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Hanna's POV

I turned around and saw Madison. "You know you could've gotten killed?" She asked me. I wasn't sure if she was angry or just worried.

"I'm sorry I was just going on a hack." I told her feeling guilty.

"With no supervision?" She asked like I'm five.

"Hey! I'm 11 not 5!" I replied but since I wasn't very big she just laughed and I thought she wasn't angry with me anymore.

"Put Star in the back and hop in!" She told me and I did what she said and sat in the front. "I'm sorry." I said quietly amd she looked over at me.

"No I'm sorry I didn't mean to yell. I mean your only 11." Madison replied. "I was just worried about you. I kinda feel responsible for you." She added and I glanced up at her.

"Really?" I started to think of her as a big sister or even a mom.

"Yea. But don't tell Ida because she'll spread the gossip." She winked at me and smiled. "So you nervous about the show tomorrow?"

"Yes a little bit." I replied with butterflies in my stomach.

"I remember my first show! I was so nervous but when the crowd started cheering the nerves went away and my horse took it away." Madison explained pulling up in the lot next to the RV.

We both hopped out. "Thanks Mads." I said using a nickname and she smiled.

"Go tack up Star in her show tack and practice with Ida and Prince." She pointed to the ring where Ida and Prince were doing a move where she stands up on his saddle while he's cantering.

I tacked up Star and rode her into the ring.

"Hey Hanna!" Ida called to me.

"Hi Ida that move was so cool!" I replied and she smiled. "Oh that's the hippodrome! Its so cool. You wanna try it?" She asked and I nodded.

"Just ease Star into a cater and slowly stand up on her back and find your center balance!" Ida instructed and I started trotting Star.

After warming her up I eased her into a slow canter and she got faster. I slowly started to stand up but a bunny darted out in front of her and she reared and I had desa vu. I flew off her back and landed on my side.

"Hanna are you ok?" Ida called worriedly to me hopping off Prince and running over to me. Star had come slowly walking over to me with her head hung low and her ears back.

"F-fine." I replied lying. There was a sharp pain in my side but I ignored it.

Madison came running over her normal tan face pale. "Oh my god Hanna are you ok?" She asked. "Ida what happened?"

"She tried the hippodrome?" Ida said nervously looking at her feet.

"HIPPODROME? Are you kidding me?" Madison asked. "I can't believe you let her do it!"

"I'm sorry she wanted to." Ida said.

"It's not her fault!" I exlplained. "I did it after I saw her do it!"

Ida gave me a look of thanks and confusion probably wondering why I didn't tell her the truth. " Ok lets get you guys inside." She looked at me. "Can you walk."

"Ya." I said standing up and grabbing Star's reins and walking her into the stable.

That night I slept on the couch laying my head on Ida's shoulder as we dozed off talking about horses.