Will we ever Feel Happiness by Walker of Nothing

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Chapter one Curses

Xion was alone, no one cares for her. No one loved her. Everyone thought she was just a mistake. She just end her life right here, it would be quick and easy.

She summoned her Keyblade and was disgusted. Even her Keyblade was a fake. Just like her. A sham, toy, puppet, what was the point?

Then she thought of Roxas, he was the only who talked to her. The only one who accepted her. The only one who put her needs above everyone else's, including his own.

"Roxas, will I ever feel happiness?" Xion asked herself.

"As long as I'm still here you can find happiness. Together, all we need is each other. Xion, I need you, without you life is nothing."

Xion closed her eyes and smiled tears streaming down her face.

"I need you Roxas, without you life is meaningless. When I'm with you I can do anything. I love you Roxas."

"I love you too Xion."

When Xion opened her eyes Roxas was there just as he was before he was destroyed by his merge with Sora.

"We'll always be together, I promise Xion."

"I know Roxas, nothing will ever tear us apart."

Xion kissed Roxas softly on the lips and nothing else mattered because they had each other. They spent forever and ever together from now and for eternity.

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