My fanfic for the movie Cowgirls 'n Angels is about an 11 year old girl named Hanna who is a lot like Ida but she's an orphan who lives in a meadow In Clarksville, Tennessee. She loves to ride and can do all kinds of tricks when one day she meets the Sweethearts of the rodeo and gets a chance to make her dreams come true.

Chapter 1:

I sat by the creek in the meadow I called my home. Being an orphan isn't fun and living on your own isn't all that great either. But to me it's way better than living in a foster home. No one wants to adopt a 11 year old they want babies.

On the other side of the clearing a branch cracked and I sat up fearing I'd been found but to my relief it was just Star, my palomino mare.

"Hey girl." I said patting her soft nose as she stood next to me.

It's been a couple months since my ma and dad died in a car accident and I've been living here ever since.

Star neighed and I laughed. "You wanna go for a ride girl?" I asked with a smile.

Horses are my passion, especially trick riding. Someday I hope to be a part of those Sweethearts. They do a sorts of tricks. They even have a girl around my age on their team. Her name is Ida. She's kinda like my role model. I really wish that some day I could ride with them.

I grabbed a handful of her mane and hoisted myself up onto her back and grinned and lightly tapped her with my heels.

She started to trot and I could tell she was happy, she was trying to canter. I eased her into the canter and then a slow gallop.

"Good girl!" I said, enjoying the breeze and the sun on my face.

I could tell it was gonna be a good day. All I had to do today was ride to town and get some food and hay for Star.

I left Star in the woods right behind the convenience store and walked inside. I walked down the aisles until I saw the animal section. I slipped some horse treats into my pockets and grabbed a bag of hay. I never said I was gonna buy it.

As I was turning the corner I heard the store clerk greet a costumer.

"Good morning Ida." She said happily.

"Mournin Mrs. Hill!" Came a cheerful response.

Wait….Ida? As in the Sweetheart Ida? No way! I thought excitedly. I leaned back and my arm hit a jar of jam cringing as I heard it smash on the floor.

That was it I bolted. I really hoped Star was where I left her.

"Hey! You get back here with that!" The clerk yelled as I was halfway out the door and kept running until I reached Star. I leaped up onto her back and made quick 'clicking.' Noises and we raced back through the trail and didn't stop until we reached the meadow.

It was a couple hours later when I decided to ride up to my favorite place. It was a hill that looked over the small town on Clarksville and it truly is beautiful.

The way up has a lot of fallen logs that I used as jumps. Star and I were on the last jump when a small grey blur raced out in front of her and she reared. I felt my grasp loosen and my body start to slip. The last thing I remembered was the sound of my head hitting the ground.

Ida's POV

I had just gotten home from the store where a girl took some horse treats and hay. "Here!" I layed a bottle of meds on Terence's desk.

He smiled and said. "Thanks Ida you're a real help! I think the girls are looking for you!"

I grinned back at him and headed for the barn where I saw Kansas, Madison, and Sierra. "Hey girls! What's up?" I asked patting Prince.

"We we're thinking of going on a trail up to the hill! You in?" Sierra asked me excitedly.

"Of course!" I said running into Prince's stall to get him tacked up.

A little while later when everyone's horses were tacked up we set out to the hill. "So where'd did Terence send you today?" Madison asked.

"Just to get some medication for him." I replied a blur of a horse coat catching my eye as we started up the hill.

"Guys! Look!" I pointed seeing a rider on top of the horse.

They all followed my finger as we watched the girl jump some logs. As I watched I realized this was the girl I saw earlier. I must have said it out loud because Kansas turned to me and looked at me weirdly. "You know her?" She asked.

"Long story." I replied looking back to the girl just in time to see a squirrel run in front of her horse and it reared throwing her off and seeing her hit the ground.

"Oh no! Lets go get her!" I said tapping Prince and charging towards the girl. "Wait! Ida you get the horse we'll get her! " Kansas says as I trot up to the horse and dismount Prince.

"Good girl." I slowly walked towards her and reached out for her to sniff my hand. I felt her warm breath on my hand and she nudged it.

"Sorry I don't have any carrots." I explained as she snorts and I slip a spare rope from my saddle bag around her making a halter.

"Hurry she's unconscious! Lets get her to the hospital girls!" Madison says as we head back to the stables.

First chapter! Tell me what you guys think!