell!" I cried out angrily as I stood up. Annabell sighed before we headed to the bathroom.

Lance had to make every situation worse! Why was it that he couldn't just be quiet, for once!? I made myself pee, and as soon as I was done I realized Lance had followed me to the bathroom door. "What are you doing here?"

"Link said I should watch you... I guess he was uncomfortable. Why are you glaring at me? Oh right, you hate when I take orders from Link."

"Why is he even here?"

Lance looked at me for a good 10 seconds. "Did you seriously forget he works for the King?"

"Doesn't he work part time or something? Or get days off?"

"No... Link's here every day. He's always been here every day. Wait. I thought you said you were over him."

"I am!"

Lance face split into a grin. "You're not over him... Nine years, and you're not over him."

"Shut up, Lance. We have to survive this meeting. No more embarrassing encounters. Link is just a bodyguard, nothing more." I begin walking back to the dining room. I could see Link clearly now, standing to the King's left, still as a statue, much like Felix, but the younger man was far more beautiful. He wasn't wearing green like I was so accustomed to seeing, but the usual garb of the guards, with the metal chest plate and chain mail. Of course it looked good on him, the warrior that he was. He hadn't grown fat, but I guess his job wouldn't have allowed it. In fact, he looked like he was in perfect shape. He wore no hat, and his blond hair was still some what of a mess.

He was older, but it was hard to pinpoint what about him that made him seem old. I studied the profile of his handsome face. It looked tired, and I guess that was why he looked older.

"Isn't he cute?" Lance asked, for I must have been staring for a while.

"Shut up! If you say one more word..."

I went back to my seat, Link taking a step back respectfully so I wouldn't brush against him. I was sort of trying to brush against him. Look how well he was behaving! He was probably a changed man by now. No more messing around.

"And that was also a hunting trip," my husband went on while Herkinson pretended to be interested.

"Now, that's a lot of hunting trips. You ever worry that you could get injured or sick on one of these trips?"

"Oh, no! I'm very well protected. I bet these boys could even sense a dangerous cold before it could get to me," he laughed.

I found Herkison's question strange. Obvious he wanted the King gone so he could marry me, but it seemed more than just wishful thinking on his part. I was getting the impression that maybe he would like to take some action on my husband's good health record.

A servant came to pour my husband some wine, and as he picked up the glass to drink, I put my hand on his arm. I didn't want to say anything. Saying that the wine may be poisoned was an awful rude thing to say, so instead I just giggled and gave the man a squeeze on the arm.

"Don't just blame your amazing immune system on the guards! That's just a natural thing for a strong man."

"Well," my husband blushed at the compliment. I scooted over closer to him so I could wrap my arms around his, leaning over so the wine glass was now on the other side of me. Never mind that now I was even closer to Link. I could feel his shadow looming directly over me. "I wouldn't say I was in perfect physical condition. I do have that one problem..."

"Honey," I said with clenched teeth. "Remember that we weren't going to discuss some things?"

I could feel Link reach for the wine glass now on the other side of me. He did it slowly and carefully, trying not to be noticed and trying not to touch me in the process.

"Oh right," my husband corrected. "The Queen is pregnant!" he cried. I sighed. Link almost dropped the glass. Herkinson mad a sour expression. "Well we think she's pregnant," my husband rambled. "Or will be in the foreseeable future. She obviously doesn't look pregnant now, but these things take time you know. Time to grow. Babies need time to grow."

I would have been appalled at the embarrassment of the conversation if it wasn't effectively distracting Herkinson from Link and Lance's whispered bickering.

"Taste it."


"Taste it."

"You taste it."

"You're in charge of the King. You taste his wine."

"I'm not a poison expert. I don't know what it taste like."

"It's usually tasteless."

"Then I really don't know."

"Did you taste it? Give that to me. Holy shit!" And with that Herkinson's attention landed on the two body guards. "There's a piece of dirt in the King's glass!" Lance exclaimed. I covered my eyes with a hand. "I'm just gonna place this glass over here, so no one accidentally drinks out of it. Don't want anyone to get tetanus." Herkinson glared at Lance.

"Now, lets talk about this island that Lord Herkinson rules!" My husband clapped his hands together. "It's very exciting to have another country so close to us."

"Possible country close to us," I corrected.

"Yes, the Island of Herkinson lends its friendship to Hyrule. We're a small country so we wouldn't be all that much help in a truly tragic event, but we're always willing to lend a hand. If anything should trouble you, my dear," he reached his hand over the table, across my husband, to take mine. "Herkinson will be there for you."

I nudged my husband, for this was exactly what I was talking about with Herkinson's bold moves towards me.

"Oh right!" my husband put both of his hands on top of Herkinson's and mine. "With the power of friendship!"

Great heavens, kill me now.

Thankfully, Herkinson was just as uncomfortable with our hands clasped in 'friendship' and soon pulled away.

Meanwhile, both Link and Lance were still whispering to each other.

"How many wall guards are there usually?"

"About fifteen."

"Do you recognize all of them?"

"No one recognizes the guards."

"How about one o'clock, three and nine?"

"Three might be Dwaine."

"Thought ten o'clock was Dwaine."

"Is that Dwaine?"

"Guys," I said with clenched teeth and refusing to turn around in my seat. "Would you two be quiet? I don't want to-" suddenly Link grabbed the back of my chair and flung it, and me, in Lance's direction. I was able to let out a short shout before Link leapt in front of the King, landing on the table and shattering dish ware.

Someone yelled, "THERE'S AN ATTACK!" and I saw Link rip out a small dart from his left shoulder.

"One o'clock," he growled to Lance before leaping onto the table, and I don't mean he crawled onto the table. He jumped into the air and landed on it, running at full force to the guard that had thrown the dart, sword out.

All the other guards were in a disarray as they tried to figure out who was who. "Sorry Dwaine," I heard Lance say before he threw two knives, sending two men to the ground. Before I could do anything, Lance pushed me to the ground and under the table.

"Wait, the King!" I cried.

My husband lay limp in his chair and Felix was trying to find where he was hurt.

"Is he all right?!" I asked in a panic.

"I don't know! I can't find anything," replied Felix.

I sighed in relief. "He's fine. He's only fainted. Wait," I tried to find Link in the chaos of people. "Don't kill him. We need to question them."

"Aw, well that's too late. Link's already killed one o'clock." And I spotted Link, blood already dripping from his sword.

"STOP!" I screamed, my voice echoing in the large room, and everyone froze where they were, accustomed to obeying the strong orders of the Queen. "Okay," I said calmly. "Is any of our men dead?"

Everyone looked at each other, still unsure, but it didn't appear to be so.

"Is anyone, not of our men, not dead?" asked Lance. "If so, please raise your hand." Everyone stared at Lance in confusion.

"Lance, just be quiet." There was a noise of a door closing and both Link and I turned to Herkinson's seat to find him gone. Link caught my eye once before sprinting after him. "Link, wait!" and I went after him as well. "Felix, you're in charge of this!" I called over my shoulder and waving an arm at the guards.

"I'm pretty sure the Queen isn't suppose to run after the bad guy!" Lance called after me. "When the hell did you get so fast?" I heard him trip with a curse. "Oh, you kicked off your shoes, that's why."

"Link!" I called, barely able to see him turn down a different hall way. I finally found him beating the shit out of Herkinson's already bloody form. "Link, stop! He has to go through trial first. I know it looks bad now, but we can't just assume that he's behind all of this, even if he is!"

Link dropped the body to ground, eyes still murderous as he turned to me. "He was going to have the King killed so he could marry you and be King of Hyrule himself!"

"I know that's what it looks like..."

"No, I know it! That's why he keeps sending you gifts and spending so much time with you! He's trying to gain your affections!"

"How do you even know that?"

"I was watching-"

"You've been spying on me?!"

"Zelda, I know it's him behind the assassination attempt. Don't get all crazy just because I had to spy on you to find out."

"Link, Lance has the job to protect me, okay? You're suppose to be concentrating on the King, who right now isn't in the greatest state to be left. I can handle myself."

But instead of Link answering he collapsed, convulsing on the ground.


It took all night to rid the poison from Link's system. His overexertion had made it spread faster and even though we had antidotes at hand, it had already damaged some of his heart. He had several heart attacks during the course of the night and even after all the potions I made, and all the magic I did, I realized his heart would never be the same. I could stabilize him now, he would live, but the encounter had taken years off his life.

I guess I shouldn't have been surprise. Of course past incidents would come back to haunt Link in his old age. But it bothered me to know that Link might not live past the age of 55.

His family was notified. He would have to stay in the medical wing until he was stable. He still had a fever that I was afraid that could complicate things in his weakened state. He had to be watched constantly. I watch him constantly.

I watched his unconscious form try to sweat out the infection. I had a dish of cool water to try to help bring the fever down and to wash some of the sweat off his face. There were nurses that could be doing this. I didn't need to be here.

I moved a strand of sweat soaked hair from his forehead. My fingers lingering on the planes of his face. His mouth was parted from his heavy breathing.

I suddenly wanted to kiss him. I wanted to put my lips to his, taste the inside of his open mouth. It would be okay. He wouldn't remember it. Just one more time.

What was I thinking? He was a sick man right now. I couldn't believe that I just thought about taking advantage of his unconscious state.

And yet here I was, my face mere inches away from his. I decided to kiss his forehead instead, a much more innocent gesture. Maybe it would be enough for me.

I placed my lips on his heated skin. When I pulled away, his eyes opened and locked onto mine. They were the deepest blue I had ever seen. Had they always been that color? Had I forgotten in just nine years?

I got up.


I left the room.



I felt my heart breaking for the billionth time, leaving him there. Avoiding him for nine years was a good plan while it lasted. Nine years of no distraction. Nine years of being okay.

But the image of him collapsing kept repeating itself in my head.

I had made it so that Link worked in the castle. Oh, all those years ago when he had come asking for a job, preferably not in the castle, I had found a way for him to be close. I had said I had no power to fire him, but in reality I just didn't want to. That was back when I was being selfish.

Now, knowing how well those nine years had gone, I knew I could live without him. Of course I could live without him, I had always lived that way. Everything had been going fine. There were a few problems that still occurred. My husband's medical condition still made it difficult to have an heir, but having Link around wouldn't have helped that situation. Herkinson had made an attack, but if Link hadn't been there, I think we could have been okay. If Felix was the one to jump in front of the King, that would have been alright. It would have been alright if Felix was the one with heart damage.

There I was going again being selfish! I just couldn't take it anymore. I needed to talk to my husband.

As soon as I found him I wrapped my arms around him tightly. He was momentarily surprised before he patted my back. "Now, now," he started. "I'm all right."

I was silent, pressing my face into my husband's neck.

"It's a shame, what happened to Link," and I knew it would be easy to convince my husband to let Link go, have him retire, never let him come back here again. "But all of this has also put a new perspective on life. I'm not going to live forever!"

I pushed away from him, eyes slightly bleary, "Honey?"

"We are going to put much more effort in this baby making business! We will try every night!"

"Every night?" I asked surprise.

"And we shall not rest until it's done!"

I actually laughed. And my husband took my hand, gave me an endearing look, and we went to bed.